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Boy wonder enrolls in Hong Kong university

2007-08-25 03:09:00 Xinhua English

HONG KONG, Aug. 25 -- A NINE-YEAR-OLD mathematics prodigy has been admitted to the Hong Kong Baptist University, becoming the youngest college student in the city.

The university's decision to admit Hong Kong resident March Boedihardjo was made public on Thursday.

"The decision was made after a two-month discussion among various departments of the university and March's parents," acting president of the university Franklin Luk announced at a press briefing together with March, who gave a victory sign to waiting media as he entered the room.

Next month, March will join students 10 years older than he is to start university life.

The university will design a five-year curriculum for March which, when completed, will see him gain a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science as well as a Master of Philosophy in Mathematics.

March earlier sat for the UK's A-level examinations and also the Advanced Extension Awards in mathematics. The boy showed his talent in the A-levels by scoring As in mathematics and further mathematics and a B in statistics, while he passed the extension award with merit.

Luk said that, despite his age, March had achieved excellent examination results and also expressed himself admirably in interviews.

Tony Boedihardjo, March's father, said the family had also applied to other local universities including the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, but did not receive a reply.

Making funny faces and playing with the microphone during the hour-long briefing, the young prodigy appeared to wallow in the media spotlight.

When asked how he will cope with university life, March said he never worried about dealing with classmates years older than himself.

"When I was in Oxford, all my schoolmates were over 18 and we often discussed mathematics problems. I think I won't have problems in communicating with people older than me," said March, who has completed two years of high school curriculum in England.

"With a view to developing his academic intelligence, personal growth and campus life, we will tailor a learning roadmap that best benefits March," Luk said. "We are confident that this arrangement will encourage March to exercise his intellectual faculties to their fullest and support his whole-person development at a world class university, and also give his parents peace of mind."

The university said it would encourage March to participate in social functions and student and cultural activities held on campus so that he may experience typical collegiate life.
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Film honouring China´s teachers to be released

08-30-2007 10:13

September 10th is a day to honour China's teachers. There's a timely new film about an urban teacher who volunteers to teach in the wild western mountainous region.

"Feng Zhiyuan" was jointly produced by the Ministry of Education, China Central Television's Film Channel, and Ning Xia Film Studio.

"Feng Zhiyuan" recounts a real story of a Shanghai teacher who resigns from his comfortable city job. He dedicates himself to the cause of educating children in impoverished western areas. He devotes his youth to the students of an underprivileged village in Zhongning county, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. He teaches there for decades and doesn't quit even though stricken by blindness, debilitating sickness and in the end paralysis.

The documentary style and unadorned acting won critical praise at a preview, prior to the film's going into general release.
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Liu Xiang wins first world athletics crown ... content_6072534.htm

China's Liu Xiang gave a near flawless display of high hurdling to win the 110 metres gold and complete his collection of major titles on Friday.

The 24-year-old Olympic champion and world record holder relied on his technical prowess to make up for a mediocre start, surging across the line in 12.95 seconds to become China's first male world champion on the track.

"It's really great, it's really great," the 24-year-old said. "They're all important (but) I'm very happy with the time because in a big international event you don't often get that kind of time."

American Terrence Trammell ran 12.99 for a fourth silver medal to add to the one he won as runner-up at the 2003 world championships and two in the Olympics.

"Even if I won the silver, I feel like I missed the gold," Trammell said. "I felt like I could win, but Liu just had the better race -- I am making no excuses."

His compatriot David Payne, who only arrived in Osaka as a late replacement for injured US record holder Dominique Arnold on Tuesday, won a fairytale bronze in 13.02.

"I can't believe it," he said. "I only learned I could run some 45 hours ago. I'm so excited."

Even if the time was outside his world mark of 12.88, the evening belonged to Liu, who has progressed from bronze to silver to gold over the last three world championships.

The Asian champion, lacking the raw power of his bigger rivals, trailed the Americans out of the blocks but soon got into the flow of his smooth rhythm in the outside lane.

While he was gently grazing hurdles in the middle section of the race, Trammell and Payne were knocking them flat and by the time the trio were sprinting for the line, Liu had time to turn his head and check he had won.

When he realised he had, a huge beam spread across his face and looked up at a group of his compatriots and pointed both fingers at his face.

"Everything went smoothly tonight, my opponent is myself," he added.

Liu said his next event would be at the IAAF meeting in his native Shanghai at the end of September as he moves ever closer to the highly anticipated defence of his Olympic title in Beijing next August.
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Taken from: ... &extra=page%3D1

A human bridge

In the rural area of Sichuan Province, a short brige that was a must-go  for the students to go to school was washed away by the flood. But the mid-age teacher uses his body as the bridge so that the kids can go to school. It is really touching!!!
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Miss China honored best model title

Miss China Zhang Zilin is honored the title of best model during the 57th Miss World Competition, attended by contestants from 106 countries and regions.

Miss China Zhang Zilin shows the trophy after she is honored the title of best model during the 57th Miss World Competition in Sanya of south China's Hainan Province, Nov. 24, 2007. ... ntent_6279114_3.htm
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China wins Miss World 2007

Zi Lin Zhang bested 105 other women Saturday in the contest in Sanya, China, to become country's first Miss World, The Sunday Telegraph reported Sunday.

China lifted its ban on beauty contests and reportedly paid an annual fee of nearly $4 million to host the pageant for four of the last five years, the British newspaper reported. ... 007-id-1013960.html

Miss China Zhang Zi Lin reacts after been crowned Miss World 2007 in Sanya, on the Chinese island of Hainan, December 1, 2007. [Reuters]
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Dr Qian Xuesen Taken from: ... o=lastpost#lastpost Dr Qian designed the precursor to today's space shuttle... in 1949 "In 1949 Tsien Hsue-shen, the leading expert in high-speed aerodynamics working in America, applied the knowledge learned from German rocket developments to the design of a practical intercontinental rocket transport. He proposed a 5,000 km-range single stage winged rocket clearly derived from V-2 aerodynamics. The 22,000 kg rocket would carry ten passengers from New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes. It would take off vertically, with the rocket burning out after 60 seconds at 14,740 kph at 160 km altitude. After a coast to 500 km, it would re-enter the atmosphere and enter a long glide at 43 km altitude. Landing speed was to be 240 kph. Tsien’s fundamental theoretical work on this concept lead to him being called the ‘Father of the Dyna-soar’ (a 1950’s/1960’s delta winged spaceplane that was the ancestor of the space shuttle). The Mach 12 glider would have to use exotic high-performance LF2/LH2 propellants to achieve the designed performance. Manufacturer: Tsien. Payload: 2,000 kg (4,400 lb). to a: 5000 km range gliding trajectory. Total Mass: 44,000 kg (97,000 lb). Core Diameter: 4.88 m (16.01 ft). Total Length: 24.05 m (78.90 ft). "
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