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Urgent advice for Chinese men... [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by johnners at 2006-8-18 20:19

Thankyou for your response. However, you draw some baseless inferences from my posts by interpreting my remarks as products of an "upper class" or "higher society". I really don't subscribe to such elitist
thinking. You seem to press me for my nationality; again this is irrelevant, as there aren't entire nations
that are better behave than others. It comes down to individuals, and their personal attitudes.
An individual's wealth, background, occupation or education should not be taken as deciding factors in
whether someone behaves with personal grace and dignity, and consideration for others.

Indeed, in China, as with other countries, I often find the most charming hosts to be in the
countryside. They may not have the material resources that city dwellers have, but their
unfettered generosity of spirit is often humbling, and they have generally not succumbed to the
vacuous pressures found in the urban rat race.

Behaving as a gentleman, or lady, comes down to personal choice. " ...

When you started this thread as a suggestion, I may accept that you started it with good intention, that maybe you're someone from out of China and see how underdeveloped some of Chinese male behaved.
I asked your nationality, because since you have some standards to point out some of Chinese males weakness, we have to know which standard you are using. The 10 points you posted may happen to other east Asian males (I won't point it out here) but how can you come to conclusion that only Chinese males have these kind of embarassing attitude? I should call this racist.

China is a developing country. When a Beijinger look down on a migrant worker, maybe it's simply on economic side. He's dirty or maybe stinky, but that's because he's not affluent enough... not because he came from a particular countryside. Urban mass maybe disgusting in looking down on others... but they're not discriminate against one's background or homeplace. It's entirely different from you.

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The 10 points you posted may happen to other east Asian males (I won't point it out here) but how can you come to conclusion that only Chinese males have these kind of embarassing attitude?

The post was aimed at chinese men because mostly chinese people come to this forum.

It isn't racist at all. The boorish behavior is considered bad even by their own standards. Two of the standards for a good man in China is one who does not smoke, does not drink, and who blindly follows his girl. We have every right to point out their sordid behavior, since we are simply holding them to their own standards.

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Quite rough

On average the Chinese men I see staggering around my hotel seem quite rough. I think they like to give out this rude, macho image, probably they'd just laugh at this thread. I thought Chinese girls like that image. Anyway it only appears to be the 35 to 60 age group that seem to do whatever they want whereever they want. Maybe the younger generation will be different.

The lift rule is certainly needed. Thai men have a similar cultural back ground; I've never been pushed back into a lift and against the wall by a group of Thai people but it happens about twice a week in China. Also a guy this morning cleaned his ears out with a tooth pick at the breakfast table, I've never seen anyone do that before when there were ladies present.

Also the driving is super rude where I live. China is the only country I've been in where you can drive a 4x4 the size of a school bus onto the pavement (sidewalk) and then dare to sound the horn at a pedestrian who is walking on the pavement in front of you.

But I love it all. You never know what incredible thing is going to happen next in China, people seem to be able to say or do anything. That's why it's so great here.

But can I add a rule about queues? When you walk directly to the front of a queue please make sure you have all the correct papers and don't start a 30 minute argument with the staff behind the counter. Chinese people hate that too because some nasty fights start like that.

It's so much fun in China. Even 10 year old Children can ride motorbikes in the city centre, as long as they keep on the pavements (sidewalks).

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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I like a drop of Bordeaux claret...


As has been stated by aquitaine, I have raised the issue of Chinese men's
behaviour as this is, er, a Chinese forum.

As I look around me now, in the centre of Plymouth, a provincial English city, I can see Chinese girls hand-in-hand with English boys. This is a common sight in a
city with 1200 Chinese overseas students. Very rare, however, is to see a
Chinese lad dating an English girl.

Why is this, do we think ?

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Little you floss?

Ha over reaction.

"Reply #2 aquitaine's post

what rubbish you spout......

f**k you "

This advice can apply to Americans as well. This is a Chinese it kinda fitting to
see this directed at Chinese man.

It couldn't hurt.

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China Daily not Daily Mirror

Gentlemen,  I hope the regular contributors to China Daily would not turn it into a Daily Mirror or a Bild Zeitung

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