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Asia's ugly duckling: Australia [Copy link] 中文

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Just statistics GD , no insults intended:)

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This thread borders on racism.Anyone reading the original article would think Australia is the worst country in the region.
Human rights?Does not have such a good record like China, but is it that bad.
Economically?Maybe not as good as Bangladesh,but not bad.
Environment?Not as clean as India or China, but you can still drink the water.
Acceptance of other cultures?Perhaps we do not treat our Chinese as good as Malaysia does.They never discriminate university places and businesses against the Chinese.Just ask our Lord Mayor John Soh and the many Malay Cinese living in Australia.
There was a mention of treatment of Aborigines.Yes there is a problem.No doubt.It is a complicated one.Yes there was mainstream discrimination of indigenous people with terrible consequences.Now it is not so open but subtle in some areas.The relatively poor health of Aborigines is due to 2 things.1.Where they live 2.Personal lifestyle choice.
1.The ones in far flung places do suffer from being simply too far from proper facilities.As the ones in the city do not have such a bad health problem.
2.If you drink too much and have bad eating habits your health suffers.Its personal choice.
Everyone knows of the history of natives who have been invaded or colonised.people come in and take away the traditional beliefs and replace it with nothing,these people for the next few generations fall down.There has been an attempt to compensate with extra welfare payments e.g.Cheap Loans, Higher unemplyment benefits,Tertiary schooling alowance all not available to non Indigenous Australians.But ofcourse nothing beats a proper family environment and a job,for ones welfare.The same thing will happen to planet Earth and all of us if we were colonised by some Aliens with different customs etc.I can see drink and drug use go up if that happens.
So is Australia with all its faults headed for disaster.I do not think so.So do all other Asians.They are not stupid.There is a big demand to come here and study.I know from relatives in Shaghai.Let alone come here and live.

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Mr. Howard!

Wow! The Prime MInister of Australia! Wow!

Well, a well endowed nations such as Australia definately will attract a lot of "Red Eyes" attack by rival nation propaganda officials.....

Green Dragon
Game Master

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Silent achievers in China save lives the world over

Originally posted by christopher_104 at 2006-11-25 21:58
We in the UK , EU and the USA  hold fast to our unbreakable alliance with our friends in Australia.
I actually like Australians and even admire their technology, yes for a small country they have  ...

From then tenor set by Christopher_104, it would seem all good things and inventions come from Anglo Saxons. Chinese as mere beneficiaries of the acheivements of Anglo inventions achievements. The Nobel Price was set up by Alfred Nobel, a Norwegian and not an Anglo.

China went through a tumultuous period when predatory colonialism from the Anglos nearly killed off our culture. That was followed by the Japanese war against the Chinese. The Anglos, especially the English and the white Australians were some of the main culprits.

The achievements of the Chinese is both impressive and laudable. Many live today because of Chinese science. when Western science fail and Malaria becomes resistant to Western medicine, our Chinese silent-achievers went about to work, and work, and work. And we found the cure which is much more effective.

When the likes of Christopher_104 trumpet their countrymen’s achievements, jockey for global acknowledgements and money. We Chinese are just glad we saved all those lives in the third world countries. Since these are herbal medicines, we Chinese do not apply for patents, which would make Christopher_104's people rather rich.

There is nothing the ilkes of Christopher_104 and Emucentral can offer. They are irrelevant and they can be arrogant and conceited only if you pay attention to them. Ignore these ilks and none of their arrogance and conceit will matter one iota. Just bear in mind this is a very typical English and Australian trait. You don't see French, Germans or Russians talk like that. You don't often see Americans talk like that either.

China, thank-you! Keep up the good work. :)

Chinese herb alleviates rheumatoid arthritis

DALLAS, TEXAS. Extracts of the roots of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F (TwHF) have been used for centuries in China to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis, eczema, scleroderma, and other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Originally, a hot water extract of the plant was used, but this approach had many adverse effects. In the 1970s two new extracts were developed; one is an ethyl acetate extract while the other, now known as T2, is a chloroform-methanol extract.

One randomized, double-blind trial involving 70 patients with RA compared the effect of 20 mg of T2 taken three times daily with a placebo. Approximately 90 per cent of the patients treated with T2 experienced significant improvement. Trials involving several hundred patients with SLE have shown significant beneficial effects of T2 and a much reduced need for prednisone. Favourable results have also been reported in the treatment of systemic sclerosis and various kidney disorders.

