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GDP per capita question? [Copy link] 中文

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It is difficult to achieve.

I understand your opinion, but I dont think so.
China have not established its good system and people often disturb the system.
Secondly, there are too many people and little resources.
Our the things are made from energy, so our average is very little. And we can not afford it.
Of course, If we can enhance our technology, we can get more resources with little costs.

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china is a very successful nation....
it has garnered a large share of the world's resources for its use...
if China just doubles the use of would be using 50% to 70% of what the world can produce.

this is just a "IMAGE" for you....

The "problem now" is increasing ECONOMIC SOPHISTICATION...

we need a lot of LONG STEEL....

in Future, we use the same material to produce HIGHER VALUE  flat steel...

and our GNP increases!!!!

in the tread on the "photoplay" in Chengdu.....
we can see how "sophisticated, the simple job of recycling and waste removal can be"


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end the one-child policy ???

so that China will continue to be able to provide cheap sweatering labor force for the Big Employers, who make easy money, and provide inexpensive goods to satisfy the leisurely Godly easy life of Western consumers?    Better not.   If India is willing to take it, just take it.  

What China needs is Education, Education and Education of its labor force, what Premier Wen Jiabao has been focusing on his effort lately, to drastically improve the knowledge and manufacturing & innovating ability of next-generation Chinese workers.    Besides,  1.3 billion is Enough For China!

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Originally posted by chinadaily at 2006-8-23 15:10
so that China will continue to be able to provide cheap sweatering labor force for the Big Employers, who make easy money, and provide inexpensive goods to satisfy the leisurely Godly easy life of  ...

That's true but the ageing population may hurt the economy in the future.

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GDP per capita is not income, nor does it truly tell the whole economic story.  People who blindly focus on GDP per capita, is either out of ignorance, or trying to make a feeble point.  GDP doesn't take into account the massive debts, and unfunded liabilities by USA.  The estimated US population is 300 million.  The current debt is about $9 trillion, and the unfunded liabilities are estimated at about $45 to $70 trillion.  Another words, the estimated debts and unfunded liabilities per capita for each person in USA is between $180,000 to $263,000.  That makes the $35000 per capita income look like nothing.  

Furthermore, if we only look at the calculations by PPP, China already has 2/3 of US PPP without the massive debts.  China also has almost 50% of its GDP is savings as household and business do a lot of savings.  Therefore, the GDP number will be lower just because the typical Chinese choose to save money, instead of spend it.  

Lastly, US are spending a lot of money on the military.  Outside of people related to the defense industry, the overall general economy doesn’t get better because of this defense spending.  Spending borrowed money just to boost the GDP is silly at best.  USA pay more in interest to service the existing debts, than they do to fund education in the US.  Therefore, when people are reduced to citing GDP per capita, like that is supposes to be a barometer for economic strengthen; one really has to wonder what else do they not understand about the US economy?

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Originally posted by whiteeclipse at 2006-8-15 16:25
At this time average per capita GDP is around $1,500 usd a year.

How long till the Chinese people income will be $30,000 usd a year, 2030, 2050 or when?

Our capita GDP do increase a lot these years, so it won't be very long for us to arrive $30,000.

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GDP is very misleading.  Chinese culture promotes saving money.  China's GDP numbers are understated since it doesn't measure savings.  Furthermore, USA has incurred massive debts (about $9 trillion and growing), by spending borrowed money, which inflates GDP.  Thirdly, USA spends more money on defense than any other country.  Military spending increases GDP, but outside of people in the defense industry, the general overall economy is not better for it.  We now spend more money paying the interest on our debts, than we spend on our educational system.  

When you look at it from a PPP standpoint, which do adjust for currency differences, China is already 2/3 of USA, without the massive debts and unfunded liabilities.  As I wrote before, spending borrowed money is not something to brag about.   The Chinese people don't need $30,000 USD income since the cost of living is so much less in China.  That's why we use PPP, to account for the currency differences and the cost of living differences.   

People who write about GDP per capita, like that is supposes to be a barometer for economic strength, just reinforces to me that they truly don't understand economics, especially the US economy.   That's truly false solace without substance.

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