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Life on other Planets [Copy link] 中文

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For a very interesting book (novel) about life on other planets, religion, and morality, try "The Sparrow" by Mary Doria Russell.

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Mr. thunderbird when I said that i was bothered by this topic, i didn't mean that all the time I always think about this. :) But all I meant was that I am interested in this topic since my childhood. And I really want to know more and more and want to gain more knowledge in this regard. Even I really liked tv series like "Star Trek" and "Earth 2". So I even don't wanna miss a single thing on this topic.

This is what i meant by "bothered"  

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Originally posted by ahmadi at 2006-11-5 06:08
Mr. thunderbird when I said that i was bothered by this topic, i didn't mean that all the time I always think about this. :) But all I meant was that I am interested in this topic since my childhoo ...

Thank you for explaining.
I love science fiction movies and stories. I believe I must have watched at least 85% of all the science fiction Hollywood movies. For example, "The thing", "incredible Hulk", "star Trek", "planet Ape", "Time Machine". "Star war", "War of the Worlds", "Back to the Future" etc... They are all my favorites.

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Reply #17 thunderbird's post

Life is our planet everything on the planet nourishes life and or protects life this may include the whole universe as is everything here is nourishing or protecting life.

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Originally posted by thunderbird at 2006-11-4 03:42

There was a theory about aliens landed on earth thousands of years ago and our ancestors thought (mistaken them as) they were Gods from heaven (sky). It was a popular view in the 60s and 70s.

Dear thunderbird: ... &extra=page%3D1

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Hello plasmalupus you wrote

Originally posted by plasmalupus at 2006-11-4 06:37
Like a belief in GOD you only need faith that it exists even if there is no proof.   Faith does not equate to truth and fact.   

First of all I would like to inform you that belief in God is not a dumb belief which have no proof. And, if God please, then I will try to proof it even by this topic. Then you also said

Originally posted by plasmalupus at 2006-11-4 06:37
I feel that given the vast size of the universe, the numbers of stars, planets, galaxies, etc. there is a high probability that life elsewhere "should" exist.

It means that at least you believe that this universe is of vast size. Now I would like to inform you that God has said in Holy Quran

[67:4] Who has created seven heavens in harmony. No incongruity canst thou see in the creation of the Gracious God. Then look again. Seest thou any flaw?

[67:5] Aye, look again, and yet again, thy sight will only return unto thee confused and fatigued, having seen no incongruity.

Note:- 67:5 means 67th chapter of Holy Quran and 5th verse of this chapter

These verses clearly saying that see this whole universe and think. You will find only one creator of this whole universe and you will never find any flaw or incongruity. If this universe has been made itself or just by CHANCE, then you must have seen or find some flaw or incongruity but most of the times you have seen a lot of flaws. Or another possibility have also been answered in these verses that if this whole universe has been created by more than one gods, then definitely rules of every god should have to be different with another one and we may have seen a lot of incongruity in this universe. But we don’t find any flaw or incongruity in this universe it clearly means that this whole universe has been created by THE ONE GOD. And this universe also can’t be make itself or just by CHANCE, why?

Because the things which are made just by CHANCE, mostly they are not perfect. Some of the people believe that this universe was created just by chance and they also try to prove it through science. But God says that all those things that happens just by chance, they don't have such an order in them. Different colors are used together to make a picture. If we just throw the paints on a paper, will they ever make a picture? Houses are made of bricks, but if we just throw the bricks in a pile, will they form a house? It is true that sometimes some of the things are made by chance, but a close analysis of the universe clearly refutes this 'by chance' theory. All right, for a moment, if we believe that matter was created by chance, and this world also came into being by chance, I will ask the readers to study deeply the creation of human beings, Is it possible that such a perfect being was created by chance? See the stars, the planets, sun etc. and then the creation of day and night. Every thing just fits so nicely in a finely woven net, doesn't that orderliness speaks of a powerful creator?

Even in this world we can easily judge the power and wisdom of a creator of anything by closely examining his creation. A good picture is painted by an excellent painter, a powerful computer is made by an intelligent team of researchers. Looking at the orderliness of any things tells us that how intelligent its creator is. God has given to every being an appropriate body and shape, so that it can sustain itself. God kept the food for trees in earth, therefore he gave roots to the trees, so that they can get their food. God made flesh as food for tiger, therefore He gave strong nails and teeth to the tiger, so that it can kill its prey and eat it. God made grass as food for horses and camels, therefore He gave them long neck, so they can graze it. God created lungs for human beings, therefore He also created air, so that they can breath. Human beings depend on water, so God created Clouds, so that they can take water to them. Such an enormous and perfect order could never have been created just by chance? Only a super-being could do it.

The probability of life originating from an accident is comparable to the probability of Unabridged Dictionary resulting from an explosion in the print factory

Sir Fred Hoyle: Author of The black cloud: “The spontaneous formation by ‘chance’ of a working enzyme is like a hurricane blowing through a junkyard and spontaneously putting together a Boeing 747”

And this is exactly what is pointed out by GOD in above verses. I mean this book is 1400 years old and 1400 years old book is saying to man that look again and again but you will never find any flaw or incongruity in this universe. A man of 1400 years had limited knowledge. But even according to their knowledge this universe was perfect. I mean sun always rise from east and set to west and so on. But even for the man of 21st century this is also a challenge. Nowadays scientists are really amazed that how this perfect universe was created? And there is not even a single flaw in the whole vast universe.

