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come on,pls don't fight here.the purpose we are here is to solve problem,not argue or fight,we MUST agree to differ.i don't mean to blame you guys,just tell you the reason.thanks

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Agree & Differ

Originally posted by alexcai at 2006-10-21 10:36
come on,pls don't fight here.the purpose we are here is to solve problem,not argue or fight,we MUST agree to differ.i don't mean to blame you guys,just tell you the reason.thanks

Dear Alexcai

I beg to differ.

1. It is either one agrees or one differs. I can't see how one can agree to differ. It is very fictitious to falsifying to agree to differ (agree yet to differ?) which is very hypocritical.

2. I am not fighting nor quarrelling with aleryoung. I am just telling him to give due respect to a fellow being, & not to use such expletives on a female. Yes, I used expletives & sarcasm too. I want him to know how come_on felt while reading his attack on her.

She has a right to mix freely. If the Chinese males can't speak good & proper English to meet her goal to learn th elanguage better, you can only praise, admire & respect her for finding ways & means to do so.

This is in no way looking down upon fellow Chinese. The fact is she probably  can't find appropriate Chinese who speak English well. She  has a rice bowl to fill.  She is working in a environment of  westerners. I ask you what you would do if you are in her situation?

She is also frank & matured to ask for help. Instead of coming up with possible solutions, comrade aleryong denounced her chastity inclusive.

This is not fighting nor being a gentleman. This is to eradicate social mongers who is trying to create racial disharmony & jealousy. If aleryoung is now with several English-speaking women now, would he have said the very same things??????

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thanks for posting

to ehoeho
I was kinda touching after reading your messages, I am very grateful for your kind comments. From your word, I totally agree with your ideas towards practising spoken english, in fact, the main purpose i entered that chatting room is that I want to practise my listening skill when  chinese speak in english becoz  i have an english exam which contains speaking test, and in this section, 2  or 3 candidates may be given some topics for testing their speaking skill, therefore, I am looking for a chinese partner to improve my understanding towards their speaking style, but unfortunately, i have found no one so far...that is why i appeared in such chatting room where offers chinese to speak english..anyway, I do not mind any one's comment here, including those impolite ppl, they have rights to say, it is not under my control, lol...but thank you for your kind FIGHTING for me, I really appreciate your action.

to Alexcai
also thanks for your comment, but it would be better if you give me some suggestions regarding my

to aleryong
it is not wise for you to say something in that impolite way, you thought it showed that you are good at english when you said that to me?? reversely, i consider you as a non-caliber one, if you are chinese, i would say you are sucks!!!

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Re echoecho,
      above all,thanks for your elaborate explanation about my stupid thread,i really apologize for that.besides,i admire your english is great,i understand some words in your thread with tools,maybe sometimes i express my idea with wrong words or phrase etc,because of my english with lots of problems.pls forgive me.even though i claim "agree to differ",actually,i can't do that sometimes.but i've been trying to do that,at least sometimes i will keep my shirt on.thank you.echoecho.
Re come_on,
     my suggestion is to be patient.just like learning english need lots of time to be seasoned with culture shock,different thinking ways,etc,like singapore has its own character,named singlish,so does china.thank you.

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