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Chinese culture [Copy link] 中文

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As a Chinese, long time ago I have planned to spend some time writing something about Chinese culture. Today I want to use this forum to express my ideas and opinions about Chinese culture. If someone wants to say all of Chinese culture, I think that it must be a huge project. So I just want to talk about some parts of Chinese culture. Then I will try to compare Chinese culture with other cultures.

Firstly, when people talk about Chinese culture, they always said that China has very long history. Undoubtedly, Chinese culture is very rich. Although there are lots of differences among different regions of China, they always admit that they belong to Chinese culture and China. Frankly speaking, I also don’t know much about background of Chinese culture. There are lots of experts around China and the world. These people do lots of research and investigation, and try to preserve Chinese culture. They want the next generations to learn from their culture and cherish their rich culture that the ancients have created for them. When people talk about Chinese culture, one thing which can’t be ignored is an animal—dragon. In Chinese people’s eyes, dragon represents power and strength. Dragon also can bring peace and happiness to the world.

Secondly, as I said above, dragon represents good things in China, but in western country, dragon always represents evil and damages. This is difference between China and western countries. During the past century, there are lots of conflicts and wars among almost all countries. In my opinion, the reason may be the difference of cultures among the countries. We need to solve our conflicts and problems through negotiation and dialogue. So that is why the merchants must know the local cultures before they want to invest in foreign countries. Everything can be solved by peaceful means. Don’t hesitate to learn local culture.

When I want to say something about Chinese culture, I always feel very confused and don’t know how to begin. Maybe it is very suitable for you to follow this topic and say something. I hope that you aren’t afraid of telling your opinion. The forum is free for all of you. We need your opinion.

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I like the phoenix. From what I've learned (not in chinese culture) the phoenix appeared to have died, but rose from the ashes, shooting up into the sky in flames, and rises every 500 years (or something like that). The meaning to me, is that even when bad things happen we can rise again, and again.... and I have done this in my own life, so I can identify with the phoenix.

Is that the symbology of the phoenix in Chinese culture or is there a different meaning behind her?
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In yunnan they use the phoenix as a local symbol.

Chinese culture? I still don't know what it refers to!

Some people tell me to go and see some old building, they say that is Chinese culture but I say that is Chinese history.

Other people tell me it is what people do on festival holidays - so that is Chinese tradition

sometimes it means the way one pours tea etc

but I want to know about the effect or application of "Chinese culture" in everyday modern life.

In some sense the definition of culture is too complex or too broad to have much useful meaning.

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2006-12-28 22:39
I like the phoenix. From what I've learned (not in chinese culture) the phoenix appeared to have died, but rose from the ashes, shooting up into the sky in flames, and rises every 500 years (or som ...

Well as I heard the the secular bird as Lebanon symbol, about the phoenix in China, the name of chinese phoenix is 凤凰(fèng huáng) btw, at the first it refers to two birds, male and female(feng means male phoenix, huang is female), a bit like kylin(qi lin), qi is male, lin is female, it's later they became one,.

chinese phoenix doesn't have the meaning of rebirth as in english(but there's a symbol similar to that, a kind of bird), it's a symbol of "ji xiang", holy, pure, bless and peace(in acient times people believed if feng huang appears then peace with the world), and later it become one. Cause the emperor use chinese dragon as his symbol, his wives all come to choose phoenix as match, so phoenix became only female later.
Chinese dragon and phoenix together could mean, talented precious people, a gem, a brilliant that

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I have not even considered comparing Chinese culture with any other culture. As I have said before, "When China was a developed empire with organized infrastructure and progressive people, my ancestors were running across the prairies naked chasing a rabbit to eat".

When I think of Chinese culture I have to include not only the 5000 years claimed today but the previous 5000 years as the foundation of the most amazing groups of humans on the planet. A person has to consider all the generations that created every possible way of life that can be imagined. To me, assigning an icon that represents all of China would be impossible! There is so much to consider.

   More things happen in one day in China than happens in most of the countries of the world. I could live 10 lifetimes in China and still not be satisfied with all there is to learn and understand.

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it did be a huge project .what is culture?you can say everything is culture,from substace to spirit.
i am a chinese immersed in chinese culture,i unfeignedly receive and love parts of it.and also receive and love parts of the western culture.
i think culture is human's culture,so no matter the country、folk and skin ,we are human ,so we share something as love、peace
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China culture is great and profound , I think we can not  put it in an article. I am a traditional Chinese, and I want  do my best to let the foreigners to  understand our Chinese Culture, First from Chinese food Chinese food culture.

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