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What language do you speak to your partner in? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by xinwo88 at 2006-9-25 14:11
you stated "Here in America, everything is in English. This is America's way of forcing others to assimilate so they can be one under the American umbrella and help build the American empire.& ...

I live in Pasadena, the 626 area code. AKA Asian capital of America.

I am fully aware of all you said in different languages. But think about it.

1) DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) having info provided in different languages. Do you think America will risk some foriegner who can not  comprehend English not learn the proper way to drive and cause an accident?

2) As for ethnic TV stations and advertsing, a quick way to make a buck of the foriegners.

3) Speaking Chinese in Chinatown, when it comes to your personal life you can speak whatever the hell you want. Try speaking only Chinese when you apply for McDonalds (well, atleast the ones outside Chinatown)?

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Originally posted by metto81 at 2006-9-25 18:19

You just fell in your own trap!

In America you spoke in Spanish and Americans didn't like it and you thought it was impolite.

As you stated and I read it in this thread. Chinese woman in ...

You just fell in your own trap!

What trap?

In America you spoke in Spanish and Americans didn't like it and you thought it was impolite.

As you stated and I read it in this thread. Chinese woman in China spoke Chinese, but UK husband didn't like it and Chinese felt they were rude.

In both cases, Westerners got superiority by making others less than them feel bad.

Seems you didn’t understand the two examples stories, so sad,  I don’t understand what superiority u are talking about in a conversations of people from differents countries, seems u never experiences or interact with people from another language,  the point was about politeness in a conversaton of  a group of people from differents languages, maybe is hard for u to understand because u never experienced. It’s ok, someday u will.

As for me having an inferiority complex, at 6'3 (190) and 240lbs, I don't think so! If i was 5'6 and 100 lbs, then maybe.

I believe ur complex description, but I have my doubts about  ur brain complex, sorry to said that but is easy to notice just reading ur replies.

As for my English, I live in America.

Yeah right, u live in USA but maybe in a countryside where u don’t have the chance to learn more about living in America ( as many people said ) and the diversities of races and languages.
If u have the chance and money try to go to Miami or Los Angeles or maybe New York, where there are big comunities of spanish , koreans, chinesse, living happylly and without the feeling of inferiority as you, for sure u will learn more when u face it.

P.s, the reason I refer to foriegners as Westerners is because that's all the Chinese people care about is people from America, UK, maybe France and Germany.

Don’t follow what other people said or think, just try to express in ur own way, it will be more understandable for non chinesse people here when u reffer countries, places, races, colors, ( not all outside China is West or Westeners )
For ur information America (USA) is in the East.


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Did you not read my reply to another poster right after you that I live in Pasadena. Pasadena, California.

For your info, Pasadena is part of the Los Angeles County. You know, the same Los Angeles you told me to go visit?

I only live about 15 minutes from downtown LA and have been to Chinatown many times.

As for Miami, I have been there. I actually lived in Florida before I moved out to Cali.

I personally love Miami beach, how about you?

But that's a good one, America is in the East. But yet the Chinese refer to it as the West.
Don't try to be so politically correct.

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To metto81

Please don't try to politicalize the topic and the stories here.  I don't think they are related to the superiority and inferiority complex  as you tried to describe.

What's the purpose of our learning Engish. For communicating with others from different countries and learning what happened in the world...............

In the world, English just plays the same  role as  Madanrian in China , which has so many nationalities.  With a friend only speaking Mandarian togerther, we always try to talk with him /her in Mandarian instead of Cantonese just to avoid misunderstanding or making him feel we are unfriendly.   So i just consider it a formality.  So i  felt bad because i caused him to misunderstand us without realizing it. But most of the  foreigners in China are not so sensitive to be irritated just because  we Chinese speak Chinese without bad intention (see the humourous way force_one practised).  The case of the UK husband is rare i believe.      But it doesn't mean that we can ignore this situation.  No matther where he comes from, our purpose is to reach a mutual understanding ,right?  Sure, i agree the foreingers in China should learn some Chinese ,too.   That's also why more and more foreingers in China learn Chinese now. As for the businessmen, they will make a better deal if they can speak Chinese..... haaaaaa

People always have a strong emotional bond with their mother tongues. They love their mother tongues just like they love their motherland.  But it doesen't mean that only when they refuse to learn foreign languague do they love their languages and their countires, right?

When it comes to how the USA show their superiority complex in the other countries, that's another serious topic.

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Originally posted by hearthome at 2006-9-22 11:08
i also met one problem.      Once a couple came to see me, i invited them for dinner. The wife is my former classmate, the husband is from the UK.  At the table, we talked a lot in englsh but somet ...

Your situation is very common with us. We have many enthic friends and mixed couples. So all languages go. No one gets upset. It is natural in my circle of friends. This phenomenon extends to the whole community. Of course the common language we use is English.

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For those of you going off-topic ...

Please keep to the topic and take your heated arguments about China and the West elsewhere.

I will start deleting or get out the fire hose again if you cannot keep it on topic.

Thank you,
Post unto others what you would have them post unto you.

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Originally posted by metto81 at 25-9-2006 10:19 AM
6'3 (190) and 240lbs

So you are either a bodybuilder, big-boned or eat well?

At the same height as you but 200lbs I am in the first category
Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

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