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USA..The best country on Earth? [Copy link] 中文

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Take care your assertions, China is noted for such treatment of their own people.

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convair 1948

I beg to differ, but that what you think....US mil. cooked it up and shared it to acadamia ove here as you say.

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RE: Changabula

No problem :)
Cool, impressive, engineering background.....not many low level assembly types around today over here
that really have that low level background....I've worked  with that stuff you do too, other than
smarttalk, and my low level play/work ground was rather with the Motorola 6800
scares me to think if my code still controls some of the traffic lights over here....anyway how
about ADA? Some object oriented us mil. lang. inside our F15's, F16's, etc, A1 Abrams, etc, tawmahawks...
(probablty siklworms) Tune it in if you stuff...

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"America shall fall because of people talking like u still think america is best...dont even talk about diciplined chinese people are way more civilized, diciplined, and not racist like you guys, i am just speakin up for them because its true...white people are racist, and think they are the best, view everyone else as outsiders even if they are citizens...just wish they know other people look at them the same in digust. National interests? yes thats why China is doing the right thing..China does not need to gang on US what u talking about they are not Araid..China can take america itself, and of course they do accept america as super power...China isnt tryin to gang america with other countrys who said that we are just balancing things out, of course americans dont like that they want to keep their influence influence in asia but accept it China has most influence in asia..LOOK at ur vice president CRITIZING about china military build up whats wrong with that they have vast border .. and it all goes back to reuniting with taiwan which BELONGS to china, if they cannot do that peacefully then they have to use force and AMERICA SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHT to get involved! all this critizism about china from ameericans is just because they dont like seein another country bein more powerful than them and will not accept it but will have to.."

IN my opinion, your in a dream world. China is 40 years behind. Trust me. I've  been inside over here...Even
nuclear tech. is old school...the stuff that Clinton let go?....We got stuff that will make your head spin off. Don't
think what you see in Iraq, etc is the real stuff. You cannot comprehend, but that's okay; it's not your fault.
We are not racists. Our prisons have a high ratio of African american's imprisioned, but in a society based on law and order that's the price for crime. On the other hand, the Chinese American's are hardworking, highly educated, and prosperous and not in jail...try to understand my point...Many whites in jail too, but do the crime and you will to the pay the bailiff is my motto.....It sounds like you  do not have access to the real truth...what a pity...time to let the cat in....regards, Mildogbostonbob

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The cat brought me back a half dead baby bird (looks like a robin)...Now I got to friggin nurse it back to health
and try save it's life, etc...time...time...time...
.Anyway, I could banter with you back and forth and go gat to gat and
presumably leave your head on the mat, but I don't got time for that.
Let me tell you pal (pal'ess?), my basic principles are:
1.) cash is king (gold now, and your yuen are more desirable to me,now, than $$USD$$$) under God
2.) time is money; I don't have time to spar with you now, but I'll be in your capitol in October  and Shanghai for
Spring festival in 2008 and Beijing for the Games next year....I don't know where you live in China, but, my Leer can go anywhere....I'd like to talk to you face to face if you want....

I love China, silk, the culture, the people, and yes, maybe America will fall ( I don't think so) if the liberals
(China gov. likes the conservatives.....Bush is a moron, but he does have balls), and I really don't think we
(China/USA) will ever duke it out, but that stuff, laser, etc that I can fill you in on, would make your head spin;
Tiawan is yours for the taking....Bush/USA wouldn't wouldn't fire a bottle rocket or a fire craker over your land,
although they Tiawanese are helping our military Companies bottom lines ($$$$) at this time.  
Dog has some major business through August 1, 2007 and cannot afford time here in this thread. I see you
have posted over 5K posts and like to refer to the American phrase "Empire strikes back"...That is revealing
in itself. Your seem to be conflicted, but you are definitely one bright friggin bulb.
I'll check back after I secure majority shares of an exploratory gold mining firm over here.

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CHANGABULA (Repeat for now)

" totally agree with u Sandapan but i am on CHINAS side, China shall show whos boss, those americans are so clueless about how much better we are , our culture our economy and soon even military EVERYTHING we need to make americans not proud of themselves but ASHAMED i be living here in america for a while and become digusted in these people(not all) how they think they are the best country...they are nothing...they only have 200 years of history doing what? enslavin africans, bein racist, manifest destiny crap excuse for bein greedy fightin for more and more land, china has over 2000 years of awsome history. China and russia should just attack the US. Just becuase americas army has better technology (Redneck: WE GOT MORE NUKES!! We are better!! Nuke them back to the stone age!) uh nno china isnt comin with bows and arrows u highly underestimate our power!!!!"
time for one more reply, then to Chinatown for dinner....
You got thousands more years than 2000 of  "awesome history"...please try to catch up...anyway, nukes are
not our new strength now...Iraq etc, is a pony show for public me....copying are old stuff
gives you a false sense of power....before Clinton let targetnig out, China couldn't hit a barn door across the it can, GPS, etc, but US can disable it using light/lasers before it threatens us/US.....Sheild that
Putin (ex-KGB pud) protests is not our new can't help it; it's not your fault being so in the
dark (heart)...When in history have we shared our latest secret?
Presumably silence...:)
Without getting into too much trouble...we can pulse a million man army (what ever size?) and non-fatally
make everyone feel like their skin is burning drop their guns and cry/run like little girls....or covered then
with biting insects sensations or even we can give the fatal pulses....New Einstien derived laser tech...GENUINE USA TECHNOLOGY...not copied...LASERS BABY!!!!!!!You don't have a clue....
Maybe you should read more, but you won't find our latest secrets anytime soon...40 years behinds....:)
regards until next month :) hehehe

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You sound like an intelligent guy. Respects.

Just to let you know that those quotations were by other people, not me.
I didn't say wether I agreed with those words or not.

I only put them on to annoy some of your ignorant compatriots on this forum.
I did it to show them that not everyone agree with their views.

As to the Computing stuff -- I love science and techonology.
As to ADA I briefly touched on it as I did a course where we had to compare computer programming languages.

But as to a pure OOP language you cannot beat Smalltalk.

Look forward to some intelligent conversation for a change.

[ Last edited by changabula at 2007-7-19 09:07 PM ]
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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