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Originally posted by sockmonkey at 20-2-2007 12:21 AM
I don't know... is changabula going to insult my sick mother?

Well, he fits the mould ... overseas Chinese patriot with anti-West bias and flag waving syndrome
Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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Do we have to degenerate this thread into mindless flame war?

For the sake of me writing that long paragraph, the least the few of you could do is stop the adolescent flaming. Please don't make me feel like I have just completely wasted my time. Although I have started to think so.

To the alledgedly chinese in this thread:
You have greatly disappoint me. I have higher expectation for you. Have learning english impaired your sense of grace? It shouldn't! I hadn't impaired mine! I am forced to conclude that your learning of our ancestors' teaching is not sufficient. So better read some more Da Xue or Zhong Yong than waste time flaming non-consequential characters.

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There is an important point you have missed:

Many chinese know about the problem of the government. But we will not condone to open discussion in front of outsider EVEN IF THE GOVERNMENT HAD WANTED TO! In fact, should the government openly discuss its flaws in front of the world, we the people will likely topple the government.

It is really very simple. The chinese know the problems. The chinese discuss the issue among themselves, and the chinese will scold the government to death for certain things but to the OUTSIDERS, the chinese will always be united and harmonious, the government a strong and wise leader and the country prosper.

And I LIKE to honestly discuss the obvious, the problems, and the flaws of the chinese government. Just NOT with you (or any non-chinese). The chinese are very shy people; they don't do their dirty laundry in the public.

And I will even let you in for a little secret! Even when the chinese are busy denying all the obvious observations, they are working hard to correct these problems! (A stark contrast to a certain country where people have admitted the truth but do next to nothing to correct the wrongs, but that's beside the point.)

And lastly, All the chinese know the true safety situation in China: As long as you don't challenge the authority, you will be safe. The chinese are perfectly fine with this arrangement, except for a handful, for whom the chinese has completely no sympathy for.

Originally posted by seneca at 2007-2-19 13:46
So you don't like to honestly discuss the obvious - obvious to any casual and unbiased observer of Chinese reality...

For face' sake - only flatteries and half-truths are allowed; propaganda pure is de rigueur!

And, of course, China is not "backward" but the West is full of "spoilt" people, criminals, diseases...

Where do you learn about these western evils?

Methinks only a thoroughly rotten national monopoly media whose interest is to keep opinions controlled is capable of telling you such.

Meanwhile, should you want to know about the true safety sitatuion in your country open a well-informed publication.... It won't be printed in China!

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Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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"You are an unreasoning animal who lacks good values because of your upbringing.

Why don't you learn Zen Buddhism, Taoism or one of the many philosophies that the Chinese gave to the world? It will instill goodness in you and give you fulfillment in life."

You can choose to flame me for my opinions. I lack decorum perhaps.

It seems chinadaily agree, r  u a moderator?

"by calling a race "people of low quality" and its culture "backwards superstitous crap" reveals the writer is kinda "morally inferior" creature.  yet someone has found it is "generally very tolerant of others"."

I am sure you are all aware I am paraphrasing Hu Jingtao and Chairman Mao respectively?  You are I presume aware of the govt campaigns criticising chinese culture as backwards and superstitious and counter-productive to development?

You are of course aware of Hu jingtaos speech lamenting the low quality of chinese people two years ago?

If you are a moderator, a civil servant at that, its quite brave of u to call their words bullcrap.........................

Maybe it wounds better when its said by a Chinese great leader? Maybe its because im not a chinese leader? I presume anyone disagreeing with me also wrote letters of protest to Hu and Mao? otherwise ur just racists.............

Yes I am sorry I can't repeat the standard line of EVERY SINGLE foreigner on CCTV that starts every sentence with "i love chinese people and culture................."
Thats bull----, both have many problems.

I do not hate any people, but sugar coating a turd doesnt make it a candy

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You speak of nothing that I do not agree, but I do not discuss such issue 1. in the public, 2. in english.


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