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Please explain my culture mistake!!! PLEASE!? [Copy link] 中文

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Oh believe me.... just because you are a female you will not get any special treatment from me.  I just think that even though you said we don't need any more information about the issue, you still seem curious about why she broke up with him in the first place. I am also curious about this. The more information we have.. the better young Sherlocke

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neither of you guys were wrong...
but one thing for sure she's right is you don't understand Chinese culture...
how can she spend the night only with you since she hasn't move out from her parents' home?
well you really needed her when you knew the bad news from your bro..but she did correct basic on Chinese one would know what would happen if she stays with you for one or two nights. anyway she also seemed alittle bit cold..maybe alittle selfish.
no one's gonna be bashed coz there's no wrong

you were just too poor to be lonely when you truely needed her...

I guess you guys don't communicate much...or even you guys talked,you didn't solve the real problem...the biggest problem for international relationship is different culture backgrounds. you guys need to listen to others and say what you really think. Listening without talking or talking without listening ain't good way to hold this special relationship long.

anyway hope you can understand her more while she cares you much.
good luck

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你二大爷! 她有什么好?! 一对儿脑缺氧 -_-"

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The problem is text messages and emails. They are dangerous. If you send enough of them to someone you like sooner or later you will send one that sounds crazy, wierd or crazy to her.

You can't see each others faces, if you could you would know when you were entering dangerous territory and back off, with a text you can just keep on digging your own grave. Also by email the other person can't see your expression or hear your tone of voice, so can really get the wrong end of the stick.

To illustrate my point recall one of those pop songs that some pretty boy pop star sings about his girl friend - it's so sweet. Now imagine the same song spoken down a phone line to some girl when she doesn't know who's calling her!

For example from Boyzone:
Fumbling round now in the dark. I hear the banging from my heart. I'm getting so close to you. Looking like I found the clue.

Or the terrifying classic pop song from the British band the Police (oh, you'd call them if you hear this down your phone late at night)!
Every breath you take. Every move you make. Every bond you break. Every step you take. I'll be watching you!

Text that to your girlfriend and see what happens!

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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firstly ,comfort her
secondly, change your sex demand, girls not only for sex
thirdly, to be a real man.

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Dude, that was so weak

Your true intentions were so transparent, and she sensed this.  I think anyone with common sense would have.  That was so weak, lame, and pathetic.  My advice--get rid of your lame ploys and start acting like a man, then women will respond to you.

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This is not a culture mistake, it's about behavior

First at all , i didnt want to reply ur post because at the beginning  u ask only for chinesse responds, now i see u got many replies from different people, so here i go with mine.

I don't want to ad more of the others  people already told to u

but i think ur girlfriend is enought mature to understand her situation with you and ur behavior in a difficult moment as ur brother problem.

You said  "she broke up with me earlier for my mistakes"

If she broke up with u as u said for ur own mistakes, so, please don't blame her or blame her culture about ur mistakes or problems that u have.

And you asked her to spend the weekend with her, mmmm, and what about your brother? he will be in the hospital with his pains while u r with the gf in ur house very sad?

I understand when we experience hard moments we need the company of our loveones, also i hug and / or some words of support
but what you requested to your gf is totally different.

This action tells a lot from you.

I am glad ur gf use her common sense and refused to be with you. as i told you this is not a culture mistake, your gf action is a normal action beeing chinesse or not.

And she was so nice to you trying to get some medicines for your brother, she is a really woman.

So, next time don't use your brother's tragedy to get a weekend pleasure. Don't be insane

At your age you need to learn a lot, and appreciate more your girlfriend, i think she doesn't deserve  you.


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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2006-8-19 11:37
FUZZY - I agree with your post #30, but as for your next post, I don't think we need much background info. I think there's enough to go on here regardless of the background. Although of course if s ...

Oh, sorry for my misunderstanding and carelessness.

Interested in reading the opinions from different sides. some suggestions are quite helpful and constructive. I believe the author will benefit a bit or more from all these replies.


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