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What`s the crux of sino-Africa relationship? [Copy link] 中文

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I have heard many times from several media that Beijing Summit is a turning point
of this era of sino-Africa relationship.
Can somebody explain why it is so?What is the core purpose of president Hu`s Africa
tour besides enhancing bilateral ties and fufill Beijing Summit`s commitment?
I`m all ears. Thanks
Not compete with others,
thus you can beat the world

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President Hu: China pursues peaceful, harmonious development

Hu: China pursues peaceful, harmonious development

PRETORIA, South Africa -- Visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao said here on Wednesday that China's development is peaceful, open, cooperative and harmonious in nature.

Hu, who arrived here earlier Tuesday from the Namibian capital of Windhoek for a three-day state visit to South Africa, made the remarks in a speech at the University of Pretoria.

"We aim to build a harmonious society at home, and work with other countries to build a harmonious world of enduring peace and common prosperity," he said.

The president added that China is dedicated to peace, development and cooperation.

"We will continue to pursue the independent foreign policy of peace, the path of peaceful development and the opening-up strategy for mutual benefit," Hu said.

The Chinese, as a peace-loving nation, are ready to work with the African people to build a harmonious world of enduring peace and common prosperity, he said.

"We believe in cooperation and harmony among nations, and we hold that the strong and the rich should not bully the weak and the poor," said the president.

Hu said that for more than 100 years in China's modern history, the Chinese people were subjected to colonial aggression and oppression by foreign powers and went through similar suffering and agony that the majority of African countries endure.

Because of this, he said, the Chinese people are most strongly opposed to colonialism, oppression, and slavery of all manifestations, and have the most profound sympathy for all other nations in their pursuit of independence, happiness and their aspirations.

The president expressed his hope that the young people of China and Africa will contribute to the construction of a harmonious world.

"The young Chinese and Africans are a dynamic force in advancing China-Africa friendship and in building a harmonious world," Hu said.

The Chinese government sees great value in the exchanges between Chinese and African youth and is committed to strengthening these exchanges, he added.

Hu said China, which currently provides 2,000 government scholarships for African students each year, will double the number in the next three years.

The president called on China and African countries to dedicate themselves to the "shared strategic decision and historical mission" of renewing their traditional friendship, developing the new type of strategic partnership, and building a harmonious world.

"Let's join hands and work tirelessly to realize this common vision,"
he said at the end of his speech.

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I greatly appreciate your response.
But i think to build a homonious world is just a political slogan.China hope to
occupy a position in the world,especially in political field.
TO build a homonious world is just a purpose on the surface,to gain more
support from Africa and other place of the world.
Do you think so?
Not compete with others,
thus you can beat the world

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And What is Wrong With That?

It is always good to have more friends than more enemies.  

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Africa is in need still.  After 300 years of  being colonized by the West, and then taking pity from the West intermittently, off and on (more off than on), Africa has grown weaker and poorer and sicker.  It was largely due to trade with China in the last few years, that we see a discernable stir.   A number of the African nations that are engaged full on with China economically (which requires being friendly with China also) are enjoying double digit growth, something that has not been witnessed for the dark continent for ages.  

Friends take care of friends.  The relationship is hopefully not one way.  China helps today.  China needs and wants help in return.  Now that is a healthy relationship.

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Thanks you shed light on it in another persepctive

To have more friends is better than more enemies that is really well said indeed.
But i`m still scekptical about whether Africa countries will support us to the
level which we expect or even forsake us at the crucial moment.
Beijing Summit no doubt boost our relationship to another level and strengthe bilateral
cooperation.But what is the upper level and strengthend ties refer to?
What i doubt is not whether it is good to develop ties with Africa but whether it will be that crucial?
Thanks for your concern
Not compete with others,
thus you can beat the world

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to #4

We Chinese people are very glad and hearty warm to hear that there are a number of African countries, that are fully engaged with China economically, are now enjoying yearly double-digit economic growth.  we wish their economic boom continue to get rid of their poverity quick, just like china.

Yes, as tongluren said, chinese people believe that -- "It is always good to have more friends than more enemies"

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What`s the crux of sino-Africa relationship?

Dollar, as in dollar diplomacy.  Or is it yuan/renminbi diplomacy?  

Nothing necessarily bad about that, in fact I approve.  I just wish I could get in on the action.

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