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What language do you speak to your partner in? [Copy link] 中文

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For those who want facts for what I just said.

Take oil rich Saudi for example. You have Westerners who run the entire infrastructure of the country and you the South East Asian who are doing the manaul hardwork. Our versions of mexicans.

But is Saudia a great country? Hell No!

Why? Because Westerners have their own security gated communites. It's basically living in America, but in Saudia. Other than going to work, these people have no contact with Arabs.

Heck, there are Westerners who lived in Saudia for over 20 years and have children who were born and grew up there but do NOT speak a word of Arabic nor know anything about the people.

Why? Because Westerners have a superiority complex and think they are better than everybody else.

Well what's so bad about that you might ask? Simple, these Westerners are there to only rape Saudia of its money. They don't care about their job, they don't care about the people. and they sure as hell don't care about the county bieng any better!

This is why America forces all foreigners to speak the language and assimilate, so they can avoid the above.

If china too wants to avoid bieng like Saudia, force the foreigners to assimilate. If they don't, their children will.

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Switch between the languages

I'll speak both langueages, English and Chinese.

English is more direct. I'll say " I love you" to her instead of "wo ai ni", though they are almost the same.

Chinese is more convenient for me to express complicated issues. I'll fight with her in Chinese, haha, kidding. I never do that.

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English speaking beats around the bush so to speak. Chinese language gets right to the point of the matter. If you just want to talk, speak English, but if it is important or you need to make your point, then speak Chinese.

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For Metto81

Why do Westerners IN CHINA find it impolite and rude when Chinese speak their own language together,

Some Foreigners ( wrongly called Westerners to all people who is not chinesse in China) experience this situations anywhere.
As the another poster Hearthome said in her conversation with her classmate in a restaurant who share the same conversation with the UK husband, I remenber a conversation between spanish friends in a restaurant in USA where also a couple of americans shared with us, in one moment we (the spanishs) started talking in our language, but with no intention to said something bad about the american couple, just was a small conversation who was easy for us to understand what we want to said, but I saw the couple felt uncomfortable with that, and for sure was IMPOLITE, they didn’t say anything , just a smile, but we were wrong, and we apologized them and also we told in the best way possible the story
When we share a diner, a conversation or anything in a group of persons it’s better and fine to have a conversation where everybody understand and avoid missunderstandings, if one of the persons doesn’t speak english is understandable, but if everybody speak english and suddenly start speaking their own language , well, could be impolite for the others who wont understand.

but when Chinese or any foreigner goes to the West the Westerners not only speak their own language together but expect the Chinese/foriegner to speak their language.

Again, I don’t understand what West are you talking about, but I can tell you in USA as multiculture country, everybody has their rights and are protected by law, and as u said when chinesse or any foreigner goes there ( this time you mentioned foreigner in right and proper way, good ) if they want to work in that country, for sure they have to speak english, it’s not only local people expectation ,it’s the only wayt for the inmigrant to succes in their jobs learning and talking english.

So if you can notice there are two different situations here.

One is talking in a group of friends as Hearthome and my story and

The other is the person MUST speak english to understand, to work and to survive in another country.

All this situations happen anywhere, in any country.

And why the hell do the Chinese allow themselves to be bullied and told what to do in THEIR OWN COUNTRY???
Then again, Chinese do have an inferiority complex...

Just reading your post # 36 saddly I can say you have inferiority complex, and you were off topic, anyway
At least you speak english good, right?


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Originally posted by hidenseek at 2006-9-24 14:44

But i know so many foreigners whose attitude is, The chinese should learn English....well to them i live in China, learn Chinese!

Blend in with your culture.  ...

Yeah, you are right.
I was foreigner in USA and i faced many difficulties to learn and adapt not only to english language, also the style living there. Now, I am foreigner in China and the chinesse language is more harder to learn, but I know I have to learn it for better understanding, for business and to have more chinesse friends.

:) :) :)

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for metto81

you stated "Here in America, everything is in English. This is America's way of forcing others to assimilate so they can be one under the American umbrella and help build the American empire."
I don't know what part of the USA you're from but in the border states and large cities, while English is the official language there are many people who can get by in their communities without speaking, reading, or writing English.  Even the voter pamphlets and drivers license test are multilingual.  Some voter pamphlets are in 20 languages - where have you been hiding?
There are many "ethnic" television stations in the USA.  I'm guessing you are from the "heartland."  ever heard of the Spanish language?
Ebonics?  Have you ever been to a "Chinatown" a "little Saigon" a "mercado" a "little Italy" a "greek Town" a "Japantown" or a "Germantown"

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Originally posted by force_one at 2006-9-25 11:16
Why do Westerners IN CHINA find it impolite and rude when Chinese speak their own language together,

Some Foreigners ( wrongly called Westerners to all people who is not chi ...

You just fell in your own trap!

In America you spoke in Spanish and Americans didn't like it and you thought it was impolite.

As you stated and I read it in this thread. Chinese woman in China spoke Chinese, but UK husband didn't like it and Chinese felt they were rude.

In both cases, Westerners got superiority by making others less than them feel bad.

As for me having an inferiority complex, at 6'3 (190) and 240lbs, I don't think so! If i was 5'6 and 100 lbs, then maybe.

As for my English, I live in America.

P.s, the reason I refer to foriegners as Westerners is because that's all the Chinese people care about is people from America, UK, maybe France and Germany.

All others from India, Africs, SE Asia do not count.

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