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Virgin, so important? [Copy link] 中文

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I think the true love is the most important.
Don't feel shamefaced if you aren't a virgin.

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To me a virgin girl beats all the sex in the world. But that's because of the way I've been raised, the ideas that were put into my head when I was a babe by my parents or whoever. If I had a chance to live my life again I wouldn't live so innocent, but then again I didn't have a choice. None of us has a choice as to what we become until a certain age especially sexually.

I think I had a gay past. I have friends who have sex everyday with different gals both virgin and not (in fact some of them have lost count of how many virgins they've had) because of their lifestyle and their background/family/environment etc, and some even take regular HIV tests and are all negative. Dang those guys got to be the luckiest guys in the world way I see it.

But it's not fair to look at it one way, there's lots of virgin guys even more than girls out there who have been "taken advantage of" by girls and just because they're a minority everyone ignores them(I'm not one of them I just wish I had more sex when I was young coz of my beliefs). They feel very bad, I know I felt bad emotionally and dissapointed because of that.

Because of that whole thing I don't value anything really, not even myself as much as I once did, Encarta Encyclopedia 2004 says it's been found by phsycological studies that people look at the sexual activity throughout life, and from this either become happy or sad through their lives. It can be different for different people. Some are happy to be virgins and don't care if they don't find any, other aren't.

I wouldn't exactly call myself rich, maybe a bit spoilt, but I got almost everything I wanted when I was young, you could say I came from "an advantaged" family. But money is nothing. At the end of the day two things make you happy or not.

1. Having freedom to do what you want with your life.
2. Having people around you who you love in your life that you can show how you feel to.

Those two things are the most important and sexual activity falls under freedom. Which I didn't have much of lol.

Edit: I'd very much like to hear what the females have to say about this.

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Originally posted by xinwo88 at 2006-10-19 10:30
While I agree with you, I must still state that there is no right or wrong for others.  It is their choice, not mine to like what they like.

I agree.

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I don't get the whole "virgin sex is best" thing. They're awkward, they don't know what they're doing, they bleed sometimes, and after that, she's not a virgin anymore. What do you do then?

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The whole "virgin sex is best" thing is based on a tranditional concept dominating over that part of ancient cultures of the country that the most precious is sth that nobody else touched...! anything that's been used by someone else will automatically be lowered to the secondary level...which means lower in price and value..., just like the used cars...!

Now this kind of concept is undergoing great changes... no many people care if u are a virgin or not as long as u enjoy staying together...!

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I think the virginity have been existing in our mind caused by our Chinese 5000 years culture and the mind of feudalistic

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Seems to be a big deal to some girls

The boyfriend of a girl I knew once came to me laughing and telling everyone that he had already had sex with her. I am a foreigner so he thought it was funny. The girl was too upset and went away.

Another girl I know gave her self to her boyfriend and after that would not even think of any other man, even though she planned to wait 2 years until getting married. I think if a girl has that attitude she should wait until nearly married and think more and longer about her choice.

Now in China even university students marry each other. I think that is dangerous because university life is nothing like real life and most of there married time will be in real life, only a small time in Univeristy. Many will find their partner was great in university but will be useless in real life.

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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