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Single Sisterhood " wild single girls inside " [Copy link] 中文

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name; brianzhang,
occupation:plastic mould project engineer,
weight: I'm 56 kilogram last year,63  now,I don't know what will happen next year?
hight:sorry ,this is my defect ,i feel so shy to say that,I 'm 169cm.
province; i'm from chongqing china,have stuided at nanjing ,jiangshu,now wprking at zhuhai,it seem that I 'm a nomad,yeah ,I really like that,
like; yeah ,I 'm fromchongqing,you know chongqing guyz like spicy dishes very much,ESP hotpot,besides  eating things,I like read chinese classics,such as dream of red mansion,three country novel,..................................,of course ,music is my favorite, brian's mary cary,well,I like classical music more,blue is okay, BLUE ONE IN LOVE is my hero too, okay ,<one love> is their track,hehe,soccer is my sport too, I like as much as my rice, Ac MILAn is my dream team,and you ? spook!
Dislike, I don't find something sick,
my motto : more money ,more work,

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Sure, I've put all this stuff up before anyway, I'll play.

username: Duh, it's to the left, I'm the one writing this.
M/F: F
age: 35
province: Beijing now (America until now)

height: 5'5" - oh right, you freaks from the rest of the world use the metric system - 165cm
weight: 58kg

occupation / studies:  private tutor

likes: tea, chocolate, drawing, painting, shooting/editing video, learning chinese & learning about chinese things, my son

dislikes: coffee, materialistic people,  cleaning house, cooking every day, when my son wears eyeliner
(I think the 'dislikes' just got rid of a bunch of guys, that's ok, they gotta know)

something about you in your own words: What can I say? I came here to China for all the hot chinese guys. What?!? i heard that's why all the white guys come here, for the chinese girls! Ok, ok.... Guys who blow boogies out half their nose in public need not apply. Guys who only want sex need not apply. Only those with intelligence, wit, silliness, and honesty need apply. Am I in for a LONG year in China?
I am not rich.  :L

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ohh..ohh...I won't miss this one...great fun XDDD

M/F: F
province: in which a wild panda was firstly found by a french preacher in China...good job
weight:..56 kg according to certain healthy test i'm perfectly...perfectly fit!....
occupation / studies:uni studentin
likes: metal/rock/classical/opera/folk/new age/electro-
art/creating art/illustrations/martial art/  talking a lot/ mind torturing  
ladies with green eyes and black hair, man with dark eyes and black loooong hair....and when hot guys wear make-up and eyeliner...just make them hotter! hah...

dislikes: hip-hop, rap, pop, punk, jazz, country music, soul music/ manga, soap operas, affectional film, copycat, idiot, ranter, whiner, barbarian, narrow minded, football(and football players), basketball(and basketball players), guys with curl hair, girls with dyed blonde hair, propagandizing, preaching, spaming, the smell of smoke, fast food, mah-jong(made me sick), mimic westernized buildings in China, fakes! tacky qipao on girls showing their thighs---zhang yi mou's lap dance, distorted "culture"(Christmas in china for e.g.) darn...the whole cd forum's not enough to list them all!

something about you in your own words: paranoid, freak, expressive, cold, passionate, reasonable...... obsessive...why I sign up here....I just love filling all kinds of blank-filling-obsessive!...

should I mention sexual preference?

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like a net club, haha
I am VIP
Very Important Pig

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M/F: secret!
age: another secret!
province: earth!
height: wouldnt i like to know...
weight: fat enough to kill
occupation / studies: to be determiend by a coin
likes: YOU!
dislikes: YOU!!!!!
something about you in your own words: me no ingrish
In college alone and I am loving it. ^^

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age: old enough
occupation / studies:Accountant
something about you in your own words: I really like good corn.

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something about me.

username: Kossutin

M/F: Male

age: 23

province: Shanghai

height: 174cm

weight: 69kg-77kg    -strange, isn't it?

occupation / studies:  electronics engineering

likes: Music especially metal/rock/rockabilly/psychobilly/classical,  throwing other ppl and get throwed.  Generally I like sports. There are some other things I like, but can't remember now.

dislikes: almost everything else i don't like oh.. and I hate arrogant and ignorant ppl

something about you in your own words: hehe.. looking for truth and I'm hoping I never find it. And I'm not chinese yet, I need a bit color to my skin and need to learn chinese first

[ Last edited by kossutin at 2006-11-14 08:55 AM ]
Waiting for summer :)

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