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When can China stop calling itself a poor country? [Copy link] 中文

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China's GDP per capita at purchasing power parities is now about 8000 US dollars. The world average is 10000 US dollars. How long will it take for China to catch up? Assuming a 3% world growth in GDP per capita, while a 9% per capita growth for China, then China will be a MIDDLE INCOME country by 2010, in four years, with a GDP per capita of about 12100, the world average. By that time, I expect Chinese to no longer characterize China as a poor country, because that simply wouldn't be true. China should be proud of lifting itself out of the poor country category, and so should the people. There would still be poor people in China, no question about that, but the COUNTRY as a whole could no longer be characterized as that.

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Stats don't mean anything, and disparity is what really matters

Even now, there are A LOT of people in China whose living standards are well above the average Americans and Europeans.

Anyway, even the country can shake off the label of being poor in a few years as the author suggested, many in the poorer regions will still be living beneath the poverty line.

It's not about the average of the poorest and richest, but rather the number of people who are still tortured by poverty.

For instance, if half of the population spends 1,000 dollars everyday, and the other half lives on only one dollar everyday, the average is 500.5 dollars, which is pretty impressive. But to the latter half, this country is NOT a rich country.

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when most Chinese needn't to worry about food

Actually there's not much difference if China's GDP per capita catch up with the world's average. If you want to characterize China as a rich country, then China is one already nowadays, as the country's GDP is now the fourth largest in the world.

It doesn't matter people think China is poor or not, what is important is how to make most Chinese rich. there are still about 20 million living under the poverty line, that's extreme poverty.

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Not that rich

This reminds me of Li Yizhong, China’s state administrator of work safety. The straightforward official said at one occasion that if the casualties and property loss from the frequent work accidents across the county is counted, China’s GDP won’t be that high. Other experts said GDP growth should be weighed regard of various elements instead of the figures. Yes, China’s economy is seeing a sizzling increase, but there is still a long way to the rich countries realm in the respects, for example, people’s life style. People of some rich countries attach great importance to resource saving. But the Chinese are not that conscious, though they are still not that rich.

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no matter what

on the other hand, being labelled as a poor country is not a bad thing, is it?

developing countries can enjoy more benefits while shoulder less obligations in the WTO. hah!

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Next Year!

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China can consider itself a RICH country when a pissant little population like Canada (roughly equal to Greater Shanghai) doesn't give it billions of dollars per year.

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