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Nation strengthens maritime patrols
By Xin Dingding (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-03-31 12:46

China established a regular patrol system in the East China Sea last year, an official report said.

The annual report, reviewing the State Oceanographic Bureau's administrative enforcement of the law in the past year, said the bureau had sent ocean surveillance ships and airplanes on patrols in the East China Sea.

The vessels and planes watched and turned back foreign vessels that were not authorized to explore for oil and gas in the continental shelf of the East China Sea, and those that disrupted China's natural gas exploration activities inside its offshore area instead of the disputed area.

The monitoring team also ordered several military surveillance ships from the United States to stop unauthorized ocean surveys in the sea area last year.

"The regular patrol system in the East China Sea demonstrates the Chinese government's determination and capacity to administer the East China Sea. It also safeguards China's maritime rights," said the report, which was signed by Sun Zhihui, the bureau director

The East China Sea covers an area of more than 700,000 square kilometers, with the east side reaching Japan. The average water depth is 350 meters.

It is estimated that about 7.2 billion tons of gas and oil resources are buried in the East China Sea.

The sea is abundant with scarce metals such as cobalt, manganese and nickel, which can be used to manufacture aerospace equipment and precision machine tools.

In addition to the regular patrol system, the bureau strengthened inspections of sea use last year and carried out more than 45,000 checks, the report said.

The bureau has cracked down on 3,100 illegal activities, and issued fines of 107 million yuan ($13.8 million).

More than 80 percent of the illegal sea use cases were projects reclaiming land from the sea and fishing.

The bureau has inspected more than 1,000 projects reclaiming land from the sea, and a third of them involved illegal operations.

Other illegal cases included changing the function of a sea area without government approval and not paying due fees for sea use

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Reply #47 jetsam's post

As Usual you make such wild statements so far from the truth. If the USA Military really was as impotent as you claim, why worry about it?

Remember: it is the "Policy" which is flawed, not the "Military".  No power on earth has sucessfully beaten our military on the battlefield, they defeat our "Armchair Politicians - Playing war policy"

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Reply #52 jetsam's post

jetsam, hold on I'll get back with you in a bit. And once again I will describe how it is that you jump from a list of facts and then without any reasoning whatsoever attribute them all to some notion of a whole nebulous group of human beings without supplying any rationale nor attempt to connect the facts to this group of human beings. I mean Reuters News Service is supposed to be representative of all the Anglos? And, the two lowly little reporters are also representatives of all the Anglos, right? You supply a lot of facts, and you assume they all are representative of all Anglos, right? Now if a human being had to wash the poop off his feet, but he didn't, then that human being would also be representative of all the Anglos, too? And all of the atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperialists are due of all the Anglos too?

How is that all of your long list of facts represent all the Anglos? Do these two lowly news reporters have a sign stamped on them that says they are the representatives of all the Anglos or something? You have collected quite a set, taken all together, we are to assume they are all representatives of the Anglos.

You never define Anglos -- you leave it to us to look up a definition, which comes out to be someone whose native language is English, is that what you mean? Why is it not that you refuse to say exactly how it is that all the native English speakers are represented by your collection?

Lessee, if your native language is English, then you are just like all these examples of ugly facts. How is that? How does it come to be? Is the very language of English so awesome as to transform each human-being that has learned it as a native language into evil incarnate?

The Aztecs must have been Anglos?

The Japanese Imperialists must have been Anglos?

Or is Anglo a disease or something? An entire culture or an entire ethnic group?

Is Kissinger an Anglo? Not by the dictionary's definition.

Are the Sudanese marauders Anglos?

You have a lose screw in your reasoning, or moreover, your lack of reasoning.

All the ugly things you want to describe to a set of people who speak a certain language can apply across the gamut of all human beings, including and especially you, for you demonstrate that you cannot reason, you just react and blame some mysterious unknown force for all the evil, without ever explaining how that has come to pass.

Get real would ya?

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Reply #52 jetsam's post

OK expert, name a major battle the US has lost on the Battlefield ?

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Originally posted by jetsam at 2007-4-2 21:46

So you pre-ordained that you will find fault with my post but you haven't figured out an excuse yet so you'll get back to me when you've invented some lie.


Oh and the definition of an Anglow is the scurrilous species that invaded the UK in the 5th and 6th century from Schleswig Holstein. Don't you even know your own origins?

Well dummy, what makes you think my ancestors came from a group of people 15 to 16 centuries ago? DUH! For your information, my family invaded England from Scandinavia, and our family last name is the name of a city in Norway, stupid!

I did already rip you for your stupid Anglo comment, now I see that you are really off your rocker. 15 centuries of mixed origins hardly makes anyone an Anglo, by your definition. Of course, if you infer that there is a genetic trait that is carried from those people that makes them responsible for all the stupid things you would like to attribute to them, then I definitely know you are in fantasy land. Want to tell me the name of the gene and its loci, dippity do dah? Go for it ...

As for the rest of what you wrote, I have not had the time, nor the inclination to bother reading it ...


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