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How do I find a song I like but don't know the name of? [Copy link] 中文

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I want to buy 2 CD's. I don't know what they're called or the names of the artists. On the of chance someone here HAS the same CD, you might recognize it from my horrible description and tell me what it is.

Here's what I DO know:

The first CD is a mix of currently popular songs. Track #9 is that song that goes (I know my words are wrong, it's what it sounds like to me) .."Mei li de shang hai..... tade mingzi.... blah blah blah blah blah........... ... ... something - song gei ni....." It's like, everywhere. I've heard it played in food stores, guys walking down the street singing it, etc.
Track #10 sounds like American "black music" (sorry, don't know what else to call it), like R&B maybe. The guy sounds black, I don't know what he is, but it's clearly about love. He says "ai bu ai ni" and some other " -- bu -- ni" things and "baby" a lot. Int he beginning he whispers "something - gaosu ni" all sexy.

I don't want those two songs, but I hear them the most. WHat I WANT is track #11 - I cannot describe it well, but the guy sings all breathy. It's slow & nice, and sounds kind of... different to me.

I know, you're all going to tell me to go into a store and sing the songs & hope they know what I'm singing and give me the right thing. Yes, I've thought of that and come close to doing it, but I sing horribly so I thought I'd try here first before being permanently self-banned from my local CD shop. (I'd walk out with a red face and no CD's and never want to go back)

Does anyone know a mix CD with those tracks 9,10, 11?

(oh, the 2nd CD I'd want is of just the guy on #11, because I want to know if I'd like more of his stuff)
I am not rich.  :L

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Hi freakiqi

I experienced the same thing before. I dont know if in Beijing there is a night market (vendors in the street) in those places is more easy to get it.
There are a lot of chinese songs that i found soo good to my ears but i dont know how to buy it, so when i go to this places, the vendors have all kind of cds, video songs, and also songs for karaoke and they do the demo in tv as u like or you choose it. Well one night i was standing for half hour trying to identified the singer or the songs until they played, (well. most of this places plays popular songs very often) so i told them that it's what i like it and they show me and played most of the songs of the cd, finally i got it.
Or if you have some chinese friends let them know and they can email you, some of my friends in office download the songs from internet, it is very convenient too.

Good luck


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track No. 10

Singer罗大佑(Luo Dayou): 上海之夜?

Beginning with: "rouqing wanzhong, bense nangai, yanzhi nei de ni neng lijie de xionghuai"?

And ending with: "meili de shanghai"?

It is really a hard job to decode your song. ^_^

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let me have a try

track# 9 should be Huang Pinyuan's Xiao Wei (黄品源, 小薇), a popular song which spread from 2002? The lyric should be "You yige meili de xiao nvhai, ta de mingzi jiao zuo xiao wei...)

track#10 Ling Dian Yue Dui's Ai bu ai wo ? (零点乐队 爱不爱我) "ni daodi ai bu ai wo, wo buzhi gai shuo xie shenme..." Am I correct?

track#11 Any clue? Just try to give us some words and maybe we can help.

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Yay! One down....

Ok!!! OGGYJJ is correct on #9! Hooray! I searched it and that was the song! I knew it wasn't "SHanghai" like the city, because I jokingly said to someone the first time I heard it, "I think he really likes Shanghai." and the person laughed and told me no, he's not talking about Shanghai, he's talking about a girl!" I think that's what he said, it was all chinese, but I got the hint it wasn't the city.

SIMBA - ALthough your attempt was not correct, I did look up the guy you mentioned and he's very interesting! So thank you for expanding my knowledge and idea of chinese music.

TRACK #10 - Nope, not it, sorry. But thanks for trying. The song I mean is faster & sounds like american R&B.

TRACK #11 - HAHAHAHAHA OGGYJJ, you make me laugh! Tell you some words! Ha! Remember, I thought 黄品源 was saying Shanghai was beautiful.

I just listened to a few seconds each of almost 300 songs. Who sings these? 小眼睛的姑娘, 不要再来伤害我, 最动听,  They all sound sort of like his voice. Maybe I can look up those guys and find the song that way, if one of them is him.

His voice is very light and wispy, and two lines rhyme like this:
Something something blah blah blah beibei...
Something else blah blah mei....
I am not rich.  :L

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