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More and more chinese girls married to non-chinese, why? [Copy link] 中文

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It's not always for money.  My Chinese wife was with a Chinese boyfriend before, who earned around 40,000 RMB per month, but treated her like crap.

Foreign men are seen as gentlemen and that is a big attraction.

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[quote]Originally posted by renegadedog9 at 2007-1-19 15:09
It's not always for money.  My Chinese wife was with a Chinese boyfriend before, who earned around 40,000 RMB per month, but treated her like crap.

Foreign men are seen as gentlemen and that is  ... [/q

are u sure all are gentle......

perhaps some are cheated with empty promises,

sweet roses but thorny.....,etc....
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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I agree, a lot are indeed scoundrels.  I am just saying that the perception is that foreign men, particularly English men, are gentlemen...

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English men, are gentlemen...

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Yes, it's full of unpleasant bigotry by blinkered Chinese people towards countries they have never been to.

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Originally posted by superdragon at 2007-1-18 16:05
Your “theories” about why Chinese girls chose to marry foreign men is shallow and doesn’t state the whole facts.   Women who marry foreigners mostly were rejected by their own kind and they develop this resentment towards their own kind and try to put them down.  Just look around, most Chinese girls who are smart, pretty and desirable marry their own kind.  Most of those who marry foreigners are ugly although that doesn’t mean they look ugly to these foreigners since beauty is in the eyes of the beholden.

You equate strenght only to the size and physical strength which is totally false.  In martial arts, you need speed, flexibility, stamina, fast reflexes, tactics, etc. more than physical strenght to win.  In fact, it’s the speed that defines a winner in a fight.  Before the guns were invented, why didn’t  the foreigners dare invade China?  Because they were much inferior in physical warfare compared to the Chinese warriors.  The Chinese have Shaolin and many martial arts.  What does the foreigners have?  Their pysical size and strenght would be a joke to these Chinese warriors.

One thing you don’t realize and might regret it later on is the intelligence of your children.  Which do you think would be smarter – your child with a Pakistani father or a Chinese father?  Read the Taxonomic construct which was researched by a westerner which says of all the races, the yellow race has the highest average IQ.  I hope you know which ones are the yellow race.

When the mongols conquered Europe they could have made themselves look like Europeans through forced intermarriages but, no thanks, they didn’t because most likely they realized the Europeans were no good in physical warfare and therefore were considered inferior.  Just look at the Korean war and the Vietnam war.  The Americans have the most advanced weaponries but they were kicked out by the yellow race who have only light weaponries.  If all we have are bare hands, for sure the yellow race will not be the slaves of the world.  Neither the blacks because they are good in boxing.  Who do you think will be the slaves of the world?  And you call them “superior”?

I am not advocating one race is superior than the others because although each race have their own plus and minus, they are all members of the human race and are therefore equals.  The bottom line is – if you want to marry another race then go ahead and no one – not a single Chinese – will stop you.  I have to see a Chinese billlionaire who married a foreigner and they could have done so many times over but they didn’t.  Does that mean the foreign women are inferior or not desirable?  No race is in a position to claim superiority over the others because each race has its own plus and minus or weakness and strength.  There is no perfect race!

what a post. says at the end that no race is superior or inferior to others, but all throughout that post, claims that the chinese are superior to westerners in several different ways. hmmmm....

Originally posted by heywilma at 2007-1-18 16:30

Because in your eyes, women are supposed to be demure and have low self-esteem.

Please, do us all a favour and grow up. There is nothing conceited about being confident.

very well said wilma. us foreigners do like confident women. we dont like lap dogs who just go about and do everything their husband demands of them. we like our women to think for themselves. if those are the women chinese men like superdragon are "rejecting" then fine.... loads of other men would love to be with those women.

i can tell you some other reasons why chinese women are attracted to foreign men, but you can find those in other threads on this forum :)

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The idea that good looking Chinese women don't marry foreigners is just laughable, and it's essentially woeful self-delusion.

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