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Current Chinese standards of beauty? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by cyberspook at 2007-2-11 14:54
how about the girls post some pictures of chinese guys that they think are good looking so we can see what the criteria is :) I'm curious

  I would like to post one, at least he is my favor
We love our home,though our feet can leave it,yet our hearts can't.

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to #49

Eh, I've always gone for some slightly off-beat ones in addition to the more mainstream ones. It's true--in his music videos he always does seem to have the same sort of expression.

What I wish I could do is post the pictures of my guy friends of Chinese (and various other East Asian) descent...

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Aha, also Chen Chang, the bandit-type guy from "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon."

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super pretty boy!

This is a shot from his new TV opera.

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white shirt, black botton, hot!

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Originally posted by eyeofstorm at 2007-2-12 19:47

Furthermore, I also see some 'ugly as sin' guys with very pretty gfs as well...but I am going to make a blind assumption that they are doing it for the money as I see no possible explanation of a physical attraction. ...

EOS Chinese girls are a mystery

I knew a guy (Chinese) who I worked with and he was a mess, skinny, ugly, scruffy and with breath and feet that could strip paint off walls - he wasn't rich either.

one day he brought his wife to meet me - and she looked like a movie star at the Chinese Oscars

These two fell in love at university, they worked on a project together, and have been together ever since.

Many Chinese girls seem to stick to their first bf (who may be the first guy who asked them out even); they cannot be tempted away from the safety of the "easy option" they are used to.

They will take playing it safe to the extreme - and other factors like "does he come from near my home town?" play a big part too.

Also her first guy has got her ear - so he can turn her mind against all new comers and scare her out of ever thinking to leave. He will tell her he is the best and the most kind and she will believe him.

Then if she has real sex with him - she thinks on one else will want her as a "used" wife.

So it's "first come, first served" on the Chinese campus

It's not money - not when she is chosing Chinese guys

With foreign boyfriends other factors must be in operation

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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