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US concerned over China's satellite-killing test [Copy link] 中文

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India to set up aerospace defence command

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U must lealize that the peeple's repablik has secure enough lesources to make it double size of Amelikan lation!

he he he he he

and now we just have some "recap" on THE WAY.

so that "the art's student" that populate the media get better idea of wats goin on rather than become parrot to some official.....

haw haw haw

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Why the concern from the West?

As with any geopolitical event,  there is much more to this story than meets the eyes.  As Sockmonkey pointed out one cause for concern was the initial lack of response from China when questioned about the event.  It was pointed out the the US waited one week before releasing the news of the anti-satellite test publicly,  More than likely this was because the US was trying to communicate privately with China through diplomatic channels.  When China failed to respond to private diplomatic inquiries, the US was forced to go public.  

The concern also stems from other related events that the readers here may not be aware of.   Aviation Week and Space Technology has reported that a few months earlier China briefly "blinded" a US spy satellite in another test of anti-satellite technology.   

These and other events may not seem significant by themselves but together they may indicate that China is secretly upgrading it's militarily capability.

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lessons from the Opium War

In those days gunboats would come to our shores and the most that could be done was to fight them off. There was no way of getting at the source from where they came.

That lesson has been learnt. Acquire the ability to get at the source and we would have a more peaceful environment.

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Originally posted by lobsang at 2007-1-30 08:30
Acquire the ability to get at the source and we would have a more peaceful environment.

That is a profound thought!

It sounds like something Confucius would be proud of saying.

Anyway why should we be answerable to the west?

Have they ever been answerable to us?

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What's the deal with the triple k's, changabula?  Are you comparing the citizens of America as being affiliated with a racist organization?  In doing so, it is only portraying your own ignorance.
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aha, another guy jumps!

Japan's Abe opposes China's satellite test

(AFP report)

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has voiced concern about China's satellite-destroying test, charging that Beijing had violated international law.

"I believe it would not be in compliance with basic international rules such as the Outer Space Treaty," Abe said in parliament of the Chinese test.

Abe said: "The international community should be concerned about any destruction of another country's satellite in a way that does not comply with international laws."

China last week said it had destroyed one of its own satellites, becoming the third country after the United States and the Soviet Union to shoot down anything in space.

The 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty, which bans weapons of mass destruction in space, says that all nations should avoid contamination of space and be held liable for any damage caused.

The United States has voiced concern that debris from the January 11 test could damage satellites or the manned International Space Station.  China says it had the right to carry out the test and supports the peaceful development of space.

China conducted the test after the United States, whose satellites collect intelligence on China, refused to agree to a permanent ban on satellite-killer tests.

Abe visited Beijing on his first foreign trip after he took office in late September, to improve relations with China that were badly strained under former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi.

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