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If learning is unuseful? [Copy link] 中文

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what we see is what we believe, but it may not be the world

most of the time i read a passage about university students, it is about the employment or the contradiction between knowledge and the economy. however, seldom someone would compare the number of unemployed undergraduates and those of umployed guys that have never entered university. and what about those employed undergraduates who are creating values in almost all sectors of our country?

we foucus our attention on unemployed undergraduates, and we see they are umployed, so we believe unversity undergraduates are umployed. however, what we have not noticed is that actually most undergraduates have been employed and the employment rate is much higher than those have not gone into university.

we should compare undergraduates to those who have not go into university, not those undergraduates in the past ten or twenty years. anyway, we opened and re-structured for twenty years, the world is different, and china  is different now.

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lower degree=high ability?

Originally posted by verona at 2007-2-8 08:47
University is necessary. The first three years is the transitional area between total student life and half student life,and the last year is society rehearsal.

i see what your point and to some extent i agree with you. however, what's the conclusion you want to draw from the equation?

it is absolute true that not all undergraduates are best and have got high abilities in university, however, can you deny that most of them gained some abilities? you want the university to create underduates that are all qualified for the society, however, i believe that is impossible.

to some extent, university could be compared to be a factory that produce human resourses. we have see a lot of factory that produce excellent product, like haier, ge, however, they too have some products that are unqualified to the requirements. it's completely impssible for a factory to produce all qualifed products.

a factory, like haier, mr. zhang ruimin may destroy those unqualifed products. what the university could do to those unqualifed students? to re-educate them? they past the age and they are supposed to step out of the college and create whatever they could for the society, the only differences between them may be the quantity of the value they created. the universtity could not crush their graduates, however bad they may be. they process for 3 or 4 years, and whatever the product maybe, they have to be sold.

that is a problem, what i want to do is to create a proper attitude to the career of creating useful haman for society, instead of wanting the university to produce all qualified students, since that is impossible in human society.

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well, learning is useful for ever! Though many successful enterpriser didn't have a good education, they spent more time in experiencing setbacks and failures. Because they don't have enough knowledge. And now more and more bosses go back to school , they have realized the importance of study.

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Maybe someone can got the higher position by their parents and relatives. But I think if the guys have not got enough abilities to do sth. by himself, the way is not longer and end of his whole family is coming.....

For many rich families, they support their sons and daughters to study in very famous universities. We all know that if one is living around a good study environment, no matter he is bad or good before, the environment will change him to get better, even to talent.  What I wanna say is that someone from rich families can get high level education, sometimes just by their money.... money can change bad boys to excellent.

At the youth, no one can see their destiny in the future, just be influenced by the environment, I believe it. In rich families, they can change the environment by their rich, but for poor families, they cannot. So the boys from poor families, once they are on the bad way (bad environment, even crime), it is the destiny.

So I think it unfair.... everything is unfair....the world is unfair...

But it is the fact, we must face it. If we wanna get better in our lifetime, the only way is going on studying, anytime of your works, you can find it here.

Have you ever heared the song "Hotel California"?  You can find it here, any time of year.

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all are very happy.

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Education is the Equalizer

Some of us are born advantaged, and do not need education.

Girl with angel's face and devil's body and who cannot grow old, do not need education.

Men with touch of gold, making money hand over fist, do not need education.  They teach instead.

18 year old who can snooker better than the Brits and became a triple champion by that age, do not need education.  The univeristy seeks him out for honorary enrollment, and probably soon will confer honorary doctorate program on him, even though Ding expressly said that education is useless.

Boy or girl with blessed fingers and who can play the violin or cello or piano like a virtuoso after a few years of practice, does not need a school education.

Young artists (but this one was not Chinese) who can paint like Picasso at age 6, and sell her paintings for US$25,000 a pop, does not need school deucation, although she is getting one just to be with other kids.

The rest of us, the plebian, needs something extra to offer, so we get educated.  Perhaps for 0.01% of the population does not "need" education.  The rest of us do.

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Originally posted by sexlion at 2007-1-29 22:11
once, can enter into an campus is most of stduents' dream...

and most of us know which means stable and higher treatment works are wating for you...

but now, the world change so qu ...

i read an article about babies brains & education!!!

Surely they NEED education as their brains are half empty or almost empty for some

except few hard wired skills!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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i dont   think learning is useful in china.this is too bad.

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