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a black guy dating a chinese girl, normal, magnificent, scary or BT  Close [Copy link] 中文

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Many thanks for your endorsement :-)

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one wiv da world yo'!!!

but i need help with my rapping son is better lol..

favourite hip hop song of all' i'm luvin' it..(sounds like a mcdonald's ad i know lol)

and i love to sing it..

the mary jane version and the girly one lol..

be be burnin'
not concernin'
wot nobody wanna say..
recognise it
i'm here to stay
i like it..

da mad xilaren..

by the sis don't worry about the war..
love must win in the end..
i always live in hope..i mean it..HOPE:)

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Thanx for your support!!!!!!! Thank u sooooooooo much.. as I have no support from my family that includes my siblings.. *sigh* It provides me strength definately when I'm happy with my boyfriend. My boyfriend know about my situation with my family and he knew it before starting it too as his parents already told him the "problems dating Chinese". My boyfriend gives me support whenever I cannot take anymore of my parents "unreasonable" reasons for why I should not date a black person. They gave me alot of reasons but in the end those reasons are not the most important, the most important is just because he is black. My boyfriend said I can dump him if it makes my family relation better but he'll never give up in being with me. Some of the reasons such as my dad doesnt want me to date during studying at university because it may affect my grades...etc my boyfriend agrees but because we are not "blindly" loving each other, we do help each other in our study rather than spending all the time cuddling ..etc if you know what I mean. To be honest I really feel very guilty in the way my family treats him, not that my family ever wanted to directly get to know him, all they did was to rather not talk about him.

It is hard to have both side happy, I just think may be if I dont tell them wot is actually going on, then they will b less troubled.
Sometimes I feel crushed inside this, as i get no backup from my own family, not that dating people is wrong or anything but the way my family treats it is like I've done the most terrible thing on Earth that it'll be a shame for the whole nation. Like you said, I'm in the middle of all of this, my boyfriend understands but my parents dont.

My parents even say I'm like poisoned by him.

May be time will let them think and learn that not everything is wot you wish, the same goes to me but I will not give up because there is nothing wrong dating my boyfriend. He treats me well, polite to my parents(even though scared of them) and is not a bad guy. He is now learning cantonese so that one day he can communicate with them in the language my parents grow up in hoping that will improve the situation a little.

Isnt that wot parents want? A guy that treats your daughter well? Rather than whether he is of a different race?

I really appreciate your support, anyway did your relationships with the Chinese girls to be of a similar situation?


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oh sis i wish you well..

don't worry your parents are not the only ones!!
come from a greek traditional family..
we broke all the taboos..
the problem they will have to face now is their sister's girls..cos they are both dating black guys!!!

they will be mortified..if their granddaughters were to marry blacks..

i love them all to pieces..their black friends..they always show respect..and always give me..their adopted auntie a big cuddle..

and we get to sing a bit of shakira on the

so i hope the best for if he will be speaking cantonese too..that's is so good that he can learn from your nmagnificant culture..who knows with a bit of gong fu thrown in..he might just be our next wong fei hung..
i'll watch this space..
your sis
feng xilaren

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reply to yanjiaren

hahahaha kung fu?! i forgot to say, he is a martial artist he does kung fu style being lau ga and he also do karate(a black belt) and now also taking up Tae Kwon do......
He has respect for things, dont drink(alcohol), dont smoke, dont gamble, dont go around flirting....

hahaha i think these things are the typical thing Chinese people look for when they r looking for a partner...
He has them all, but hes not Chinese.......

Hes Black..
so my parents dislike him having similar thoughts as having black grandchildrens if i got married or hav an "accident"........

Tonight my mum was critising my "modern" thoughts of it is wrong to be racist, not just for skin colour but gender......etc they now tell me to go and see a psychiatrist coz apparently i'm too open-minded..

My personal thoughts are that black children r quite cute hahahaha despite the fact that chinese people likes white things.....

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so he is a wong fei hung then lol

China will be very you are in u.k which part..
i am in north london!!!!

if you want my email i can give it to you and my phone no..we can have a good chinwag!!

maybe you can take me to chinese
but i haven't learnt anything in cantonese yet lol:D
a good proportion of blacks are very into the martial arts i am not surprised..
and some i know have chinese blood in them..too..:D

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haha wong fei hung yea

hahaha Chinese karaoke .. there r none in UK i'm afraid.. except the ones people hav at home.. karaoke system i mean... I just love to watch him do kung fu coz is sooo cool......
i'm in the east midlands..

Blacks that hav Chinese blood in them... One of them is Tiger Woods!
I have a link from wiki ..

I think the Black korean baby is sooo cute!!

btw if u like the idea of karaoke.. I suggest u go to Japan! is cheap and cooooooool...
hahahahahahahaaha and they hav english songs with good karaoke system.. nice mic and speakers...

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