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Originally posted by sullivanlee at 2007-1-8 15:53
My Fellow Compatriot:
thank you for your attention on my post
the purpose of this thread was solely to share my experience with people on this forum,so i didn't mean to spread the christianity
you can't ignore the fact that in china ,thousands of thousands of people are converted every year,this is the truth

Yes, thousand of thousand Chinese converted to this foreign controlled religion, a threat to Chinese culture, which I'm worried about.

I am a 100% CHINESE,it's a serious insult of you to question my chinese identity .there is a if-not dichotomy in you mind ,if i am a chinese ,then i am not a chiristian .this is absolutely biased

On my post before I quote British commander on how to colonize other nation. I'm not asking you a Chinese as a whole, I'm asking about your spirit. The colonizer require colony's people to abandon their culture and follow theirs, will you do the same?

do you forget that when the Buhdasim first came to China,the Han Dynasty emperor did not stop it ,because the chinese civilization was too broad to accept it
you'd better ask yourself ,what kind of people are you ?

Yes, Chinese culture is a tolerant entity, the same as Buddhism. Buddhism emphasize compassion, which I consider too passive.

But how Christianity spread? through colonization and violence. Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism can exist altogether because all these three are tolerant culture. Christianity is not.

But if you want to practice your faith, fine, read your Bible and I suggest you read their religion's history too, how many wars and bloodshed insigated by this intolerant religion.

You are my compatriot, I just don't want to see more and more Chinese follow foreign doctrines and deny own's culture. Religion is a formidable political tool, which is deliberately used by nasty people. Just like Taiwan Presbyterian church says that god support their independence agenda, a fine example on how religion meddle in politics.

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Originally posted by superkylin at 2007-1-8 18:27
I disgust the feeling of forced to receive edification...

Yeah, and they say the only way to enter heaven is obey their rule... really shameless.

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Originally posted by amyamy at 2007-1-7 12:19
1. Escapism : People feel insecure and at the same time they have pressure and no time no patience for rational thinking. Christianity is a easy way to comfort them.

2. Sociable convenince. People are afraid of lonely.

Yes, Christianity also spread fast in the countryside in recent years. They exploit poverty stricken family, by giving them donation, require them to be Christian. The underprevileges always a comfort target for them.

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...China entered the 20th century with a deep sense of national humiliation. In face of unprecedented challenges, all the Chinese wondered where they could find a way to save their country. At this time of national disaster and intensified clashes between indigenous and Western cultures and as the traditional Chinese religions struggled for survival, Protestantism and Catholicism made large-scale inroads into China. A religion that was supposed to spread the words of the Gospel had become the tool of the aggressors. In the words of Jiang Menglin, Lord Buddha came to China riding on the back of a white elephant whereas Jesus Christ flew in on cannon shells.” Under the protection of extraterritoriality, this religion, that had taught one to love others as oneself, turned to its opposite. In the words of Baud White, all missionaries benefited from the Opium War and the treaties signed by China after its defeat. Indeed, some missionaries went so far as to participate in opium trade, loot land property and perpetrate serious misconduct. ...

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no division!

i didn't intend to cause too many  arguments and divison in the forum
as most of people who replied to my post are chinese ,i don't want to see we fight againt each other
the chinese people have been dividing inside for hundreds of years
the shanghai locals look down upon peole from other provinces
and .....................
i believe in God because in christianiy all men are really equal ,so there is no discrimination which is widespread in china

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Originally posted by sullivanlee at 2007-1-10 23:02
i believe in God because in christianiy all men are really equal...

Yes, but how if one's doesn't share the same faith? Christians will curse you to hell.
The equality and justice only exist WITHIN their own circle, other's who don't share the same belief are 'pagans', souls that must be converted. Just like US evangelist look down upon orthodox christian, US Baptist look down upon southern lutherans.

Your statement is ignorant, claiming their god to be able solve our problem. Their god is not only unable to solve their problem, instead this same god creating more problem and division in the US and Europe.

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2 weeks ago in a casual occasion in Beijing, there's a Buddhist monk talking with several young university students. They speak in English and discuss about philosophy and Buddhism.

Then came a young guy, asking the Buddhist monk, what Buddhism know how god created this universe. He said, Buddhism don't know how this universe created, he said how could a religion can't explain how universe created? he was trying to create difficulties to the monk, to embarras him. This angered me.
I approach the young guy and ask him, do you suggest that this universe created in 6 days by Christian god? He said yes. Then I said, you should know that this 6 days story is just a Jewish MYTH. It's not something a real statement on how universe created in christianity.

That's how christianity spread, insult other religion and embarras others.



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