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Rape of Nanking [Copy link] 中文

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I see you are in the US. Do you read New York times? Have you read a recent article about Japanese foreign minister? How much do you know about historical relationship between Japan and China? How do you know "the textbook issue is being addressed"? Have you seen their primer minister worship war criminals year after year? And first of all, have you watched "the rape of nanking"?
I like to be here, to be with you, to sense your presence all the time.

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Have I watched the movie? No. Have I read about it? Yes, quite a bit--I did major in Chinese and took more than one class that discussed it. One was a class on modern China. The other was an introduction to Japanese civilization. Both teachers knew it was a terrible event.

Do I read the NY Times? Yes. Did I read the article in question? Not sure--can you send me the link? I've been a bit behind for a couple weeks.

How much do I know about the China/Japan relationship? A fair amount. Like I said, I studied it in school (and lived in China for 9 months, where I got to see it being acted out firsthand. Remember the riots in Haidian district in Beijing a couple years ago over the textbooks? That wasn't very far from where I was living at the time).

How do I know it's being addressed? I admit I have no recent articles that say it, but from what I've read and seen over the last 5 years or so, it is being addressed--slowly.

Have I seen the prime minister at the shrine? Yes. I thought it wasn't the wisest move politically, considering the inevitable outcry from China and South Korea.

Now, questions for you, as I've answered yours.

1) What do you think of Shinzo Abe? He is trying, it seems, to work on the situation. Do you think he will do better than Koizumi? If he does, will you listen?

2) How many Japanese people do you know? If you know any, what are their opinions of Nanjing? If not, what are you basing your blame and hatred on?

3) What has your hatred of Japan gotten you, exactly? Did you ever consider that there may be other ways to handle the events?

4) How would you suggest China and Japan improve their relationship?

PS--Remember, to make relationships work, one must compromise. You can't expect one side to willingly give up everything while you give nothing. You have to cooperate.

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I strongly recommand that you watch this movie when you got a chance. This is what this thread is about :)
Before answering your questions, let me make a correction to your assumption. You ASSUME that all chinese people hate all Japanese people blindly. Your assumption is wrong. There are good people and bad people at any single place. Among Japanese, there are decent people trying to tell the truth about history. Some Japanese soldiers admitted their crime and regreted for what they have done. Chinese people forgived them.
1) I don't know what Abe will do, let's wait and see.
2) I have seen some japanese people. Some are decent and some are not, just like people from other countries.
3)All what I said is that we should not forget the history. If they deny the truth, then we should point out and let truth known.
4) Educate people in both countries with truth, and truth only. Build trust between each other. This is especially a problem for Japan because it does not have the trust from other Asian countries.

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I like to be here, to be with you, to sense your presence all the time.

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Don't use past events as a blanket excuse to hate an entire country.

May be you are right, yea,we should remember the history,but we should not use the history insight to treat something!

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Okey, sockmoney, let the Chinese forget what happened in the past.  But can we close our eyes to what happens now?  Can Japanese forget their "spirit of prewar Japanese"?

Japan now is upgrading its defence's status, trading pacifism for patriotism.  The Defence Agency will be upgraded to the status of a full ministry for the first time since WW II.

"The agency's elevation to a ministry will also facilitate passage of more specific laws giving Japan greater flexibility to dispatch its forces to international hot spots. More important, it could eventually allow Japan to offer a larger measure of logistical support in a regional conflict. Such a move could change the balance of power in East Asia, empowering Tokyo, for instance, to assist the United States in defending Taiwan in the event of Chinese aggression."--- Washington Post

Meanwhile, Japan is requiring schools to teach "patriotism".  This is also the first change to Japan's educations law since 1947.

"The reform reflected concerns voiced by Abe and strident Education Minister Bunmei Ibuki that Japan's long stretch of economic prosperity has eroded the morals and cooperative spirit of prewar Japanese."

"The call for more patriotism in the schools coincides with a push by some local governments to crack down on teachers and students who refuse to stand for the national flag or sing an anthem to the emperor at school ceremonies."

What is this spirit of prewar Japanese?  Is it time for Japan to throw out the constitution drafted by the United States and go back to the loyalty to the emperor by practising the code of bushido?

Apology?  Yes, Abe apologized again for Japanese government's sending officials posing as civilians to fan the purport to the gov't's policies.  This time, the apology was not only verbally made, but practically conducted--- by suspending his own salary for 3 month!  LOL!!!

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to #12

I didn't say China should forget the past. I think I stated that in my previous posts.

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to #10

I know better than to say that all Chinese hate all Japanese (I try my best to fight against the mass overgeneralizations on this BBS), but there are an awful lot of Chinese people out there who don't give a second thought to it. At least that's the impression I got from my time in China.

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