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What does marriage mean for a man and a woman? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by markwu at 2007-4-10 15:33
women need a reason.
men only need a place.

That's it, I guess.


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gives MEANING to a relationship





Without marriage, one becomes a SCATTERED people.

Take the case of freakyqi (no offence), she at least knows who her father is and who her mother is, her brothers and sisters, father’s siblings and her mother’s siblings whom she calls paternal or maternal aunts and uncles.

But would her son know who his father is, his father’s siblings are or if he has any half-brother /sister and so on?

Are these things important?  IT IS (to be honest).

Freakyqi may defend her actions well but she has LOST and that’s for sure.   But I don’t blame her as it is not entirely her fault for belonging to a SCATTERED society.  She has chosen to be part of her core society.

I guess the reasons why the West is such a “scattered” society they called their “freedom” and “human rights” is because of their “liberated” sex life and promiscuity.

MARRIAGE should be a serious matter.


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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2007-4-11 01:28

No! That sounds practical at first thought, but I can tell you many reasons, from experience, why it's not that simple or even necessary:

1 - It would be a BAD model if I brought someone int ...

Yes, you are right Freakyqi.
Good luck to you and your son.
Still, I believe there is a man in the world who is loving or going to love you.
But oneday the man you love appears, do you think your son would accept him? what if he does not like him?

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marriage means responsibility, unfreedom,
and things would go worst when this couple got a kid... not of a good realitionship

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I remember a writer said something like that : marriage is a contact of long term prostitution.
You may think only poor girls in the old days married for a life-long rice ticket but it still exist today.
Have you seen girls married for a better material life to men who only took them as sex objects? Men look for girls that can arouse their sexuality while girls look for rice provider men.
In Shenzhen there's a match-maker club advertised with the slogan: Find a Laowai to Marry away.
So explicit for passport-oriented.
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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Originally posted by plasmalupus at 2007-2-21 13:31
There were no LAW..
There were no FAMILY
There were no SOCIETY
There were no RELIGION
There were no CIVILIZATION

Would there still be marriage or just a man and women living together?   

of course not,nope  
i am a human,and a man!

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I've been married for a long time and marriage to me means commitment to a person for a life time.  As there are different stages in life, there are also stages in a marriage.  A mature marriage is not really based on the romantic ideals of this culture but on a growing respect and caring of each other despite the revelation of faults and imperfections.  False expectations, assumptions and the unwillingness to change or communicate need to be addressed soon in a marriage relationship.  We have to adjust and adapt our thinking and our emotions to even retain friends so of course marriage means bridling our basest emotions and passions at times.  We are all prone in so many ways to put ourselves first that of course maintaining a good marrige is a difficult.  Probably the worst enemy of marriage is our desire to be like others - to have what he or she has. With mass media we are inundated with false expectations and images of what life is about and what people are really like.  All that being said I sure feel blessed with the wife I have and as an old saying goes " I wouldn't give her up for all the tea in China"

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