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Originally posted by tongluren at 2006-9-29 10:50
Research is controlled by those who have access to money.  The professors who attract grants, the big name scientist in the corporation that run the technology departments - they control how the mo ...

Are you answering my question? Cos that's not what I'm talking about.
Here, if you discover something that contradicts commonly held belief, you can go to the scientific forums (real forums not internet forums) and tell them, then the scientists there will debate about it and adopt your theory if they think it makes sense.

Is it like that in China? If you say something that Chinese scientists do not believe, will they consider your idea or ignore you?

I read this scientific journal about some Westerner psychologists who visited China and conducted studies on depression in China, then spoke with Chinese psychologists. The Chinese psychologists still hold the believe that depression (they didn't even think depression exists, they called it headache instead of depression) is purely caused by chemical problems and not social problems, which is an old belief that had been abolished in the Western psychology a long time ago, and they diagnosed the patients using the old system. The Western psychologists later diagnosed the patients properly with severe depression but the Chinese psychologists sharply rejected it. This was back in 1983. I wonder if China is still like that today?

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So if it is newer, it is true?  If it comes from the West, it must be better?  

Sometimes I really wonder, what sort of education or psychology would cause such defective thinking in so many Chinese who moved to the West.  These jia yang gui zi totally reject what it is to be Chinese.

It is ironic though, since the world is learning that China has a lot to contribute, and China's ancient ways are the right ways.  Yet jia yang gui zi persist, and they insist that all Chinese must follow in their footsteps and reject all things traditional, or risk being irrelevant.  

It is the jia yang gui zi who are irrelevant in this 21st century.  

Look, if you are still not in China, China probably don't need you anyway.  So stay where you are and be happy that China is moving forward, progressing post haste.  There is no need for you to worry your silly little mind about the Chinese scientific community - the Chinese scientific community is doing rather well, thank you very much.

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You still haven't answered my question and instead talked about irrelevant issues (that's one type of Chiese I would not like to work with ). Or maybe my question was too general. In that case let me ask you this instead

What about yourself? What's your occupation? And if (hypothetically) you find out there's a mistake with the way your company is doing something, what do you do?

btw to answer your question:
So if it is newer, it is true?  If it comes from the West, it must be better?  

Nope. But theories that are abolished are abolished because people find out they don't work.

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# 21 / # 22 / # 23 / # 24

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Wow, weapons engineer huh? Cool. What exactly do you do? Design guns?

I wasn't talking about whether West is better or Chinese is better in science, maybe I was unclear in what I was trying to say (or maybe some of you were just prejudicious when I mentioned the psychologists in the psychology study who held the more correct view than Chinese were Westerners instead of people from XYZ land).

I meant to say is there still a lot of corruption in China in scientific authorities. I guess that is improving ever since Hu took office. Sacked the corrupt officials, now sacked yet another corrupt environmental protection official <-- who leads the sector I am planning to work in too.

Good job Hu!

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In # 24 you asked about what we did for a living...

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Originally posted by chairman at 2006-9-23 21:01

China has proved through her staff and many factory's that she is indeed creative and she can indeed innovate.

Has anyone ever said anything to the contrary? All this nationalist bragging of yours kinda reveals how insecure you are being Chinese.

Being a Swede, it's not like I'm flooding newsgroups with Swedish inventions such as ball bearings and matches (yes, you are wrong about the Chinese inventing matches; 瑞典火柴 are famous in China). On the contrary, I am constantly expressing vehement dissent of my country in order to make it better, to make those in charge realize we can never be complacent.

And you see the Brits on this forum as well. It's not like they are constantly screaming about how they practically defined the modern world by their philosophers (Locke, Smith), scientists (Newton, Kelvin, Stokes) or industrialists who set off the industrial revolution 1750.


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