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European girl is looking for a boyfriend in HangZhou ^_^" [Copy link] 中文

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The shooter Gill is also a Gothic and into

Originally posted by myviopatis at 2006-9-15 17:21
Hi !

It's already one week, when I am in HangZhou. I like this city very much, and I decided to stay here. I will start to work in two weeks. It will be my first job.
And yes ...

You are a sick person.

please go to and see for yourself.

Those people will kill and kill innocent people at Dawson College, downtown Montreal.

Do you buy into her sick mind !

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Gill, the Montreal shooter is a member of ! Ban her is a sick website and CHINA should not allow such girl to wander around and spread AIDS and STD and have sex with Chinese men !

She is into violence, guns and shooting !

montreal shooting
* September 14, 2006 *  

so yes there's been a lot of press lately regarding a shooting in montreal, where the person involved was a member of this site.
i offer my condolences to the victims and their families, it really is a tragic event. however we do not condone or influence this type of behavior in any way. just because someone goes around shooting people and happens to be a member of vampirefreaks, doesn't mean that this website has influenced him to do such a horrible thing. the goth scene is a very friendly, nurturing, non-violent community and we are very supportive of our users and do not condone any illegal activities. we have an excellent team of administrators who moderate the site, and a useful system which allows all users to report illegal and suspicious activity. thank you to all the users who continue to help us moderate the site.
i do think this event is a tragedy, but i feel that this site is wrongly being associated with the shooting. i'm sure this kid also had accounts on various other sites, but the media likes to associate crimes with gothic culture because it makes a better story for them.
so, i just want to ask our members to really try to set a good example to the world, to show that we really are caring, responsible, non-violent people. in fact i believe we are more mature and responsible than other scenes, in that we value intelligence, part of goth culture is thinking for yourself and being more aware of the world, rather than just following the mainstream trends. don't let a few bad seeds ruin our reputation, we are a great community
on another note, due to all the media coverage, the site is slower than usual, but i'm trying my best to keep the site running smoothly and it should be back to normal after the media hype dies down over the next day or two.

This website allows Gill to upload picture with guns, shotguns, semi and automatic riflle.

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...what is your point? First you call the web site sick and and dangerous for spreading vampire ideas (haha) and then you seem to support it on your last message.... So what s the score?

  Goth stuff is just a music ting basically. Music and fashion. and it s quite mainstream too.
There s nothing really underground happening there.
And by the way I went to the site and listened to a dew dj sets. they suck.... A little bit of old school new wave, a touch of plastic mainstream techno and aetheric vocals on top singing about the virtues of a dead bride and other topics of goth interest. We heard it all before in the 80 s. This music is not developing. it s just recycling itself badly.... Long live detroit techno!!!!!
...Nothing is as permanent... the temporary...

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don't pay attention to kanyuek..........

He's got a fixation with the poster of this thread. In another section he has already been more than correctly answered by threebowls.

Keep on with your lifes here; he'll fade away shortly!

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kanyek, ok., I understand, you really really don't like !! But maybe it's enough, don't you think so ?.. I guess all the people here already knows how much you dislike this website :) What do you want ? That somebody would close it ? I don't understand what is the point to speak about the same all the time.
And do not worry, dear, I'm staying in China for a long time
By the way, why should I care about another people on VF ?? I have a few friends, who has theirs profiles there, and I do not care about another people there. If somebody comment me, I write back [usually], that's all. I just love my account. I do not spend much time there....
I think this sick guy thinks he will write many bad thing "about" me, and nobody will write to me then. Haha. I really cannot understand. Why is he still here ?? Why nobody do something ? He is sick...   If you know what I mean. [does he looks normal ??] What is he doing here ?

And I just wrote a link, where people can see my pictures. LOL.

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I am a chinese guy and I like western girls. Now I know from yanjiaren that how to handle with the relationship with you western pretty girls. Thanks for your praising  Chinese male.

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Ok. At first: I am looking for a boyfriend only in this city. Because: 1. Now I really cannot live in another city. 2. I do not think that guy would come to live here only because for me. 3. I do not want to see my boyfriend on weekends only.
And another thing: I do not want a guy, who is with me because I am EUROPEAN. It's abnormal. Before I knew a few Japanese guys, that wants to marry any WHITE girl, and only because she is WHITE ! Maybe they would feel proud to be with a white girl or something... Many guys doesn't care is she beautiful or not. They doesn't care about her personality. Only the fact that she is WHITE..................................
I know, my passport says I am European. But  really do not feel like European. I feel like a foreigner there... :)

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