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Wine and Beer


America beer is very much like food from McDonalds/KFC/PIzza Hut -  bland
and lacking in genuine quality.

In Europe, beer has many differing styles. All European countries have their
own favourites, eg Germany (Becks), Belgium (Stella Artois), Spain (San
Miguel), Italy (Peroni) and Britain (John Smiths), Denmark (Carlsberg), the
Czech Republic (Pilsener), Holland (Heineken)... an amazing choice.
My favourites are Stella Artois and Peroni.

The cheapest beer I've drunk is in China, such as Qingdao or Yanqing. Most of
the premium European beers tend to be sold in the hotels and are mant times
the price of Qingdao and Yanqing. I'm not a fan of the Chinese beers as they
are in my opinion -  too light-bodied and gassy. I visited the Yanqing factory
near Beijing and saw that they use excellent German equipment, but they are
still some way from replicating the quality of European beers. With more
experience, I'm sure they will approve. I think the cheapest European beer in
China is Heineken.

I've had a number of Chinese wines and some of them were fair to good. A
10-year old Cabernet Sauvignon (red) and Muscat (white) come to mind
as good wines. Brands such as Dynasty and Great Wall are still developing
and should improve over the next few years or so. If someone wants to
experiment with cheaper wines, try wines from Chile and South Africa, which
seem to be the cheapest non-Chinese wines in China. In China, if I buy
wine myself, it would tend to be 300RMB or more. Fortunately, this is in my
price bracket, so I'm lucky. I do go for quality, rather than quantity - I only
drink wine at dinner parties, tastings or other social gatherings, rarely at home
and never on my own.

After wine, my favourite alcoholic beverage are cocktails. Like wine,
cocktails commonly have a fruit flavour. It's a sunny Spring day here, in
Plymouth (UK) and a Pina Colada on our historic waterfront sounds good...
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

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Dears, how much is enough?


You are right.Mcdonald,Pizza Hut taste bland and after a while you have them, it is hard to remember what exactly what you just had.

But are we also giong that way? Which means,  Is the city going to lose her priviledged myth and become another assemble line city?Where are our edges?

Now you tell me what is right and what is bad. What is worth and what is not?  How can you just be sure that it is good for us?

Maybe it is just better we grope and find our own way out!

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excuse me, i'm lost...

Originally posted by lovable at 2007-2-28 05:15 PM
Hello, Johnners and Pjtran,

Glad to know all your interests in food and beverages. As abvious you had all tasted so many different wines and seem to have a little agreement and disagreement on w ...

howdy!  i am so sorry again for not reply your post any earlier...because i was lost in chinadaily (really, i only know to joke around & forget where i was at the end but now you're lucky that i have found myself) .  most older domestic beers are like, johnners have piss!  but the for the past 2 decades we have some new domestic beer brewers & they are pretty good (not like the german's beer, BECKS) .  the cheapest wine that i would really think so is from south africa that i have tasted...i don't know what it is...tastes like chinese herbal tea or somethin'...and the worse of the worst beer is TAIWAN BEER or 台啤...even my piss is stronger than that...i wouldn't say about the color at this mixed audience here) .  and the chinese's beer that i have mentioned previously is called, heibi beer...just like tsingtao...and tsingtao to me is just another lite kick to it !  i guess i have some irish blood in me, especially i went to college here in the US (all you do is drinking & more drinking at the college dorm) .  now, i tend not wasting anymore money on expensive things...they are only outhere to get you...that's all !  again, sorry for replying late & i mean very late!   take care for now & hi, johnners!  peter  :)

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making conversation with oneself

Hi, pjtan,

Hope my post is not late for you too:) Posting here is like talking to myself but louder than, cause I can always split my gut without caring who is listening:)!

Glad to know that you have found your way back. I hope my words have contributed to that ! Cause I am always very careful not losing MY WAY:)! Drive many poeple crazy, actually. But rather drives others crazy for a while than becoming crazy myself and doing somthing that is even crazier!

Thank you for your reply ! Hope this time I have not become the one who is late!


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The Black Stuff..


