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How to survive Chun Wan [Copy link] 中文

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Going through the Spring Festival time into the new year in China is like a bride going through the honeymoon of a new marriage, full of excitement, full of happiness, and full of wonderful expectations of the future. But like anything in the world that has a flip side of it, the Spring Festival also has its share of pain and suffering. The pain and suffering of a honeymoon is usually the first fvck. The first fvck of the Spring Festival is without a doubt Chun Wan, the unavoidable, the unshakable and also the unwatchable national cult show that is not immune to the usual pain and suffering associated with the first fvck. For those who will not accept their fate and decide to fight back this painful experience, I have developed the following top 10 list of advice that might be of help to survive the ordeal. In the spirit of the Letterman tradition, let us count down our list:

10. If Chun Wan is like the first fvck of the honeymoon after all, then have the real first fvck instead, I mean the first fvck of the new year. Do a lot of preparations though, if you want to match Chun Wan’s stamina, as it is notoriously long. Be considerate to your partner, and be considerate to your body as well.

9. For those the unfortunate who can not find a partner, or who can not afford a partner, you can always come to this forum. Man or woman, you can always count on a good conversation with dgateway at least, maybe as good as the real thing.

8. If you find dgateway is not of your type, then curse like a drunken sailor. Spew out the worst in life that you have to offer. I guarantee you, sitting alone in a locked little black room is no worse than having the liberty of watching Chun Wan. Give me not Chun Wan, or give me jail. That is not too bad a new year resolution.

7. If you happen to have no Internet access, then go into a separate room, turn on your MP3 player, and listen to one song only – ABBA’s “Happy New Year.” I am a hardcore ABBA fan for many years dating back to high school days. This song is actually not very happy, but beats Chun Wan hands down.

6. If you are still dragged into the living room by your wife, and have to go through the ordeal with her, bring the MP3 player with you and put on a blue tooth earphone. You know it, play only one song – ABBA’s “Happy New Year.”

5. Going outside is always a good option, albeit the sound of Chun Wan seems to be so ubiquitous everywhere. One place that I guarantee you not meeting a TV is among the homeless. In other words, you have to be homeless to survive Chun Wan.

4. If you are still single, and still have control over your TV set, I suggest watch the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.” Meeting a beautiful woman on Empire State Building on New Year eve is a life time experience. Watch the movie and try to find a romantic radio show that you can call in. Good luck, my friends. Maybe I will see you on Oriental Pearl Tower next New Year.

3. Drinking is always an effective weapon against forced noise. Drink to the point that you can not hear anything. If you are drinking outside, make sure to arrange a ride ahead of the time.  

2. Meditate and repent. It does not matter which religion you believe in, it is a good time to count your sins and ask for forgiveness. Watching Chun Wan is a sin as well.

1. Many years ago, a Republican candidate for Texas governorship ruined his campaign by comparing bad weather to rape, and famously said, “if it is inevitable, you might as well just lay back and enjoy it.” After many years of having to go through the Chun Wan experience myself, I sadly come to conclude that Chun Wan is something similar -- if it is inevitable, just lay back and enjoy it.

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I can't survive reading so many fvck in a few lines. bye bye
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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As the old saying goes,  "it's difficult to cater for all tastes", Chun Wan belongs to this type. Since China has a so large population, and what's more, chun wan represents a symbol of Spring Festival, it gets more and more difficult to make audiences satisfied.
From my point of view, i think we can try to lower our expectation to Chun Wan, in other words, not much too nit-picking. With a more mild mood to enjoy the party, it's a good way to relax ourselves.

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for your  opinion ,I think because you lack some social  responsibility and don't complete understand chinese culture  and china situation ,there are 1.4 billion people and many people aren't have culture ,some people don't go to university , what how to  pacify people become more important ,opposite if many people have the knowledge ,maybe you don't speak these ,at that time you have become a normal people ,we advocate the change postion to consider ,
nowadays ,we  advocate the individuation style ,freedom ,and if you have advanced appreciate style and exotism,you can give up CHUN wan, now there have many amusement itme if you have enough money ,

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Originally posted by forest_cloud at 2007-2-28 10:56
As the old saying goes,  "it's difficult to cater for all tastes", Chun Wan belongs to this type. Since China has a so large population, and what's more, chun wan represents a symbol of S ...

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to ivy20025 :
u have a misunderstanding about CHUNWAN.

as a matter of fact, many of us chinese dont like CHUNWAN, many people watch it, though. it is the fact that the audience rating is high which cannt show it is well held. it can hardly attract people.

the reason that the audience rating being high is that many people want to enjoy the atmosphere of reunion with relatives but not to watch the programme itself.

it was reported that the satisfaction ratio rises as highly as more than 80% which is surveyed by  CCTV, Apparently, the stastics is artificial. compared with the highly stastics made by cctv,many other surveys which are not carried out by cctv shows the most of audience are not satisfied.

as it is seen, many people watch CHUNWAN but dont like the CHUNWAN itself. we can call it a tradition. but there always exist the people who use the audience rating to show how CHUNWAN is wonderfull and how people are fond of it to boast of themselves.

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