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Are China's university tuition fees reasonable? [Copy link] 中文

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The hike in China's university tuition fees is beyond what people can pay, a survey showed on Monday.

The survey prepared by the China Youth Daily revealed as many as 86.1 per cent of the 18,523 respondents believed China's university tuition fees are too high.

A total of 43.7 per cent of respondents agreed the fees should be in accordance with people's ability to pay.

The fees jumped from 100 yuan (US$12) per semester in 1989 to some 5,000 yuan (US$641) nowadays, a dramatic 25 fold increase in nearly 20 years, state media reported. Two-thirds of students come from impoverished regions and their families make an annual average of 4,000 yuan (US$512).

"It is an indisputable fact that charges for higher education are a bit too high today. Middle- and low-income families are facing difficulties in affording their children's schooling," the Oriental Morning Post reported.

Zhang Baoqing, deputy Minister of Education said the present tuition rates are beyond the financial capacity of most.

Zhang's words came at a time when China's university education system is facing growing skepticism in the face of skyrocketing tuition fees and a saturated employment market.

The number of graduates reached a record high of 4.95 million in the past year, according to data released by the Ministry of Education.

Employment prospects for the bulk of graduates looked bleak.

As many as 30 per cent, or 1.48 million students will graduate without a job. The plight of graduates competes with that of migrant worker's harsh living and working conditions for national attention.

The average starting monthly salary for an undergraduate is as low as 1,000 yuan (US$128), while that of a migrant worker who generally has a junior school education is 1,100 yuan (US$141).

The cutthroat employment market has driven job hunters to almost beg for jobs, accepting less than favorable conditions just so they can be employed, sparking nationwide speculation over the eight-year university enrollment expansion policy that started in 1999.

In 1998, the number of enrollment was 1.8 million. In 2005, the figure swelled to some five million. Cheng Gengdong, President of the Dalian University of Technology and a member of the Chinese Academy of Science told the New Express the expansion in the number of graduates has reached the psychological and economic limit of the government, society and public, which is hazardous.

BTW: My annual tuition fees are 6,000 yuan (US$769), which does not include the accommodation and food! What about yours?

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This is why Americans have college funds. Maybe that'll start to become common practice in China too, unless it already is.

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5,000 yuan for semester is killing me!

I would consider colleges charging 5,000 yuan of tuition for a semester, is TOO high, and beyond many families' means.   

Here I strongly urge the Education Ministry to curb the college tuition to no more than 3,000 yuan per semester, no matter it is the Peking University, or the privately-run college.

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i don't know much about our country's educational system but i think China doesn't have the well-established educational systems as those in developed countries. Chinese universities can only depend high tuition fee and country's funds to support themselves.  Many students (like me, a former uni student) don't pay
much attention to tuition fee because their task is to enter a university not to pay it. Their parents will do it
for them. Of course, this only happens in big cities. Students from poor families find it's hard to get money.
Universities need money to develop, students need money to enter universities. Only our central
government can solve this problem. Hope to see the good result.

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i think our country's universities should devolpe himself projects and at the same make these project come into productor that could serve society ,so that the university could devople and their student could not pay such high tuition fee!
more peole could access to university to learn and improve himself ability to serve society,at the same time,avoid some people could not go to colleage because they didn't pay high tuition fee!

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China's a communist government right?  So tax more people and put that money to subsidize education.  Make it virtually free!!  This is our only chance to defeat the American Imperialists as their education system is as good as that of Afganistan's.
"When I am White, I win because I'm White.  When I'm Black, I win because I am Bogoljubow."

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Reply #1 ushership's post

Education is one of the PILLARS of SOCIAL EQUITY.

Provision of AFFORDABLE technical, vocational, professional education is TOP PRIORITY.
However, being practical is another matter.
We limit number of students dependent on MERIT, (does not matter rural or urban)
while providing MEANs for Students to AFFORD tertiary education.

This can be done via
(1) Interest Free loans to Rural Improverish students. Each provincial government should have funds set up to help the bottom 25% of their population.
(2) The middle 50% would probably be faced with COMMERCIAL loans from commercial banks legislated to prepare a PERCENTAGE of their loan portfolios to ensure affordable easy to repay loans.
(3) Then we should encourage RICH COMPANIES, RICH INDIVIDUALS to set up FOUNDATIONs to provide scholarships for deserving students.

Getting the government to subsidize VERY EXPENSIVE tertiary education would mean a distortion of the economy......and probably a large cohort of unemployable graduates!

Green Dragon
New Middle Kingdom

The Education System must conform to market needs!

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