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I should really thank you for all your elabration on the culture of wine.

I think what I was really worried about at the beginning was that on your courses held later, what will you say about baijiu. But since your intention is only on providing alternatives and introducing a milder drinking habit on business occasions, I think there will be no reason not letting you doing it. My concern of Chinese people all giving up baijiu to wine is also premature maybe, as other types of liquors in other countries have also survived and enjoyed by people of all background for centuries. It is just like what you said: We must encourage a food friendly enviroment or like what I think is a much more comfortable places for people on important occasions, while just respecting others' choices as what they have on their daily lives!

I am sure some of your future audiences will appreciate your initiative of holding these wine courses. After all, not all businessmen like getting drunk and I think it is our responsibility to introduce alternarives to these people too!

Just as what I think we all believe to be the truth: there is nothing that can be achieved without a little risk!! I think I have been worried too much about the future of baijiu, while not putting too much confidence on the real attraction of it (like keeping you warm in cold winter,etc...)or people's ability to choose the right thing for them.

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money to burn...

compadres--here i go again and i don't mean to get in anyone's way here...truffle, caviar, shark fin, bird's nest & abalone...what exactly are these items have to do with WINE?  i really don't have the scientific answer for you but we have them on display at home just to impress our guests & friends!  these things are extremely expensive & over priced & i don't find them delicious or benefit to my health or anything (except gingseng roots) and i was kokoo enough to special order a pair of il patriarca dei balsamici vinegar ($600 each bottle of these speacial balsamic vinegar from italy...don't guess & i will tell you how small the bottle is...only 100ml or 3.38 fl oz) .  these items are for the "rich & famous" they're not exactly for me...i guess i was again kokoo enough to find out & to own them.  oh yes about WINE...we even have a wine cellar down in our basement & what do i think og WINE...nothing but tart only for special occasion just to let people know that hey this is it, WINE...we all love to pretend amongst friends especially at the party...for me, just my good o'l BUD.  so please spend your moola wisely not like me or others -"do as i said, not as i do".  take care!  peter

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I hope the 'Bud' you refer to is the authentic Czech version and not that weak,
fizzy gnat's piss produced in the US...

I would agree that some 'fine foods' are overpriced and overrated; this is often
more to do with the rarity of the product than its actual flavour.

I would also concur that many people, particularly those with more money than
sense, often buy expensive food and drink because they can, rather than
because they genuinely like it. This is common among the nouveau riche
in China who habitually buy expensive western products without really
understanding their cultural significance.

As I am not rich, but enjoy the finer things in life, it is necessary for me to
know that my financial resources are deployed efficiently on those
expensive items that I want. That is why I need to be well-informed on
that which I desire most - fine food and wine.
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

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pijtran wrote, ".truffle, caviar, shark fin, bird's nest & abalone...but we have them on display at home just to impress our guests & friends!

How are these items displayed?

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don't ask don't tell...

Originally posted by wowzers at 2007-2-26 05:39 AM
pijtran wrote, ".truffle, caviar, shark fin, bird's nest & abalone...but we have them on display at home just to impress our guests & friends!

How are these items displayed?

howdy...just playing with you kiddo!  people usually display inside their wall-units& curios or even inside their glass-door kitchen cabinets, but we display them inside of our huge wall-units cuz we have a 2-family size home...anyway, i don't like to display (rather display my trophies) those items in there; it makes look more or less like a grocery store than a fine home (just to please our mom!) .  now, we realize that real-estate or space in our home is more valuable than anything else we have in the house...we just want toss out ev'rything & creat a beautiful lounge at the livingroom...which is much more eyes appealing.  my previous posting, for budweiser beer!  and yet most of our american or domestic beers are plain & weak and the imports are much more superior in quality...i'd love to try the new chinese's import, heibi's all time favor beer is either heineken or becks.   again, thank you for reading (i'm multi-slacking at the office...pleaze don't tell anyone ) .  have a great day!  peter  

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Heibi or Hebei?


Would you care describe this wine to us more specifically? heibi's beer? Oh, I remember I have once got in contacted with a wine seller in Hebei,is it hebei or heibi? Is heibi the name of the wine or a chinese province? Thank you for the help!

Also, Glad to know you are interested in chinese wines! In fact, I have just come to know that we also produce excellent wines here in China. Like Xinjiang,etc. I have learned so much from ALL of your posts here! Thank you and would you pls also describe how you feel about that heibi wine once you have a taste of it?

Thank you again for all your comment here.



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What is the cheapest wine/beer you had tasted ?

Hello, Johnners and Pjtran,

Glad to know all your interests in food and beverages. As abvious you had all tasted so many different wines and seem to have a little agreement and disagreement on wines. Would you mind help suggest what is your all CHEAPEST wine among all that you had ever tasted before? As I see here it seems that you all agree on the poor quality of american beers:)Is it?:)

BUD?I had one chance tasting it.Plain taste, I am afraid to say. How about other beers?
One of my western friend claimed a great interest in Qingdao beer. Ever heard of this beer? I think it tastes fresher than Yanjing beer? Anyone seeing this post who know these two beers? Like to know your comment on these two beers too!

Cheers to all! Have a great day!

:) Lovable

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