Your mention of Irish origins reminded me of a leisurely afternoon in that Irish pub near the Beijing
Central train station... a few pints of Guinness went down a treat with a steak and kidney pie, and chips...
and a few games of pool...bliss.


Every person's palate (ie their taste preferences) is different, so they need to experiment and try
different wines to 'discover' their favourite wines - few programs of education are as enjoyable as this
process of tasting many different wines! The best, and cheapest, way to do this is at wine-tastings
where you can taste a number of wines and compare them. Some of the wine merchants and hotels
in Beijing host these tastings. Do keep an eye out for them.

One mistake many wine drinkers make is to let someone else tell them what they should like. I often
see people in wine shops clutching an excerpt from a newspaper which contains an article from a
wine writer recommending a certain wine and giving it a high score. There are two problems with
this. Firstly, the wine writer may well have been paid to say good things about that wine. Secondly,
even if the writer is genuine in their praise, their preferences in wine may be very different from the
person buying the wine they have recommended.

To really get the most pleasure out of wine we have to develop our palates by tasting different
wines. At fine wine tastings around the world, two main conclusions are made about a particular
wine: Is it well made; however, even if it is, this does not mean that we have to like it. I have often
been less than pleased by wines that have been the subject of serious hype.

Genuine wine tastings should also be done 'blind'; this is where where the bottle is wrapped up so
that details of the wine, such as its country of origin, winemaker, grape etc.,, are unkown to the
drinker. On this basis, the drinker can only judge the wine on its merits and not be unduly
influenced by the reputation of that wine, or its price.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the wine business who are less than honest about
the wines they are promoting. In the UK, for instance, I've encountered fellow wine educators
and writers hosting wine tastings on behalf of supermarkets. The wines they are promoting are
usually the cheap, bland wines that the supermarket wants to sell in great numbers. I know
that my wine friends would never dream of actually buying, or drinking, such low-quality wine;
but there they are, praising it to the skies in return for a fat fee.

There is a famous wine phrase, in Latin - vino veritas - which means "in wine there is truth". But the
person who has to discover that truth is the individual wine drinker.

Bottoms up!
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

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zip my mouth!


I have become a messer again!

All your commment on this thread mean a lot to me and I do see that you are all great  and genuine fans of wine and beer.I can not tell in fact how much I am envious of you!  The original purpose of me posting in this thread is just try I think getting more people into this forum so I could learn somthing and along the way speak my mind a bit, which seemed not happen to me very often...  

I have tried to keep a balance so that I can gett really what I want and still be myself, but just never happened to me.

Both of you are very kind-hearted. If there is any one who is bad , it should be me.

Peter, well you have an issue with the wine thing, pls don't also remember that it was johnner who had created this thread in the first place. And I really don't know how to say thank him more for this!

I admire that how he had had the courage to make the change. Will just need more people like him so that we can all move on!

While you are also being honest(a very kind gesture here), I think it is better that I just leave your point aside a bit for now! Your live in a country that is so different from mine. It is a great country: people get what they want etc.. While it is one thing that I do hope very much to own a life like that, it just cannot happen to me as long as my feet are still here! (so I am wrong!)

As always, johnners, I cann't say how much I would like to thank you and really at the bottom of my heart, PERSONALLY I want the change happening here. But ...

As some hard lesson, I will not say what I shouldn't say again here! Something you cannot get from real life you could always get from a cup of wine(or beer, who cares?)

vino veritas .Thank you again for ALL your great  courses.

I will just enjoy your posts here with a cup of wine or water:)

Hope you could all talk freely now as I am not speaking up again! It is all YOURS NOW!

best wishes,

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just call me name i'll be...

howdy, loveable & johnnners--hey gentlemen you are still surfing 's the wave?  ah these days i am just a little overwhelming with my trip & getting marry in nanchang, china (not exactly sure of what i'm doing...but she's so sizzling hot for me to blow it off) .  anyway, i just want to shout out to you guys outhere & i will be doing some gifts shopping to bringing back to my lover's there (can't just go there empty know what i'm sayin') .  but keep me happy with your postings, bye!   peter  

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