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America must now use nuclear weapons [Copy link] 中文

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Criminal record? America was at war with japan and used nukes to win quickly becouse it was estimated that an invasion of japan would
cost a million American lives .

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Right and wrong.

convair,    Your English is " just fine " you say. OK if you think so. The only good English from now on is going to be written by non-English speakers. OK ?

froth :  that is the standard fare your government has fed you , and the world about the atomic bombs. There were NO reasons to drop them on CIVILIAN populations . Archival records also confirmed that on Aug 45 the Japs have had it . They were going to surrender anyway.  The American Intelligence again. It was a crime to kill civilians in any war. The Geneva Convention says so but then the Yanks don't care about conventions do they ?

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Without hysteria here, we need a common ground to discuss this. so before further discussion, may I offer a web site to give us both a timeline of historical fact. (If you think the timeline is propoganda- please offer me one so were on the same page)  (this is the historical timeline Im working from) (This is the official record of china involvement by US)

After we agree on a timeline, I would pose the following for you to comment on:

1. Although China was engaged in a war with japan on July 1937 , and within 5 months all major cities were under japanese control.  China resistance was fractured (meaning not fully organized) and japan was well organized. China did tie up around 500,000 to 1,000,000 Japanese troops. But by 1943 Japan removed over half of those troops to reassign against the allied forces because China was not a major concern for control to Japan.

2. Russia did not declare war on Japan until one day after the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. "It initiated the invasion of Mongolia". The day after russia's declaration, the second atomic bomb was dropped on japan, and the following day Japan surrendered. Russia had however under (US Lend Lease) provide assets to China to help maintain the front against Japan since 1941.

3. America's reason for dropping the bombs on Japan was simple. The estimated american casualties were estimated at over 1,000,000 if invaded conventionally on mainland japan.  Without any apology the bombs were dropped to end the war. The targets were indeed directed against the people of japan to "Break the will to fight". (It obviously worked) Also without the bomb, it was estimated the war would continue another 2 years.

4. America's entry into WW2 in 1941 was engineered by our own president, and initiated by Japan. At that point in history america wanted to remain isolated from other world conflicts. After Pearl Harbour, the point was made mute. Historically the USA was becoming a isolationist country till the attack.

5. Japan, China, Russia, Germany were never signatory to the Geneva Convention, which by the way only applies to prisoners of war and restriction of chemical weapons. In your rantings about the bomb, you seem to forget the atrocities japan inflicted on China and throughout Asia during their occupations.

My point throughout this entire conversation with you has been that although you keep telling me I have low intelligence (I guess my Phd. in Economics, MBA in Business, and BBA in History make me ignorant) You continue to inter-mix history  with current events to prove america is a war monging country. Do not rage to make your point (which I respect) but do not assume your point is the only correct one either. Lets have a conversation of disagreement, not a name calling competition OK!

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BBA in History Huh?

BRITTON only joined the war after the atomic bomb was dropped? obviously teach a different history from the one in the normal text books....Hong Kong 1941? Singapore...HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse?  Burma 42, 43, Kohima and Imphal  '44,...surely as an apparent American you must have seen the Hollywood version of 'Bridge over the River Kuai'???

Methinks the lady doth protest too much

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Where in the world do you see Britton ? I said nothing about Britton. Try reading the post, before you lay such nonsence out.

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Try your post No.30 to this thread!!

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and it should read 'Britain' or 'Great Britain' as it perhaps was back then

You really should try to stay sober for these threads....whilst I appreciate that some contributors can drive you to drink, if you wanna be taken seriously then try and get your English (American or 'the Queen's English';- whichever you prefer) correct.

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