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If learning is unuseful? [Copy link] 中文

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You must realize that college, trade school and learning institutions are just a start. They only teach you how to find information and sort it out (hopefully with logic).

You must continue learning for the rest of your life. Everyday, learn something whether it is useful or not.

School is a very short time compared to a lifetime. You must continue learning until you are not able to learn any more.

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Higher education is useful and important!

Originally posted by changzhou007 at 2007-1-30 14:40

Somehow, the voice of the president of my university in China is resonating now, "It does not matter what you are going to study at my university, we will teach you how to learn and how to adapt, and how to unlearn, you will be benefited from that  for your lifetime."

A few years later, the chancellor of my graduate school on the other side of pacific ocean was making a speech: "...It does not matter which field you will go into, at my college, We will teach you how to fish that will feed you for your lifetime..."

Were they coincident? No, most of the top universities (Ivy League) have been saying the same things! Most of my friends have shared the same sentiments.

In a word, "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime".

I am not sure that the message of my previous posting (above)  got across to you and was received and understood. Let me say it in another way.

The higher education at the universities not only offers you the general knowledge, but also teaches you the ways of how to think critically, how to tackle the problems from different angles, how to face and adapt the new changes in the future, how to develop the habits of life-long learning, etc. In other words,  the universities help you to lay the solid foundation of the basic knowledge and skills and mindset.

Armed with this potent weapons of your solid basic knowledge and skills and can-do mindset, you will have the confidence to face the much tougher and bigger world outside the charming and tranquil campus. The key thing is that your skill-set and knowledge are transferable and convertible. As long as you know the efficient ways to learn and adapt, you will grasp the new things.

You may argue that you have been witnessing a lot of people who have moved up to the top only have high school diploma, because of their experiences and hand-on abilities. This is only small part of the whole stories.

Why have I said that? For the last decades, the driving forces of our economy are small businesses, and the labor intensive industries from assembly plants to book-keeping or bill-of-lading paperwork offices. As our industries move up to the next level, at which more sophisticated manufacturing/system designs and more automated business  processes must be needed, your higher education will play more important roles, and pay more dividend back to you. Simply put it, your market value will be much higher. Survival of the fittest?

Besides, here are a few questions.

1. Would you be able to imagine how the multinational corporations at their headquarters operate?

2. How do these giants or monsters automate or semi-automate their business processes, such as,  logistic process, supply chain, just-in-time inventories, invoicing, accounting and financial planning?

3. As more and more medium size companies in China are merging and consolidating to form the giants or monsters to compete nationally and internationally, they must be run efficiently and professionally, Your higher education counts a lot. What do you think?:)

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As we all know, our education system is not perfect, and there are many unfairness in this society, but I think it can't be excuses. Of course, learning is useful, but it can't be limited in school text learning. One should learn all the knowledge and skills that maybe useful. Learn from others and even learn from failure.
Fresh graduate should not waste time on complaining. Everyone is facing fiece competition now. Those who can make best use of every platform and opportunity will succeed soon or later.

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study hard in your collage

if you are in a college ,you will be lucky .you have no reason to waste time in your school time .you can study hard for learning english ,the good level of english will gave you good job .if you do not study hard ,you can also learn from the good person you meet around will not realize it until you graduate from school.
going to college is not only for a certificate ,it can improve your thought at least ,and if your are fortunate ,the certificate also give you a good job.
in july this year i will graduate from my love school, as a "past man" ,i give you this advise.
my english is not good enought to express my viewpoint ,but i think study hard in college especially english is not bad for you whether you are in a good school or not .
i have found a chance as a cadet in a company which requests good level of english. i still study english during work time because i did not study hard in college .
seize your day in school .if you want to learn ,it will not be late.:)

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I firmly believe that learning is useful and university life is the best experience in life as long as you really cherish the days there.

Just as the above posts said, well-said, learning is not just about what you have been taught to do, but whether you possess the ability to self-taught, to have the confidence and methods to adapt to new things and always have an open mind to new things, as in our life, new things are always around.

University teaches you knowledge, how to get along with other people in the same dormitory, how to handle life without parents being around all the time, how to budget your money and do part-time job.........

Education background is definitely an asset in landing you a well-paid job as long as your knowledge is not memorised but learned. :)
Learn to be independent!

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My views

Society! Anything from Society!

Most of the parents think University is the best Choice for their Childern.

Most of  the government employ the university students.

Most of  the enterprises employ the students who study very well in the colleges.

MOST of the people do not know not only the best students can do work well.

so, if you want  to go to university to study, please!
       if you don't want to go to university again, do what you like please.
       Interest is the best teacher during of daily life.
and, parents,Let your children go to university is not the only way to lead  them have a good life in the future!

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i have only one word to say, how can you read and write here without learning?
do what you do whatever others say.
don't judge the world, judge yourselves,please.
ok, it's more than one word i guess^_^

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