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GM's hydrogen-fuel-cell powered car in China [Copy link] 中文

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Congratulations to GM.

Yes indeed, GM's hydrogen-fuel-cell powered car is the dawn of a sustainable and regenerable energy source for cars. Best news coming out of China this year!

China can produce hydrogen in areas which have an abundance of geothermal- or solar-power. The hydrogen can be transported to factories which manufacture hydrogen fuel cells, or, why not co-locate manufacturing plants for H2-fuel-cells in the same areas? This is arguably less dangerous than transporting petrol on our roads.

China can really give the technology a kick-start if the Chinese government buys H2-fuel-cells powered bikes, cars or vans. The local government can put them to productive use for post offices, for police city patrols, for taxis and buses etc.

Another good way to popularize H2-fuel-cells is to ban petrol powered cars from the city centres. Beijing is plluted enough already. People who want their own transport can either hire one at the edge of the city or buy one themselve.

Way to go, China.

So there's some live and innovation left in GM after all...:)


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So how does an H2 fuel cell work

One of the most polluting component of a car is its lead-acid battery. Can you imagine the countryside polluted with old, discarded Pb H2SO4 batteries?

Here is how the H2 fuel cell works in principle:

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Originally posted by cestmoi at 2006-11-7 12:48
GM's hydrogen-fuel-cell powered car in China

Good news.
Hopefully an implementation of this in China, will get other governments & companies to think more positively about use of Fuel Cells.

I remember, from my high school chemistry/physics days, that fuel cells can create a large amount of current on re-combining oxygen and hydrogen to create water and electricity.

Fuel cells are almost perfect, no pollution and a high conversion efficiency ratio is theoretically possible.

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is it steep!!!!!!
always be OK
always be Great

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any info about the straw-fuel engine cars?
crop stalks and straw in China are plentiful.
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bio-fuel and bio-diesel

Amy, you are probably referring to bio-fuel.

We can produce ethanol from most farm detritus, including straw. We can mix 10% ethanol with 90% octane petrol and most modern cars will run efficiently without any modifications. This mixture will actually stabilize the high compression ratio of modern cars. On the other hand, the mixture will raise the fuel consumption marginally, about 3 to 4%. However, we need to modify car components to tolerate a 25% ethanol mixture because ethanol is corrosive. Brazil uses a 25% ethanol and 75% petrol mixture for cars. Therefore the technology is proven.

Yes, we should use bio-fuel, preferably bio-diesel.

Yes, we can produce ethanol from farm detritus, including straw, the issue is whether the process is efficient. But producing ethanol from straws is a rather inefficient process. The input costs more than what we can get from the output.

Beyond that, we need to ask ourselve whether it is the most efficient use of China's farm lands to produce crops for generating fuel. Straws can be used for mulching.

I argue that it is less polluting and more efficient to use hydrogen fuel cells. The hydrogen can be produced in areas rich in geothermal- or solar-power. The energy can be used to produce hydrogen.

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A cooperative effort is needed

Originally posted by emucentral at 2006-11-7 13:42
Hopefully an implementation of this in China, will get other governments & companies to think more positively about use of Fuel Cells ...

China is an emerging economy with a growing middle class. Like Americans and Australians, we like to buy our homes and cars. Therein lies the conundrum: if our middle class behaves like Americans and Australians, then the world will run short of natural resources soon.

What to do?

We need to stretch the existing know reserves of crude oil and we  need new technology, such as hydrogen fuel cell technology, e.g. PEM. Not just China, but all nations need to embrace new energy sources. Australia, including your home state of Victoria, is doing just that by using solar- and wind-power.

That said, need I point out that there are opportunities there. Just spot the emerging high-tech companies and buy in.

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