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Is posting on the BBS a cure for insomnia? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by tmphgt at 2006-10-18 06:11
Well, if you cannot sleep, is coming here a good way to spend the time? Some people post at 3:30am onwards in their local time, which seems a bit crazy!

If I cannot sleep, I would prefer to do s ...

In order to treat Insomnia, the root of the problem has to be identified.

I have a staff who was afraid (overly stressed) to go to sleep because She was suffering from Sleep Apnea. She attended our local sleep clinic and received treatments. I think she is doing ok now.

Just in case people don't know what is "sleep Apnea", I have copied and pasted an excerpt from the following site: ... ThIgCFQ9LPgodHH6bHA

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea falls into the Hyperinsomnia category and occurs when the muscles at the base of the throat relax during sleep, resulting in loud snoring and labored breathing. When complete blockage of the airway occurs, breathing stops or is impaired so drastically that the individual is prevented from reaching the deeper stages of sleep, resulting in extreme daytime drowsiness.

Causes or contributing factors of sleep apnea are the usage of alcohol or sedatives before sleep, anatomically narrower airways and enlarged tonsils or adenoids. If the condition becomes serious enough the individual may develop pulmonary hypertension which then may lead to failure of the right side of the heart (myocarditis).

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Since I am at it, I might as well post another excerpt from the same site. Please check the site if you are interested in full text.

The clinical definition of a sleeping disorder is a disruptive pattern of sleep that may include difficulty falling or staying asleep, falling asleep at inappropriate times, excessive total sleep time, or abnormal behaviors associated with sleep. There are over 100 different sleeping/waking disorders have been identified and for every one there is a different causation.

There are four basic categories that each sleeping disorder can be put into: insomnia, hypersomnia, sleep disruptive disorders, and basic trouble with adhering to a normal sleep pattern. Some symptoms of having a sleeping disorder are: difficulty in falling asleep, daytime drowsiness, loud snoring, fatigue, depression, anxiety and lower leg movements during sleep.

Common Sleeping Disorders


Insomnia is not considered a disease, as are some sleeping disorders, but it does affect 25% of the population occasionally, 10% as a chronic problem, and is the most common sleeping disorder of them all. Everyone experiences sleepless nights occasionally for various reasons, but chronic insomnia means that the brain is not getting enough rest, on a consistent basis, which can lead to greater problems.

Insomnia includes any combination of difficulty with falling asleep, staying asleep, intermittent wakefulness, and early-morning awakening. Some things that can cause or contribute to insomnia include: illness, depression, anxiety, stress, poor sleeping environment, caffeine, abuse, alcoholism, heavy smoking, physical discomfort, daytime napping, certain medical conditions, and other sleeping habits like going to bed early, and excessive time spent awake in bed.

Consistent insomnia can result in reduced energy level, irritability, disorientation, dark circles under the eyes, posture changes and fatigue.

It is important to consult with your family doctor to assess the causes of such disorder. Don't ignore it until it is too late for treatment.

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if you drink green tea with ginseng at night it can also be difficult to fall asleep   ;-]

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I have looked into my problem T-Bird and it seems I have established a short term rem sleep patern where I am fully refreshed after only four hours, which I think is good eccept that if I am awaken by my pager then I cannot return to rem sleep.
There are no Ugly women , only those with low self esteem .

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i voted no, if someone suffered insomnia, i think more sports/exercises like skating, jogging will work better.

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to #26

During the day, yes, doing more athletic activities will make you tired when it's time for bed. But if you exercise right before bed, you get your adrenaline flowing and it makes you less sleepy.

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ello socko :)
There are no Ugly women , only those with low self esteem .

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