Tao, Xuelian, et al. A phase I study of ethyl acetate extract of the Chinese antirheumatic herb Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F in rheumatoid arthritis. Journal of Rheumatology, Vol. 28, October 2001, pp. 2160-67

Chinese herb proves effective against malaria

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM. It is estimated that about two million people die every year from malaria. Since 1981 between 20 and 40 million people have died from the disease - this compares to about 2.5 million deaths caused by the AIDS virus in the same period. Malaria is caused by a parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, and is usually treated with quinine or quinidine.

Unfortunately, it appears that P. falciparum is developing resistance to quinine making this drug less effective.

Chinese scientists discovered 25 years ago that extracts from the herb qinghaosu (wormwood) are highly effective in treating malaria. These extracts have been used in China and Vietnam for several years as an alternative to quinine.

Now teams of Vietnamese and Dutch researchers report that the wormwood extract artemether is as effective as quinine in treating severe malaria in adults and cerebral malaria in children. As a matter of fact, the artemether cleared the parasites from the blood quicker than did quinine and resulted in significantly lower mortality rate. So far the quinine-resistant parasites have only surfaced in Asia, but they are expected to become established in Africa within five years and at that time malaria deaths in Africa are estimated to rise to seven million a year.

Dr. Piero Olliaro of the Tropical Diseases Research Program in Geneva believes that the use of artemether could avert the crisis, but that people in Africa may not be able to afford the $20 cost of the treatment that could save their lives. Dr. Olliaro goes on to say that "drug firms have been slow to develop artemether, because they cannot apply for patents on a drug that is already used in traditional Chinese medicine...."

Van Hensbroek, Michael Boele, et al. A trial of artemether or quinine in children with cerebral malaria. New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 335, No. 2, July 11, 1996, pp. 69-75
Tinh Hien, Tran, et al. A controlled trial of artemether or quinine in Vietnamese adults with severe falciparum malaria. New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 335, No. 2, July 11, 1996, pp. 76-83
Hoffman, Stephen L. Artemether in severe malaria - still too many deaths. New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 335, No. 2, July 11, 1996, pp. 124-25
Day, Michael. Malaria falls to herbal remedy. New Scientist, July 13, 1996, p. 4

Ancient Chinese herb rediscovered

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND. The World Health Organization has come out in support of the use of wormwood extract (from the qinghao plant) in the fight against malaria. Malaria affects over 250 million people and kills over 2 million children annually in the tropical world.

The use of qinghao for medicinal purposes was first reported in 168 B.C. In the early 70's Chinese scientists rediscovered the herb and by 1979 they had conducted extensive clinical studies which proved its effectiveness in combatting malaria. Western pharmaceutical companies have now spent 13 years in trying to synthezise the active component of wormwood.

Their synthetic product has yet to undergo human testing with the result that this life-saving drug is still not available outside of China and Vietnam. The Chinese have proven the efficacy and safety of wormwood for over 2000 years; yet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration still classifies it as dangerous.

The Lancet, March 14, 1992, pp. 649-50

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Welcome Johnny.

Dear christopher,

What do all those fine graphs prove ? The Chinese standard of living has jumped by leaps and bounds over the past 25 years ; from the stereotype destination for famine relief  to the world's largest manufacturer. The Chinese dress and eat better, they have education and medical care and their life expectancy is way up at the top of the graph with the best in the world. Who is complaining ? Pure dollar numbers are not a suitable measure of happiness.

Welcome to johnnyhoward ,  You have chosen a grand entrance, well done. A feisty and combative Aussie larrikan, taking no prisoners , what what ? Good on you mate. Your sarcasm permeated through your very first post. The line in the sand and the battle demarcation no less.

I always admire the old colonial boy attitude : give no quarters and ask for none. Welcome to the fray.:)

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"I thought it was Japan. Now, I know... the ugy duckling is Australia, and the monster is Japan."

So...who is the PIG of asia? I have some ideas...

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thanks for the welcome Mengzhi.Hopefully we all learn from each other and get along.We may even disagree sometimes.Suprise,supriseHopefully I can add something.This will be interesting times.

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