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2008 - possible Presidents of the United States of America.. [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by chairman at 2007-1-29 11:48
I predict....a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT in 2008


Let's see how if I am correct or not..

watch this space..
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Originally posted by chairman at 2008-11-4 04:28
this is a terrible mistake...a grave error..

that America and the world will forever be sorry for..

Sorry old chap, but I think Obama will be good for the USA and good for the world.

The Republicans  have been hypocrites, witness the hawk Reagan doing weapons deals with the Iranians who , bizarrely & illegally, held hundreds of US diplomatic staff hostage until President Carter lost office and handed them over to the Reagan administration.

Obama may well take a principled stand on HR issues, good on him, but he's already said that he's going to engage these various foreigngovernments and hopefully a bit of jaw jaw can avoid more wars.
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chairman has been deleted
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re: 331

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Carthasis for America

President-elect Mr Obama is a sea change and history in the making. Whether by innate character or the weight of office, Mr Obama will need to become the compassionate leader with a vision to steer his country to safer shores.  

How did that poem go? Oh captain my captain... the leader who became a father figure for Whitman when he lost all hopes. It is on Obama's shoulder to "exult o shores, and ring o bells" for his nation.

It will take an Afro American to save America from the legacy of the Bush administration. With any luck, Obama will dig America out of the deep hole that the neoconservatives dug.

Good choice, America and well done! The world watches with abated breath.
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It's a good thing that's happening

She will be right. It actually rekindles what little faith I have left for America and Americans. It is a good thing.

They will muddle though.
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Originally posted by wowzers at 2008-11-5 13:55
And so it ends with more racism and prejudice from you.
And may that die with you and your generation.

niggers will always be niggers

just because you like it up the ass from them doesnt make the world a different place..

races are all this world is..

except in bytch america

fuk america

i would renounce my citizenship if i thought the president had any real power, or if he could even manage to stay alive

as it sits

the nigger is my land

and its not big enough for the both of us.

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