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Hello everyone,

My name is Chris.  I live in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada.  I am considering taking an employment contract teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in China.  This will be my first time visiting China, and I'm a little nervous.  China has a whole different culture than what I am used to.  I would like to make a few new friends in different parts of the country because I do not know where I would be going, yet.  As I said, I am considering taking this job.  I do not have it yet.

What is the overall opinion of people concerning English teachers?  What kind of food could I expect to eat?  What kind of people will I meet?  What are the different cultures of China like other than what I read on websites?

I'm sorry I am asking so many questions.  Please be patient with me as I am still learning.

Thank you,

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To Chris

Hi Chris,

I did understand your personal concerns when you are thinking about all of those thing. Yes, it is ture that when a guy first time goes to a country about which he does not know anything except that from internet. I would like to tell you that China is very friendly country and Chinese is very opened and very kind. Nowdays, the economy develops very rapidly. I dont' think there are any barriers whenever we are talking about the foods, life and culture. If you were in China, you will find you can manage to do whatever you want, such as find a job, teaching English; enjoy yourself in your free time. The most important thing is that you should respect people, that's very common to every nation, every country. I have been to several contries like, UK, US. Japan. No big difference. So you can surive in China as soon as you take your life seriously.

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Welcome to GuangZhou

hi Chris,i am the citizen of GuangZhou.As u said,u had not decided where to go yet,how about coming to our city,GuangZhou is dynamic and beautiful city,the people are friendly here,and the landscape are very good too.
Our city has more than 2 thousands yearz history.,and under the open policy,our government put their effort on developing the city,The GuangZhou's culture is wonderful.Traditional eating,modern buildings,the daily lifes,and so on....,I am sure,u would  find many interesting things if u were here.
    welcome to GuangZhou.

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Thank you for the invitation to GuangZhou.  From what I understand through the parent company, and from the teaching contract, I would go wherever they feel I am needed.  If I do accept the contract, however, I will try to make it a point to visit your wonderful city.

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Living in China


"So you can surive in China as soon as you take your life seriously."

Thank you for your comments and concerns.  I'm sure that you were not infering that I don't take my life seriously, already <grin>.  I have learned a great deal, already, from the Internet, but I also know that the only REAL way to understand a country, and it's people, is to actually go there.  I am not a person that believes everything I see on telvision.  I would rather experience it firsthand.  A little research, however, can be a good thing., but at the same time you have to think what the place is really like.  For example, if you were to visit a web site about Vancouver, British Columbia, it would tell you all about the cultural diversity, the museums, places to eat, etc.  What it would NOT tell you about, however, is the growing crime rate, urban congestion, air pollution, homelessness, etc.  These are things that you would have to see for yourself.

Life is 10% learning and 90% experience.  I am 40 years old, and have learned alot.  It's time I started experiencing.

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it is really an apothegm

"life is 10% learning and 90% experience" -- it is reall an apothegm

Hi Chris,

Welcome to China!

I suggest you not stay in one city only but travel around China, you could stay in Beijing for one year and Shanghai for another year and then Chengdu, then Guangzhou... In different city you will have difference experience. China is such a beautiful country that I am sure you will fall in love with her!

And I think it will be helpful for you to learn some simple Chinese words before you come to China. But don't be worry if you do not know Chinese as more and more people is learning English in China nowadays.

Hope you will have an excellent experience in China. ^ v ^

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China a beautiful country


Thank you for your kind words.  If I do take the contract (1 year), I'm sure I will get a chance to see the country.  I'm sure it is quite beatiful, and I am looking forward to seeing as much as I can.  Please tell me.  What are the restrictions for sending gifts out of the country?  I'd love to be able to send gifts to my nieces and nephews, but I've been told that it may not be easy.


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