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religious differences between East and West (let the images speak) [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by xieyang at 2007-1-8 06:35 AM
For some time I have been interested in the differences between Western and Eastern religious attitudes. And I feel that sometimes images spell out the differences much more clearly than words can  ...

xieyang... i would say, one of the major doctrinal difference between Christianity and Buddhism is that...

in Christianity... God, who is omnipotent, omniscient, an infinite eternal being who created the material universe decides to become man in the flesh. its quite dramatic if you really think about the tremendous gap God had to cross.

in Buddhism... its just the opposite. its man, in his finite, imperfect stage, works his way through many process such as meditation and etc to reach or become god. another epic story of mans eternal quest for perfection...

its quite simple to illustrate

God (DECENDING DOWN) ------------------------------------> to become man

man (ASCENDING UP) ------------------------------------------> to become god

the question regarding as to "WHY???" to both religion is of course requires an entirely new thread

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You are right! If you want to learn about differences between China business law and Westner's, please go to

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One fundamental difference seems to have been missed out here: that of self-development versus conversion.

Philosophies like Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sikhism and some others are about self-development. They are meant for people to elevate themselves spiritually. They are NOT about telling other people how they should be leading their lives. The goal of these philosophies is NOT about converting others, not about increasing the number of people following them, etc. Such philosophies have no problem in co-existing peacefully with others. Their God makes no demands to convert or persecute others.

But some other religions make it their business to go around telling people that everything except themselves is false. Their focus is on "converting" you and increasing their numbers. They may do it sweetly or they may do it violently, but the objective in each case is all about numbers, about calling themselves "the fastest growing religion", etc. These are the real "false religions". They ultimately result in the violence we see around the world today.

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welcome back, kiddo...

Originally posted by changcheng at 2009-1-6 16:48
One fundamental difference seems to have been missed out here: that of self-development versus conversion.

Philosophies like Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sikhism and some others ar ...

long time dont hear you crack  

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The main difference is religious and culture. the images tell us all the difference.

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China and religion.

China has always tried to follow heaven and the recognition of sages, prophets, oracles, mystical teaching, deity beings, divination and the encouragement of philosophy is engrained in the chinese character. Politics has tried to dominate the emotions of the people but actually chinese people are quite disciplined in nature due to the huge background sages that all wanted to follow heaven but each in their own way. It is clear that both Jesus and Mohammed learnt much from the trickle of information of China and its practices that spread over long distances and this greatly inspired them. Jesus and Mohammed are no longer present in this plane of the world but may be sensing their followers emotions both dead and alive and others stuck in repetitive ghoslty routines of their previous lives  and others in different dimensions yet they are helpless to intervene to help their flocks for they do not posess enough power.

Many sages like Mozi, Kong Fu Zi, Lao Zi and others left much guidance on how to conduct oneself in following rites, rituals and the career of life. The whole Chinese culture leads one to a more spiritual way of life and gives the individual much to contemplate.

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