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US concerned over China's satellite-killing test [Copy link] 中文

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true, do whatever it takes to get ahead from your enemy.
the usa won the war in ww2 because it was the first to get the atom bomb.

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yeah, and atom bomb blossomed in japan, haha.....
a neat inforcement to end ww2...
what comes around goes around...

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China's satellite shoot-down was a masterstroke to puncture the US'  false sense of invincibility of its high-ground strategy..  It was necessary to show them that they can't try to monopolise outer space in the same way that they have been flexing their superpower muscles on terrestrial grounds and despite having overkill capability in at least three functions of the satellite - to spy, to hunt, to kill.

The original doctrine in US-Russian entente was mutual-assured-destruction (MAD); that doctrine of total annihilation by nuclear counterstrike capability was eroded when a US scientist in the livermore lab developed a nuclear-fired x-ray laser that could be fitted to satellites, presumably to target and shoot out missiles. In just over six years from conception, that idea took shape and became Reagan's Strategic Defence Initiative, successively gaining momentum in spending from the initial US$200 billion to what was subsequently and conservatively estimated to be US$2 trillion through later administrations right up to Bush today.

The critical thing was that when Reagan had first sight of SDI, the US immediately abrogated the ABM treaties. This act of pressing home first advantage dismayed Russia which was naturally enough extremely discomforted that mutual nuclear balance was being replaced by a satellite-based shield which in turn meant the party with the shield now had the means to make a first-strike with minimum fallout on itself but total annihilation of the other side.  

It didn't help that satellites are also used to spy in realtime every square inch of Russian and east european soil. The resolutions were so good pentagon and those in the bunkers under the cheyenne mountains could see a russan soldier pee in the bush any time of the day, from any cat-eye's parabolic curve of the satellites' dispositions.

Everyone knows that satellites are an arsenal hidden from view and outside the limitations of bilateral agreements which appertain only to terrestrial considerations.  In fact, the US Pentagon's Northeast Asian strategy of theatre-defense-shields posits their spy-hunt-kill capabilities as an integral part of their pacific aircraft carrier fleet long-distance strike force.  Satellites over Asia can be used in first strikes to spy, hunt, guide and shoot out defense targets by a combination of fleet-launched guided cruise missiles and stealth-borne smart bombs.  Arrangements for such a satellite-based shield system are being worked out between the US and Japan, and it is understood, also with Chen Shui-bian's regime.

The US should realize no nation will allow its defense forces to be threatened by technology. Human will and intelligence will rise to each occasion where the sovereignty of a nation and its provinces are threatened by dint of proxy capability.  

China has shown she is more than equal to the challenge.  Her precise satellite knock-out in space is evidence of much progress.  That there was an outcry by select media and pockets of consular pomp only serves to identify where the puppet strings have been tugged.

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protecting Taiwan:

No matter it's tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao,  or  Hainan, Shanghai,  Heilongjiang, they are all territorial land of China. They belong to 1.3 billion Chinese people.  so, what 's wrong with China's protecting its own land?  And, what's wrong with China strengthening its own defense capability, to protect its own land?

Btw, Markwu, I like the picture. You sketched it?

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Peter L. Hagelstein was 20-years old when he joined Lawrence Livermore Lab with three degrees in electrical engineering from MIT. Six years later he left in disgust to rejoin his alma mater as its only x-ray laser expert, ccausing one of the lab's head to admit the loss was significant.  He had thought he would be researching for medical science. Instead they made him do simulations on x-ray lasers for weapons research. His action is sufficient proof it wasn't for defense.

cd, it's really not that detailed a sketch, isn't it?  and Heilongjiang is a beautiful place for those who've been there.  Thank you for keeping late hours to read my small post.

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