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Should Chinese cartoons be protected against foreign competition? [Copy link] 中文

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I suppose another option for China would be to prohibit dubbing of foreign films, allowing only for sub-titling. This would mean that original Chinese-language films produced abroad could still compete side-by-side with those produced in China itself. After all, some people don't enjoy having to read subtitles while watching a film.

I don't know how well this would help the cartoon industry though, seeing that there is no original version. Since all cartoons are dubbed (after all, a cartoon character can't speak on his own), such a law would effectively change all cartoons into silent movies. So I suppose cartoons would still need to be exempted from such a law. In this respect, while it may help the film industry as a whole in such a way as to not discriminate against foreign-made films (after all, they'd all technically have to meet the same language content requirements, and this would apply to both domestic and foreign equally), it still wouldn't help the cartoon industry per se.

Or another option might be to require the cartoon to register internationally in a particular language (although this would still require international agreements), with all other language versions being subscripted and not dubbed, as per the same law for films.

This would mean that foreign cartoons, unless registered as originally in Chinese, would have to be subscripted. This would certainly turn some children off. But at least it would put everyone on an equal palying field as far as the WTO is concerned in that it would technically not be discriminating against nationality sinse all films, domestic or foreign, would still have to meet the same standards. So if a British producer wanted to make a cartoon and register its original language as Chinese, it could then compete freely with all other Chinese-language movies.

At least it would put them all on an equal playing field.

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Interesting poll results

Yes - 34.38%
No - 62.50%

Glad to see plenty of people here think healthy competition is good.
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Don't be quick to assume.

I voted no too, yet didn't even consider it from the standpoint of competition. Yes, I acknowledge that point.but the main reason I voted no was not for competition's sake, but rather so as to allow for some cultural exchange. How can new ideas be exchanged when foreign ideas are blocked completely from the airwaves.

Even in Canada, I could enjoy a good subtitled Persian movie now and then. And that's good even if only to open ones horizons.

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What I want banned is Girly Korean/japanese avatars.How can you have a serious debate when all you see is some big eyed electocuted hairstyle sexual ambiguous korean/japanese cartton avatar.
Come on CD follow the CCP

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This point is not very imortant, but the problems mentioned with dubbing cartoons is a bit different - they wouldn't have to be silent, they could still retain their original voices, couldn't they? When I saw crouching tiger subtitled in the US they didn't remove the chinese, they just add the subtitles. But a bigger issue is that cartoons are aimed at kids, some very young, and , well, they can't all read yet!
I am not rich.  :L

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hey who brought this up? thanks I didn't vote....and

being lame is not an excuse of asking for protections...there've been lots of priorities for chinese movie....and let's see how're those crappy movies turn out to be?

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The Simpsons is not for kids, they wouldn't get it

The Simpsons is a mockery of all the bad things in society - to adults the Simpsons says "wake up, look the world is sick, we need to fix it" but children will take it on face value and try to copy the sickness. So the Simpsons is not an example of a violent or sexy US cartoon, but it is not good to let children watch it.

The "Itchy & Scratchy" show that Homer's children watch on TV in the Simpsons IS a criticism of violent cartoons and the Simpsons tells us not to let children watch them.

but I voted "No" because if laws are used to force viewers into compliance then there is no motive for Chinese animators to think up good, socially responsible but FUN cartoons to compete with the corruption from the US and Japan.

It's really hard to fight the appeal of sex and violence, the Chinese animators have go to really think hard. Trying to beat bad with good is a hard job.

If the Chinese animators can't win then the Chinese children will just pressure their parents into buying foreign cartoons on DVD off the guy in the park.

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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