Even if any black hole is destroyed anywhere in the universe, it has a limited power to destroy things. I mean if you have read physics then you may know that when atom bomb blows it will never stop but continue to blow because it is destroying atoms, and atoms are everywhere. So to make atom bomb limited, scientists also have to do something to make or define its range (I mean this is very complicated process and can’t be explain over here, any reader can read it online from any search) but who told that black hole which is already destroying but to destroy to a certain limit? I mean black hole has a massive power and it is created when different stars are destroyed so you can imagine how powerful even a single black hole is. But when that black hole is destroyed who stops that black hole to destroy this whole universe? There must be a supreme power which not only has made this universe but also always looking and taking care of this universe. And that is God.

God said that

[57:5] He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods, then He settled Himself on the Throne. He knows what enters the earth and what comes out of it, and what comes down from the heaven and what goes up into it. And He is with you wheresoever you may be. And Allah sees all that you do.

Over here “He settled Himself on the Throne” means that when he created heavens and earth then He didn’t sit idle but settled Himself on the Throne to manage them or to witness over them. In world or in universe, whatever work or thing happens automatically, it is being done by uncountable Angels who are managing them because God has ordered them to do it and they are supervised by God. .

enters the earth and what comes out of it ---  from earth something always comes out and enter into it. There are some vapors which are send back to the surface of earth. But there are some Radioactive and Magnetic rays which go high and go out of earth. In the same way Meteors and some radioactive waves always drift to earth. Researches are going on but still today after knowing a lot, scientists don’t know about some rays or nature of some rays which drift towards earth from space. No body can even think of this 1400 years ago at the time of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

God also said about this universe that it is perfect or in balance or in measure

[55:8] And the heaven He has raised high and set up the measure,

The whole universe is subject to one uniform law and all its constituent parts unite to form a glorious harmony of structure of motion. If this harmony or equilibrium between different things is in the least disturbed, the whole universe would fall to pieces. But God has kept all the laws that regulate the world under His exclusive control, beyond the reach of man.

To be continued……………….

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And now talking about the vast size of universe and also about how far humanity will reach? This is also already have been told by God in Holy Quran more than 1400 years ago.
God has said in Holy Quran

[55:34] O company of jinn and men! if you have power to break through the confines of the heavens and the earth, then break through them. But you cannot break through save with authority.

The verse has been variously interpreted. According to one interpretation the scientists and philosophers, who are proud of the great advance they have made in the material sciences, have been told that they cannot, however great advance they might make in knowledge and science, so completely comprehend all the laws of nature governing the universe as to acquire their complete mastery. Try as they might, the will fail in their quest.

In this verse “company of jinn and men” has been said. People think that Jinn is something another creature which have super powers and which can fly etc. although this is not the exact the meaning of Jinn. So what is a Jinn? This is a vast topic and I don’t want to explain it over here. But if somebody still think of Jinn to be some another kind of creature which can fly, but again 1400 years ago no body can even think that “men” will try to break through the confines of the heavens and the earth. Over here one thing is noticeable that “confines of the earth” has not been said but “confines of the heaven and the earth” has been said. “But you cannot break through save with authority” mean they will try but will only succeed by logical inference but with body it would be impossible. This is also what we see now. Scientists, because of their logical inference, know the information of 18 billion light years away from earth but with body this is impossible for them to reach there.

[55:36] There shall be sent against you a flame of fire, and molten copper; and you shall not be able to help yourselves.

Astronauts when try to go out to the space, they face flame of fire and a kind of molten copper etc.  And there is no doubt that until scientists do not prepare to save themselves against this kind of flame of fire, they can’t make their journey safe.

Now talking about how far can humanity go in this space? This has also been told by All-Knowing and All-Aware God in Holy Quran. God has said

[37:7] We have adorned the lowest heaven with an adornment - the planets;
[37:8] And have guarded it against all rebellious satans.
[37:9] They cannot listen to anything from the Exalted Assembly of angels - and they are pelted from every side,

In these verses, the system of this universe has also been discussed. It is said that earth’s atmosphere destroys several kinds of Meteors in the atmosphere and don’t let them to the surface of earth. And when it is burned, we can see a fire or tail of fire. And it is also said by God that a time will come when man will try to get information of this universe, which even no body can imagine at the time of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). But man, who would be sitting in safe rockets, won’t be able to go more far than lowest heaven. But they will only be able to reach to the lowest or nearest heaven.

Now plasmalupus or anybody just tells me that this is a book of 1400 years old. But who told all of these kind of prophecies and science to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)? There have to be some All-Knowing and All-Aware God who knows everything which happened, is happening, and will happen and that God told these things to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). God has said that

[72:27] He is the Knower of the unseen; and He reveals not His secrets to anyone,
[72:28] Except to a Messenger of His whom He chooses. And then He causes an escort of guarding angels to go before him and behind him,

To read more on this topic, you can read following book, especially its Part IV and V.

Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth  

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