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poetry lovers , this is the right room for you [Copy link] 中文

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i think i will

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Poem, sometimes, services us like a cup of coffee or beer

As for poem, it becomes weak and weak in the colorful world

Why does it come way for poem?

There are more choices in this word supported by fast-developing scineces and technologies

You can chat with your friends using easily accessable computer+ cellphone

You can express your dreams or words from your bottom of hear in your blog

You can play PC games alone or with other friends/strangers in the Internet

Also, you can write a poem or something like this

Behind this poem, there must be some story whick is difficult to understand for
the ones get familar to easy fun games.

You create one , which is only one person can understand

Anyhow, the point is not the form of expressing your emotion/heart/dream

You can choose what you want/prefer

Just like coffee or beer,

As a human being, you need them , isn't it?

If you drink , say , coffee, everyday

Sometimes, you maybe wanna a little bid change

Say, a poem, then that must be perfect

You can do it

Even the baby begins to knock its spoon on the table

He/she begins to create something, but you can not understant (His/her own way)

So, now you are tired


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Why Poem

Poem, to some degree, is a way to express one's emtions/dreams/. That is true.

Take what we have in China for example, especially some folk songs (including some folk poems).

Our ancient Chinese people, created so many poems, ci poems (?) and rhymed proses, most of them are treated as oral literature, with strong national traits and local flavor. Let us have a birdview for a moment:

Directness, ardour, explicitness and forcefulness, are the the features of the northern.

Characterized by softness and smoothness, like sipping waters with the charm of folk literature tainted
with the sweet-sounding dialects (say, Ming, Catonese and etc), this is in the southern.

Just look at the popular music in China, and fewer and fewer autience to traditional poem. We will find
some answers to the present situation of poem.

Easy, fun, friendly and instructivce (including the enjoying of aesthetic feeling), all in all, poem is for the
people and by the people. When there is only poem-writer read each other's MASTERPIECES, then it will
profane itself in the end.


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Long Departure

Long Departure

In spring you left and winter is now here;

In vain I've missed you for the whole year.

"It's hard to see you just like getting flour from busk;

There's not a bit of news from you," I'll say to my dear.

Sample TextSample TextSample Text

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OK A poem

First, nice to meet you Derektian and Seclusive.  To answer Derek's question, I am living as a poet, not as a professor or lecturer, but just as a poet.  However, I have an independent income, because poetry is not a well-paying vocation.

In English, modern poetry is about rhythm, cadence, images, and evocative emotions such as beauty, shock, hate, love, surprise, admiration, etc.  So, here is a modern style poem about the Changes at Hong Kong International Airport since they took Kai Tak away and built a modern airport.

Hong Kong

How glitzy, and the rail is so modern, but Kai Tak is gone.

You could always tell a first timer on the flight into Kai Tak,
white-faced, eyes forward, the body rigid with terrror,

747 at rooftop level, screaming over Harbor Junks
500 kilometers per hour into downtown Hong Kong City

deplaning into wet heat, the noise of millions and the sudden
(Oh, it used to hit hard) smells, HK was rich in olfactory assault.

(I know some triad looked to sell that smell)

Everyone hurried everywhere, capitalism bled into your very soul.

Now it looks like SFO, or NRT.  HKI has Starbucks and KFC,
Modern Trains and bribery lines (sorry: customs and immigration)
Look at your passport not your wallet, they never mention fines.

Well, the English have all gone, and the locals need to find another style.

(龙诗人  Longshiren, copyright 2005).
LSR.  龙诗人  or  龍詩人
A crater on the planet Mercury is named 李白. (Li Bai)

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Great minds sound alike!

Hi, Long Shiren,

I am very glad to meet you here and thanks for your instructive and thoughtful poem posted here.

I agree and admire your decision on poem PLOT but not living by it.

In this noisy and money-oriented world, the sound of silver (we Chinese always like using this to prefer money) dealing fills every corner of this globe. If there are some places which are lucky to eschew this havoc , we can say the beings there are blessed.

As you mentioned above, What happened/ing is a better way to explain this world. Some would say we need comfortable and easy life, but the question is what is the standard for the life? Behind this kind of huge project , are there some other benefits or power?

living in this globe, to be or not to be, there is no better choice but follow or obey the order. However, to some of us, we are happy to know that there are still some green hills and pure water idling there.

BTW, we are looking forward to your more and meaningful poems to be posted here.


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No poem, let's enjoy some nice music


Here is a nice link for nice light music:

WWW.MV8.NET (Bandary)

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