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America looks to history for its conquest of the Mideast [Copy link] 中文

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America shaped Europe and parts of Asia successfully, now America has designs for shaping the Mideast to its liking . This so-called failure of Americas millitary in iraq is total nonsense. Less than 3000 American soldiers killed in FIVE years of fighting in iraq is hardly a failure
considering the massive number of insurgents killed in battle 15000 dead in combat vs less than 3000 Americans killed . The insurgents want martyrdom and America is more than willing to accommodate them . I see a new world order shaped to Americas liking in the Mideast
and the rag tag army of suicide bombers will not stop America and Americas goals in the region. All i see is propaganda that the mentally challenged will believe from the insurgents . I will close with a fact , historically America has the results and proof that the American way (however hard to adapt) is the way of promise and freedom to its people exposed to it .

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Let me go one further

America IMPOSED its way on europe and Japan and today the Japanese and europeans dont want any other way of life , the same will happen in the Mideast  like iraq and afghanistan . Time will prove me correct .

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And The World is Shocked and Awed by the "SUCCESS"!!

How can the world contain itself but be thoroughly shocked and awed!!  

It costs only $2 trillion and 100,000 Iraqi civilian lives.  

The "success" is so very overwhelming, just by repeating it a couple more times, America woud break another bunch of records in human history.  Instead of owing $9 Trillion in national debt, which is probably more than the rest of the world combined, America would singlehandedly owe $20 Trillion, and about twice of what the rest of the world combined.

But there is one problem to that scenario - where'd you find the fools fool enough to loan that money?

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If you look at it in another way....
the "911" was eye catching to deter "anxious eyes" on the falling Peaking PE NYSe
the increase expenditure is "counter cyclical" spending by the Amerikan REgime..

As long as the Amerikan REgime need to generate a demand for the US$....

they are unlikely to change "kongfu" anytime soon....

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USA does not want Mideast to be like Japan

Genghis Khan wanted to commit mass genocide against the entire Chinese race, but he was told by one of his advisors that if he taxed the Chinese. He would have enough money to build his empire. Hence the reason the Chinese are living today.

When his grand sol Hulagu went to take over the Middle East, he planned to commit mass genocide against the Arab race from Iran to North Africa and all of Arabia. Why, Mid east was wealthy, so the Mongols can literally steal our money from us and mission accomplished.

The other reason, Hulagu was heavily influenced by Christans. Christans who wanted to see the DESTRUCTION of Islam once and for all.

The Mongols were actually very successfully because they destoryed Baghad killing over 800,000 people out of almost a million. They took over Syria which did not even put up a fight.

And the last stand, the last hope for us Arabs was the Mamluks of Egypt. Who did defeat them. In doing so, they saved Islam and are the reason why I am heree today.

For those who think America truely wants the Mideast to be like Japan or Europe. Do you honestly think that it's in America's best interest especially little israel to have an Arab Muslim world like that of Japan and Europe?

The original poster was right that America has setup Asia to its likings. But as an Arab, I can tell you this.

Arabs are like animals, aslong as they have food and a place to live they will mind their business. Take that away from them and force them in a corner...

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Yes it is now


ha ha ha

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