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Yes, however,

HI, # 15,

Totally, i agree with you in terms of poety , which is special for publishing or instruction.

however, to most of us, it is very difficult to create perfect one ,liking what you said above.

On the contrary, folklore is another way to express one's feeling or emotion, so to speak

Or , we can make it more equitable---true feeling/emotion from the bottom of one's heart

it must be a perfect poem , to some degree, we can define poem in this way

That is why, there are so many diverse audience in the huge literature

Hahahahah, it is just out of my personal view, even without critical thinking

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Merry X'mas

Merry X'mas and Happy new year to you all

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A Prosporous Year for you all

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Let Go!!!

I shut myself off with a terrace
Standing reveted to the darkness while opening the door at night
Watching the memories showing our love stories one act after another     

I turn on the TV for the dialogue in considering to get the answer from that stories.
It is beyond me to meet your inquiry of love
The only way for me is to look o* ***erable and watch the love turned and sigh with emotion

I leave you free now as there is no tommorrow for you and me
Maybe that is another solution to end with peace
To say goodbye would be the another way of understanding of our love as the wound will be overload when the tears fall

What I can do finally is to let you go
'cause I don't want there to be a big moutain exists between us
To keep the love well and left the stain to the time

What I can do finally is to let you go
Why I choose mercy is to avoid having session by nonsense
The affection is quite like a platform for some to come and for some to leave
And you can find a stop sign named waiting,that is my heart.

I turn on the radio for the loose story of others
They sob out the story of the same sorrow
I can not jostle it away and go easily as my chest still can feel your dependence
Hence it is the person given to love can easily be deceived

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Perfect thing in the new year---from the standpoint of poetry only


I am rather gratified to enjoy this essay,

It is perfect in terms of poetry

However, in the real life, i hope you can snach what you have had or will have,

The difference between the real and emotion relies on your mental state,

On your persuit in the life journey

To accet or not, there are diverse answer , considerning the reality.

By the way, how do come to this essay?

Is it the original one from your figers?

Wish you a bright New Year Pig.


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To seclusive

Hi, Miss Seclusive,

How are you these days?

ON the new year travelling?

Any good poem shold be posted here to enjoy with us la ?

Any nice pic will be more interesting to thread here a a a


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Mo-water for you

Hi, Miss Seclusive

Thanks very much for your beautiful poems,

which i am enjoy them with local wine during  my supper

Of course, it is a pleasure to translate them into English language. (But as for the original favor of your beautiful poem, i am not sure. It depends on my personal understanding and experience in my life)

By the way, the day after tomorrow will the Christmas Day of Ethiopian Othordox believer. So, wish you another Nice Christmas.

Last but not least,

here is my MSN: if u like, you talk with me directly:

Best Regards,

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