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I thouht chinglish was when a chinese person is learning english but can't yet speak it well, so their sentences take on qualities of both languages. For example, maybe they'd use chinese grammar and just substitute english words, like "please you give me a coffee..." or something, or little phrases like "how to do?" alone as a whole sentence.

I am not offended at people talking like that at all, and I'm not offended by it being called chinglish, but I'm not chinese. I hear chinese people saying they speak chinglish all the time, in fact I heard it just today. A chinese girl was talking to a white guy and said "We (her friend & her) will speak chinglish then you won't understand!"

I do however think that most language learners would wnat to learn the language correctly, so they use the same sentence structure as the natives, I know I would. I know it's all cute when I say something in bad chinese (the language I'm learning), but I would much rather be saying it correctly. So I don't see why people would want to speak "chinglish", I think it's just an in-between phase. But I wouldn't be offended by it.

I AM OFFENDED when I see people teasing about it, and I've even seen (at least twice onthis bbs) english speakers purposely speaking chinglish as a joke. I know it can be cute, but many chinese people come here to learn english, and I think it's kind of mean to purposely mess up our english to be funny if it's not clear we're doing it for some reason. I remember SA saying "you're so scaring!" and I told her it should be "scary". She said, oh thanks, but she liked to use "scaring" for fun, and continued to do so. It was cute, and she & I teased about it for a while. That's ok because we both knew & were ok with it. But if someone really thought they should say 'scaring' and I start also using 'scaring' because I think it's amusing, but they don't even know they're wrong and I'm using them as humor, that's mean.
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I understand why the girl you mentioned said that she would speak Chinglish. Maybe you still don't quite know well the way the Chinese girl acted towards that foreigner, she did hope she was able to speak as well as a native speaker does, but she wasn't..., and she didn't wanna see the foreigner to be offended by her Chinglish, so what could she do...? what she could do was to warn him in advance that she might speak sth that was not so standard as to make him misunderstand and be offended, hoping he could understand her good intention and did what he could to communicate...!
Fk, every English learner dreams of the days when he or she is able to speak as naturallyy as a native speaker...!lol

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And I dream of the day when I can speak Chinese fluently enough to be able to talk about almost anything! I bought 4 new baby books yesterday, I will start deciphering one tonight!

The girl I mentioned.... I understand what you're saying, but I think in this case she was teasing the guy. She spoke english pretty well, I heard quite a bit of comfortable conversation. I think she was teasing him... I didn't hear everything, but I think he was a beginner at chinese and jokingly warned her that she cannot talk secretly to her friend in chinese or he might understand some. So she said they will talk chinglish instead, and he will not understand that, as if chinglish was more confusing than either english or chinese separately. But she said it while laughing, and the guy and friend both laughed too.

So.... chairman, are you still listening? Are you saying that *I* may also be speaking chinglish when I speak my low level of chinese, maybe using english structure by mistake, or saying everything in chinese except the main object, which I may not know? I thought only chinese people spoke chinglish, but from your description it's for both sides.

TODAY I wanted to buy a crochet needle and some yarn. Before my excursion I looked up "crochet" and "yarn", and tried to remember them on my way to the store. Well, my excursion took me all over the place, and by the time I found the store I had not only forgotten how to say them, but I forgot to look in my dictionary again, I was already talking to the woman in the store, surrounded by yarn. It was clear I wanted to buy yarn, but I didn't see any crochet needles, so I said something like... "wo yao yige.... yige...." and I made a little hook with my finger and moved it in a crocheting fashion. You're saying that's chinglish?? I think that's just baby chinese with a missing word. She then said "Oh! ____ (forgot the word already, gou- guo- zhen?)... anyway, it was not difficult considering the small choices of things I would have meant, being in that store.
I am not rich.  :L

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There are no rules in Chinglish

Originally posted by chairman at 2006-12-17 11:56

the ESE in CHINESE is missing..

the EN in ENGLISH is missing..

leaving us with ..



and can be a well used HIDDEN LANGUAGE around China..


Often its a better way to express yourself than any other language

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not that close to fabulous!

[quote]Originally posted by chairman at 2006-12-17 20:42
ok /quote]

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