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Do you wish to buy fake brand goods? [Copy link] 中文

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I completely agree

Originally posted by sexlion at 2007-2-27 22:22

hehe...xilaren... are right...

maybe we need to devide the brand goods to several level...such as world class brand and location...

for many world brand goods, ...
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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For the luxurious goods such as LV, Gucci etc, I never want to own them cause I can't afford it and dont' need them at all, perhaps i will buy them one day when i feel it's necessary.

My principle is buy the goods i need, i like and feel comfortable, but no fakes at all. When I really like something and i can bear it, I will buy it even it's expensive. On the same, if i haven't enough money to buy it, i will choose the cheaper brand which also feel good, or just wait and save enough money.  

Luxury is much more useful for the rich but us, so no need to have fakes for the peacockery.

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I prefer quality to brand

No matter what brand it is,whether it's Gucci or Cucci, B&W or P&W, Harvord or Hartford, I choose the one with better quality on basis of that I am affordable.:)
But one thing I prefer fake very much. I often buy fake flowers instead of genuine ones because of they are durable!
One thing that's truly hard to eradicate is the idea.

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hi, ah 1988

Originally posted by ah1988 at 2007-2-27 02:52
Here in the UK, those that buy fake goods tend to be what we call "chavs" (the lower income group). In most cases they can not afford to but luxury expensive products so they buy fake thi ...

Nice to see you again, you are so kind-hearted; Yes, I agree with your point that the rich ones shall give charity more than squander their money for seeking luxuries. But, the number of philanthropists are so little compared with the number of millionaires. What can we do? Can we force them to distribute their fortune?
One thing that's truly hard to eradicate is the idea.

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Originally posted by sexlion at 2007-2-24 17:56
accompany with the life quality improvement quickly, more and more people concern not only for necessary life...but also for higher quality, brand goods is coming...

all of us know bra ...

i buy branded goods sometimes.

& mostly chinese brands!!!

Never bring yr fake Rolex watch for repair in Europe.
The repair man will bring out a huge hammer
&one bang, yr Rolex is OUT OF SHAPED!!!

No question ask!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2007-2-25 17:41
I can't even which is or which is real. If I like it and it's decent quality I'll buy it if I can afford it. I have no reason to have a Gucci bag, in fact, I'd feel awkward, it just doesn't suit  ... be honestly, I'll probably can't tell which is fake or which is real. I buy anything that fits me right or
look good on me. Personally, my favor store is super target...and the clothes there fit me very well, and I get
alot of compliment...they even think is expensive...hehe. For example, I've bought my purse from Burlington
factory outlet and it's only $9.99, and they think is like thousand of dollar.

PS, even thou if i'm a million, I'll probably just shop where I use to
shop....I like to be normal, and don't need to show off to anyone.


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Originally posted by crazybruce at 2007-2-27 22:45
I like brand goods ,like GUCCI, LV  , but  I  just  graduated  from university ,I  do  not  have  enough money
sometimes I  wish  to   buy  fake  goods , but  I  am  afraid that  if  somebody kno ...


maybe most of us love them...

yes...if the others know you buy fake goods...maybe they will look down for you...especially for some white collar...

so, advice you dont wear these fake goods to some one know them...then it's ok...

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