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America must now use nuclear weapons [Copy link] 中文

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First compare to Russia, America was the second assistance for chinese fight against Japan.

Second If Japan had really conquered China, there was not any fight against Japan in China, I bet you No country could have defeated Japan, because you know chinese human being, raw materials, big space..actually this is why Japan invaded China, you know Japan is too small for war in any aspect.

In the end, I do not think Japan would happed like other conquerors if It really conquered China. Mongols and Manchu are different from Japan, they are chinese with much connection with han-chinese in the history.

History is not just a book

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Originally posted by interesting at 2008-3-31 16:29

Actually, if Japan had conquered China, it still wouldn't have heavily impacted the war. Japan started the war too early in their campaign and, by the time they could have finished, they ...

As, according to Ken Galbraith, Nazi Germany employed most of its military for its fateful invasion of Russia, one could just as well argue that it was the Russians who really won WW2. The Japanese attempt at invading China would eventually have suffered a similar fate- wit or without America's help, as Chairman Mao would have would have concentrated all his efforts at expelling the Japanese after dealing with Chiang Kai Shek. By the way, Mao defeated Chiang despite U.S. assistance to the latter.

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Not all Americans think as frothow does - if he even is an American. Spouting such nonsense is the usual trademark of someone trying to fraudently cloud opinion.

I am an American and I AM from the south. And I can tell you, there is nothing the majority of Americans would like to see more than our current president, Bush, out of office. The subject of nuclear warfare hasn't even been discussed - we want our military to come home. This is not a war that the American people wanted, but the man who was elected.

Why would we nuke Iran or Iraq? How much money has the US spent on the war - destruction, then rebuilding and the cost of keeping troops overseas. It would be insane to blow more up -- just to pay to rebuild. Our gas has gotten very expensive - we don't need more trouble in the area.

Frothow is nothing more than a troll -- apparently no one in the US wants to hear him rant, so he visits here so he can argue and stir up mess. I'm surprised how many of you think such a village idiot to be creditable.

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