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America must now use nuclear weapons [Copy link] 中文

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The Genie Released

Communication is the most important source of personal power.

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We can go on very lengthy discussions on politics, philosophy and everything
in the realm of human relations. I absolutely reject the notion of nuclear weapons.
You have an enemy,OK. Why do you have an enemy?
Go back to learn what America did in the last 70 years in the Middle East.
This problem is not impossible to understand, but the press, officialdom, and
the abyss of cultural differences have masked the facts of foreign policy, or the
lack of such a coherent policy.
I am not supposed to teach you Foreign Policy, though I am perfectly qualified
to teach you. Not the version of Superman or Captain Marvel, but what most
Americans don't know about the involvement of the many administrations,
70 years is a long time, but you reap what you sow.
I suggest , if you have any interest at all, to learn about how all this came to be.
Forget the newly minted terrorists, go back in time and you will be surprised.
Evangelical Christians in Sunday Church, with a fake understanding of the
Doctrine of the Church, zero knowledge of Islamic Faith, and distorting for
public use the historical facts pre-dating II World War.
Ask yourself many questions, in State politics there are no enemies,only
interests. There is a limit beyond which your mind is not trained to think.
What did America in Palestine in 1948,why; in Iran in 1953, Afghanistan 1980;
ask some names, Sha,House of  Saud, Standard Oil, Aramco, ask yourself.
Do you believe for a second that a nuclear war can be controlled?
And who told you that the best interests of America are better served by nuclear
war?  If you don't want to better inform yourself, your Constitution protects your
rights to be ignorant. Go ahead with your nuclear war. Keep listening Fox.

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"The world was saved by nuclear weapons once."
Where from did you get such idea?
The government mounted a full scale campaign to "convince" the country of how
good the bomb was, in 1948 the government went full ahead to create the myth
of "saving American lives", the government rejected several Japanese offers to
capitulate, and they knew that Japan was already defeated without factories,
munitions, food and oil. Go back and study the real  history of
Japan's last days. Claiming that the bomb saved lives has been one of the
biggest lies of the post war period. Pity you believe it.
Last year an investigation revealed that a high number of Americans take such
story as absolutely correct.
The dead of Hiroshima and Nagasiki are long gone, their souls may rest in
peace; but America has a hard job hiding a troubled conscience.

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OK skipper... try this

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.... historical fact... that's what started the war with Japan.

General Leslie Groves, when confronted with the scientists reservations with using the "new weapon" on Japan said something to this effect. " America spent 4 years and 4 billion dollars on this damm thing and by God we are going to use it"    Use it we most certainly did.

Tit for Tat....   War Over.

Perhaps implying the "World was saved by the bomb" is a stretch.   

More to the point, with the  "UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER" that came within days of the bombs being dropped my uncle and grandfather could start making plans to return home to the USA instead of invading the Japanese mainland.   

I'm not implying that a post 911 nuclear war would be easily contained but if America is ever forced to dust off the arsenal, I do know who will win before all the fallout settles.

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Communication is the most important source of personal power.

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Originally posted by frothow at 2007-2-22 11:11
America must now use nuclear weapons

Maybe we should put you and all your family on a little island and nuke it!

Mankind will benefit.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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price tag

Yes, I know the price tag of more than 200,000 persons incinerated is
approximately four billion dollar. Not bad, relatively cheap.
Sure I am absolutely convinced by myself without any outside help, that
America will use nuclear weapons, the mere possibility and contemplation
of its use says a lot of the moral state.
Perfect solution. Go ahead and nuke everybody.
Instead of fixing a  long flawed foreign policy, for the geostrategic interests
of corporate America, you will very happy help to press all the red buttoms.
I know it.
Anyway, I never expected things to be different.
This is my farewell for you. I don't like the idea of killing in industrial scale.
Your philosophy, your background, your beliefs, your life all, allows you
to think so. We have nothing in common.

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People like you  forget who started this war ,the terrorists of 9-11.America is looking to end it . America would not be in Afghanistan or Iraq
if sept -11 didn't happen . You suggest counseling for terrorist or understanding the suicide bomber i suggest wiping them off the planet.

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