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Chinese Role Models and Heroes [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-7-27 19:48
Sorry Chang but


My wife is definitely more beautiful than Chen Hao. :)

I am sure of it.:)

I would have asked you to put her picture up but with all the perverts and weirdos (e.g. joey, tosser, snake, ...) around it may not be a good idea.
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Military heroes visit Tian´anmen
Source: CRI | 08-01-2007 08:20

Military heroes, who are to attend a conference on role models in the army on Wednesday, August 1, visited Tian'anmen, otherwise known as the Gate of Heavenly Peace, in the centre of Beijing.

421 formal representatives and 81 specially-invited delegates have been selected to participate in an army hero and role model conference.

Of the formal representatives, nearly 30 percent participated in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea between 1950 and 1953. Of the remaining 70 percent, they emerged during the new age of socialist revolution and construction as well as during China's reform and opening up period.

China has already held two army hero and role model conferences, back in 1950 and 1987 respectively.

The youngest representative, Fang Minglu, and an old military hero, Zhou Wenhong, take a picture together on Tuesday, July 31, 2007, at Tian'anmen, otherwise known as the Gate of Heavenly Peace, in the centre of Beijing. [Photo: Xinhua]
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Chen Ju

Short bio

    * 1539 - born in Ansu county (a district near Beijing).

    * 1547 - Entered the palace as a eunuch in AD 1547 during the 26th year in the reign of Jiajing (嘉靖二十六年) of Emperor Shizong (明世宗), Wanli's grandfather.

    * 1550 - 庚戌之变 Incident in the GēngXū year, Altan Khan (俺答汗), leader of the Ordos Mongols, penetrated through the Ming border defences and led an expedition to the vicinity of Imperial Capital at Beijing. The Imperial Court was dominated by the notorious minister Yan Song and opted not to engage the raiders as the areas around the capital were plundered. Nonetheless, the primary aim of Altan Khan was not conquest nor looting, but to force the Ming Court to agree to open up tradings between Ming and the Ordos, which Ming agreed.

      During this incident, the eunuch Gāo Zhōng (高忠) donned full armoud and participated in the defences, inspiring the young Chen Ju to follow in the same example as a brave and loyal servant.

    * 1598 - Chen Ju was appointed to oversee the Eastern Bureau (东厂), the widely feared primary internal security apparatus of the state. Being an upright official, he did much to check on the abuses of power, providing humane treatment to the convicts, and managed the excesses of the Emperor WanLi.

      When Empress's eldest daughter, Princess Rongchang (荣昌公主), quarrelled with her husband Yang Yuanchun (杨元春), Yang left for his native home in a huff. The angered emperor wanted to punish him and other officials involved, but Chen Ju smoothed things over by de-escalating the issue into a marital tiff that should be kept quiet within the family.

    * 1603 - An anonymous letter was sent seemingly from the Court to various senior officials, accusing the favoured Concubine Zheng (郑贵妃), Minister of War Wang Shiyang (兵部尚书王世扬) and a number of other officials of conspiring to depose the Crown Prince. Chen Ju reported this to the Emperor who flew into a rage, ordering him and the Brocade Guards (锦衣卫) to conduct a thorough investigation. The scale of arrests were massive, causing great fear in the capital.

      Many officials tried to make use of this opportunity to attack their opponents, but Chen Ju refused to cooperate with them and turned them down with a stern rebuke.

      When the culprit who produced the fake letter was found, Chen Ju moved decisively to settle the case without allowing others to be implicated without cause, pacifying the emperor and preventing the matter from blowing up further. As a result, many innocent officials were vindicated.

    * 1606 - an uprising by commoners in Yunnan (云南) resulted in the death of Yang Rong (杨荣), a corrupt official in charge of taxation on minings. The Emperor ordered his cabinet ministers to bring all the local officials from Yunnan for investigation and trial in the capital. Chen Ju helped the cabinet ministers to persuade the emperor that it would be better to have the matter handled by investigators in Yunnan itself instead of transporting numerous officials and families across the vast distance from Yunnan to the capital.

These are just some of the contributions made by Chen Ju towards the Court and the people.
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International superstar Faye Wong

Faye Wong - international pop diva! (Image: CRI)Faye Wong - international pop diva! (Image: CRI)

Hong Kong pop diva Faye Wong is probably the most internationally successful Chinese artist to date. Her career began when she was 18 and she moved from Beijing to Hong Kong with her family. In her new hometown she started to take singing lessons and soon her singing teacher introduced her to the Cinepoly record company.

Faye started recording, but at first, she was not allowed to use her own name. In English, "Faye" might mean princess or queen and her record company did not consider it appropriate for a Chinese pop star to be "royal". Therefore she recorded her first three records using the name Shirley Wong.

