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Why do I want to learn Mandarin as an English person in the west.. [Copy link] 中文

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I like to learn new things and I find China very interesting, I feel that Chinese people are very respectfull, hardworking and deserve to be held in respect by other nations to a high degree.

The Chinese language when I listen to it is beautfull and it almost does not sound like talking but more like music, If I could talk Mandarin properly I would not stop talking and would say all the beauftull words together.

I do not know if it is correct but I believe Buddhism is the main relegion and in the past China was led in thought by the great Philosophers of yesterday.

Today America is great and powerfull but all wrong in many areas  Hopefull China will be able to work with America and the rest of the world to do many great things.

I would like to be able to learn Mandarin so that i can help Chinese people speak my first languge English even if it is only in speaking practise.

I think China is more down to earth and in the end will lead in many areas, There is much about China, its Science, its throughts, what it is able to do that people in the west do not know about through the news.

I hope the next 50 years are great for China and all people know the importance of peace and love.

Man teaches his daughter Chinese.

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Mate, I'm sorry to be the fly in your soup, but your post comes across as terribly insincere. Are you serious?

Where do you spring up from suddenly, mouthing all this oily, unctuous stuff? I'm sorry, your English is not at all native American, however hard you've worked and reworked it in a desperate attempt to give it a native sheen.

There is something fishy about your post and about your id. What are you building up for? Are you laying the foundation for some planned future chicanery? Take it from me, this kind of misplaced attempts at flattery just fall flat. Best wishes.

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thanks for liking China..........

she will  like you back....that a promise........

xiangchou...... stop being paranoid.......

It is important that man dreams, but it is perhaps equally important that he can laugh at his own dreams...............5555

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Thank you for replying with good intentions, I am slightly older than you but still with an open mind.

I am very new to learning mandarin, pinyin is very helpfull once you learn the way you say things like yi.

Today I have moved every thing around in my room and I will buy labels to stick the mandrin word on it even my toothbrush, yá shuā

I do not believe Mandarin will be helpfull to me in the short term (My boss was very cross with me for reading Mandarin lessions) but I can see the value to others in the future if I can speak english mandarin :-)

Not every thing has to be done for oneself, the furture can be nice for every one I am sure.

xiangchou I understand what you mean. But you have to know a lot of people in China are happy to learn about other people and also a lot of outsider people from China are interested in China, not for money but for culture and to add some thing to themselfs.

Free hugs from England.

thanks qingxun, good call :)

free hugs

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Give up now.

Heh, if you are sincere about liking the music of Chinese, stop learning it now.  If you continue, pretty soon the music will disappear & you will only hear words.

Niceguynig: I also hope the next 50 years (& beyond) are good for everyone, but;

I have to say it too,  your message reads as if written by someone Chinese.  The choice of topic detail & language seem unnatural for native Western: either Chinese or aimed to appeal to Chinese beyond smooth & well into oily.

Best of luck with the Chinese: Have you tried Chinesepod?  Helps me.

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Please change your name to naiveguynig.......


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Where ever you go there you are. Improve your own garden, there are no riches outside which stay forever.

The Times newspaper today is running a peice on learning Mandarin, they have given away with the paper (65p) Chambers Chinese Phrasebook.

I expect a lot of people tommrow will be able to say Ni Hao.

China needs more people to learn Mandarin and more Chinese to learn English. This is a great site and a great part to China Daliy.

Yes Chinesepod is good, there is also Englishpod as well I believe.

Have fun every body and pass on good intentions!


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