Faye's music was mostly typical Cantopop, which she did not particularly like. That is the reason why she, in the beginning of the 90's, decided to move to New York to study music and literature. She wanted to find her own identity and fulfill some of her personal goals in life.

The new Faye

Faye came back from New York as a new person. The time spent abroad improved her musical abilities and soon after she returned to China, she released her next album, entitled "Coming Home".

The album was significantly different from her earlier production. First of all, it was released using her real name and secondly, the musical style was completely different. Her new album included more Rhythm & Blues and some of the songs Faye composed herself. The album became a hit on the Chinese music scene.

During the following years Faye became known for her alternative dressing style and crazy concert antics. These are the reasons why she is often compared to the Icelandic pop star Björk.

In 1994, Faye released an album titled "Faye Wong" and it received a lot of publicity. There was no text or pictures on the cover of the album and by this she wanted to state that she did not care about publicity. She just wanted to be famous for her musical skills, not for her appearance. Even nowadays she uses this policy, as she seldom gives interviews or takes part in public festivals.

Talented actress

Faye Wong is also known for her personal style (Image: CNS)Faye Wong is also known for her personal style (Image: CNS) Besides her musical career, Faye has found time for acting in films. In 1994, she had a leading role in Wong Kar-wai's experimental movie Chungking Express. Her acting won her the award for "Best Actress" at the 1994 Stockholm International Film Festival. At the same time her manager Katie Chan said in a statement that Faye's success was a miracle, because she is an artist who does whatever she wants and follows her own path.

Nowadays this singing actress, or acting singer is one of the most famous Chinese artists in her homeland as well as abroad. She prefers to sing in her mother tongue of Mandarin Chinese, but she has also released records in English, French, Japanese and Cantonese. She gets her inspiration from her favorite artists such as The Cranberries, Cocteau Twins, Air, Sinead O´Connor and The Sundays.

Faye's internationally best known song is her hit single "All Eyes On Me", which appeared on the soundtrack of the film "Final Fantasy 8".

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It's Good to be Chinese. ... ex.php/t127930.html
East Asian IQ is the highest at 107. Actually closer to 110 once you adjust for the fact that Asians stay younger longer.
Color blindness rarer in East Asians.
Male pattern baldness. Rarest in East Asians, white rate same as Southeast Asian rate.
Alzheimer's, rarest in Asians/Hispanics, but "Asian" is a broad group. Probably rarest in East Asians.
Cancer death rates, Asians have the lowest death rates. East Asians probably have the absolute lowest once again.
Asians have the longest lives. East Asians absolute highest (average 90 years for Korean women)
Lowest obesity rates. East Asians probably have the lowest, again, assumed from comparisons between Korea/Japan/China and SE Asia + Pacific Islands. Also least vulnerable to death by diabetes.
Diabetes in Women. Asian rate lowest.
STD rates. Lowest in Asians, esp. East Asians. Because they don't fu-k around as much; don't start doing it.
Crime rates by race. Asians lowest rate. 1.2% incarceration but 4% of population; East Asians absolute lowest.
Illegal drug use. Asian rate lowest. East Asian probably absolute lowest.
The East Asian populations has a high percentage of absolute pitch people, about six times the white population. [22] [23] [24] Some suggest that the high incidence of absolute pitch evolved from the tonal languages the Asian speak. However, Korean and Japanese languages are not tonal but have a high incidence of absolute pitch, and a high incidence among East Asian Americans who speak only English, some suggest that East Asians have a genetic advantage for absolute pitch. [23]
Lowest divorce rates in Asians.
Highest GPAs.
Highest PISA scores. (Check pages 87-90)
Teen pregnancy. Asians lowest.
Highest SAT Scores in Asians. Asian SAT scores are also improving the fastest. However the average for Chinese women is 1291, vs. 1068 for whites.
Page 3: The prevalence of birth defects varied by maternal race...
The rate per 10,000 live births was 137.7 for non-Hispanic whites... and 101.58 for Asian/Pacific Islanders.
Down syndrome 6x more common from white mothers among women aged 35 and above as compared to pacific islanders(hawaiians).
Hilarious considering down syndrome was named after the phenomenon of the "superior" caucasian race being lowered to the "inferior" "mongoloid" race. ROFL

Also Hispanics and Inuits/Native Americans have a lot of these advantages as well. It seems like Siberians developed a lot of resistance to genetic diseases and defects because the environment in North Asia was so harsh.

Other things we're good at:

Reaction time
Fine motor skill
Stronger sense of smell and taste
Sharper hearing
Better drivers (lower accident/fatality rates)
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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